Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some new footwear.

Hey guys! So I'm writing this in Shanghai now. In Open Office. Because my Fujitsu laptop ( my first laptop, my first love, and my one ...

Hey guys!

So I'm writing this in Shanghai now. In Open Office. Because my Fujitsu laptop (my first laptop, my first love, and my one true companion and soulmate) died after 6 years. Here. Check it out. And make sure you turn your speakers on. The sound of its dying breath can draw tears. It's heartbreaking.

Yes The sound. It goes on and on and on for eternity until I cut the power. My life has never been bleaker.
(Via A Fun Tab).

Anyway, I'm using My Awesome Friend's Macbook Air now. And I must say that it's pretty convenient that this Macbook Air fits into my Longchamp bag. BUT I DIGRESS. The point (of my short rant) is that I am blogging in Open Office because China has blocked Blogger. And Google. And You Tube. And Twitter. And Amazon. And all the sites that I hold dear to me.
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But back to the point of my post. I wanted to say that, as many of you know, I hate running. Really. I do (read here). I hate being sweaty, breathless, and unglamourous. And running is all of that put together. URGH. Seriously man. How can anyone enjoy having your hair plastered to your face and your earphone wires flapping around as you pant like a tortured Siberian husky out in the Sahara desert?! (Or Hyena. Apparently Siberian huskies don't go to the desert to take photos).

Oh you enjoy running? Clearly you are mad a person of interesting and unusual taste.

It's really not because I'm against people living a healthy lifestyle, or that I'm against exercise, or that I can't run. Because I CAN RUN. Check out the results of the Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run ok. I can run!!!
Granted that I almost died the night before the run because of my nerves. And also because of a certain blind date. But that's not the point.

The point is, that I don't hate exercise. And there are some cardiovascular activities that I do enjoy. The one I enjoy most being rollerblading. This is me rollerblading.
When I first showed this photo to Titus a while back he went, “Well done. I see you rollerblading. Straight into the longkang.” TSK. To clarify, I was making a turn. And I did not crash into the longkang. Ask Chengwei. He'll tell you.

Anyway, this was my pair of blades for the longest time. The Nike N-Dorfin 4s. This was probably what they looked like when they were new.

And this is what they look like now.
Yeah. Both straps have broken off, the front it frayed, the right bolts are coming off, the plastic is cracking...the list goes on. They are 7 to 8 years old (quite good right? Just like my laptop).
And because I am lazy and tend to procrastinate a person of sentimental value, I kept my Nike blades and just kept adding more and more tape to keep the wheels from falling off.

LUCKILY, I met Chad. This is Chad.
(As in the guy in the centre with the bottle sticking out from between his legs. Not the person on the left. That would be me. And not the person on the right. That would be Smith.)

Chad works at World of Sports and was impressed by my running *dusts imaginary lint of shoulder*. So we had a conversation which went something like this.
Chad, “Eh you run quite fast. Would you like to collaborate with Mizuno?”
Me, “Uhh, does Mizuno do anything apart from running stuff? Because I hate running.”
Chad, “Oh what other sports do you do?”
Me, “I dance and I rollerblade.”
Chad *excitedly*, “World of Sports carries the Rollerblade brand! I don't mind sending you a pair of blades to try out!”
And voila! Here are my new Rollerblades!
And I LOVE them. They're the Spark 84 and aren't they just BEAUTIFUL?!!! Really. They're awesome *cue to play 1 second video below*.

I'm serious. They're awesome. It's strange. I never thought that the blades really mattered when it comes to speed but OMG, I can really go much faster in these babies (I don't know why I just referred to them as “babies” but oh well. I feel that they are good and I intend to protect them with my life). So I did some research and found out that this is due to the Rollerblade Active 84mm 84A Wheels and Rollerblade SG7 Inline Skate Bearings which make blading in them so much smoother. And smoother is always better. This holds true for alcohol.
(Via Sett Digital).
For legs.

And also guys.
(Via Suit Up Bros).

So I guess it only make sense that the smoother blades are better. I can't disagree with this logic. It isn't my place to fight with how the universe works.

Also, they are really comfortable! The Spark 84 comes with a tight hardhsell with memory foam for extra support. It also features double-wrap lacing. Which feel slightly weird because they offer so much support (not a bad thing). My previous blades didn't even have ankle straps. Because they broke off. I think you can sort of see what I mean from this picture right here.
Anyway, I had actually wanted to post this review up quite some time ago, but THE WEATHER. It was raining non-stop. And I didn't manage to get a good feel of the blades until just before I left on my holiday (where I went bungee jumping like the bad-ass that I am). The delay isn't a reflection of my unenthusiasm with regard to my blades! It's a reflection of this monsoon season okay. I love my new blades very very much.

Anyway, the wonderful Spark 84 is retailing at World of Sports outlets for $399! Here's a better photo of it (studio shot as compared to my Instagram shots).
(Via Rollerblade).

You might also want to check out the World of Sports Facebook Page for all their cool updates. They also make quite a few posts about the events that they hold (including warehouse sales). Here are some photos from the most recent World of Sports event that I attended along with Smith and Isaac - the Rollerblade x InlineX event at Velocity! Tonnes of fun and excitement for the whole family all who participated.
Anyway, I'm now in a plane heading back to Singapore from Beijing (I realised that I saved half my post on my HTC One and another half on the Macbook Air, so I had to consolidate both posts into one). I'll post up my entries on the rest of my holiday soon! (I hope. I said that about my Morocco holiday and I have yet to do that.)

And now I'd like to leave you with a very good song which is representative of the blades I just got from World of Sports.

Okay, I'll see you guys soon!
❤ Jac.

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