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Christmas Gift Ideas.

Hello guys! SO! Many of my friends have been telling me that other people have been coming up to them to ask, "Eh! You're friends...

Hello guys!

SO! Many of my friends have been telling me that other people have been coming up to them to ask, "Eh! You're friends with the Blind Date Girl ah!!!" HAHA. Well, I'm flattered that you guys are bothering to ask about me but you know, feel free to call me Jac. "Blind Date Girl" sounds very sad you know?!!

Anyway! In an attempt to relabel myself, I'm going to blog about CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS! You know, because I like gifts. And because Christmas is a happy time. (Unlike one of the more recent times I've had. You might have read about it. No? Well, here you go!) And most importantly, shopping is my forte. Like, I kid you not. Let me illustrate my point in terms of clothes.
And also in terms of blog posts related to shopping.

And maybe also in terms of my identification of the clothes of random passers-by and friends. 

"Next time if I go for events with you I must remember not to wear anything Forever 21. Or Topshop. Or anywhere else you shop."
- Rachie, 2013.

Yeah....Anyway. Christmas is coming! You know, that awkward time of the year when the streets are rife with festivites, when joy and laughter permeates the air, and this overwhelming desire to burst into song comes about?
(Via someecards).

Or maybe not. Anyway, I've determined that the problem with this time of the year is that you feel so obligated to give presents to everyone. So, first you'll have the inner circle, you know, your family and your close friends. Which is fine.
(Via Screened).

But you also have that group of friends whom you meet up with once or twice a year (Christmas and Chinese New Year). And also your colleagues. And your neighbours, your extended family, random people whom you meet at parties and have to exchange gifts with, and what have you.

So these people! You're obligated to give them something because there's this gathering coming up. You don't really know them that well because you interact with them on a need-to basis, so you're quite clueless as to what they like or don't like. And because you need to remain respectable amongst your peers, you want to avoid this scenario right over here:

In summary, the gift that you present must be encompassing of:
  1. Your creativity as a wonderful gifter
  2. A ten to hundred fold of what their friendship means to you
  3. A slight tinge of envy from everyone else in the room who's secretly thinking, "Damn, why didn't I think of buying that as a gift?!"
#firstworldproblems eh? But no fear. In line of Christmas being the season for giving and all that jazz, I would like to share,

1. ForkChops

$13.34 from Amazon, $4.19 from ThinkGeek.
(Via ForkChops).

So here's a pretty cool idea. You know how in Singapore, everything is "fusion"? Like how at a potluck you can be eating a spread containing fried beehoon, chicken fillet and tiramisu all in one sitting? I don't know about you, but this happens quite often than not at the house parties I go to. So you know, you need chopsticks for the beehoon, but also a knife to cut up the chicken fillet? And you don't really know what to do because you can't possibly take a fork, a knife, and a pair of chopsticks because it'll look ridiculous for you to stand around with a drink, four utensils, and plate with a mountain of food in your hand.
(Via Quick Meme).

Yeah. Life is tough. BUT HERE'S A SOLUTION (to the four utensils part).
(Via ThinkGeek).

Isn't it brilliant?!! Now you can eat beehoon like it was intended to - with chopsticks. And also cut your bacon into manageable bits with your fork and knife. I mean like the only stuff that these ForkChops can't deliver to your mouth is like, soup. But that's really about it man. This is one novelty item whose novelty factor which will NEVER DIMINISH!

They're really wonderful and can even trump the so much more mainstream, but so much less cooler spork. Plus you can stab vampires with a pair of wooden ForkChops. I don't think you can do it with a spork.

(Via Meme-Meme).

2. Notebooks.

$9.90 from Epigram Books, $9.53 from HipVan.

I was talking to my IT-savvy friend the other day, and he said that he hates getting notebooks as gifts. Because you know, he's very techie and stuff so he likes to take notes on his S4. Unlike me you know, I quite like notebooks because I am bad with all things tech. I got the HTC One by accident, just like how I became a webmaster by accident, and also how I reformatted my computer by accident. 

(Now I feel I must qualify my sacarsm because I've found out that many people apart from my friends read my blog. Like many more people. Like, 300,000 more people. Also thank you for reading my blog even though you guys have probably no idea who I am.)

Anyway! I quite like writing in notebooks. And I've noticed that my scrawling handwriting has gotten progressively larger over the years as I try to take down more notes in short amount of time. So notebooks are always good presents for me to receive. 

But yes, I note (haha) that there are many people out there who don't consider notebooks to be acceptable gifts. However, you can insist of giving them notebooks because you really aren't too familiar with their preferences anyway. But WAIT. I'm not saying that you give them notebooks which look like these.

I was thinking of notebooks more along the lines of these:
(Via Epigram Books).

These are perfect gifts for the people you aren't really well acquainted with! The best part about these notebooks is that they come with these captions on the cover. And they are all funny and witty. So you can pick the notebook with the funniest caption caption which (you guess) best encapsulates the personality of the person whom the gift is intended for. So everyone would think that you have put a lot of thought into your gift. (Which you might have. Choosing colours can be a bitch.) And the captions are humourous! This will naturally cause everyone will unconsciously credit the humour to you. Which is good. Level up!

And here is the one I got for myself.
(Via Epigam Books).

And you know, if you still think that notebooks are still too technologically backward, then I suggest you get this slightly more advanced memopad instead.
(Via Mac Magazine).

The iPaperPad! $7.99 from Amazon!

3. Pencils.

$10.27 for 6 from The CarbonCrusader.
(Via StudyBlue).

Well you know, having just a notebook doesn't quite cut it. You need a tool that will enable you to jot down stuff! Like...A PENCIL! These pencils in particular. Complete with entertaining and meaningful quotes at the bottom to act as a constant reminder for the important things in life. 

Personally I'd get the "Coffee is Fuel for Genius" for myself, "My Snark is Legend" for handsome friend. and "Good Minions are Hard to Find" for my sister. Because I believe she will be great at commanding an army of minions.
(Via I Watch Stuff).

4. Thumbdrives

So a while back the great Pamy and I were talking about "Things a girl can never have enough of". And one of the items which came up on out list was, "thumbdrives". I can't figure it out you know. I'm sure that I've amassed a collection of about 20+ thumbdrives in my whole life, but I can never locate any more than two of them at any one time. It's like the hairpin/hair tie conundrum!
(Via memecenter).

I promise you, there's hairpin-sized portal leading to another dimension in my room ok. This is the only logical explanation as to how my hairpins seemingly manage to disappear into thin air. So I'm always storing up on hairpins. And the same goes to thumdrives! Because they're so handy and so easily lost, more is always better! No (sane) person would say no to a thumbdrive, which are coincidentally available on Qoo10 from $2 up. But because Christmas is fancy and stuff, it only makes sense for us to give presents which you know, are slightly fancier.

Like this alpaca thumbdrive here ($27.30, HipVan).
(Via HipVan).

Or this set of thumbdrives from The Avengers ($117.99, Amazon - You can get them for cheaper but I am lazy to Google. ) 
(Via Amazon).

You can buy them individually as well of course. But I reccomend that you buy the whole set and then put them all on the table for your friends to choose in a free-for-all. I would imagine that it woud be quite entertaining to watch your friends fight over the Iron Man thumbdrive. It's the coolest. The eyes like, light up when you plug it into the hub. Flashing lights and gimmicky things like this are always good.
(Via rebloggy).

5. Chargers.

Yes. Thumbdrives may be a bit too mainstream for you. If you want to keep up with the times, a portable charger is what you need to get people. NO ONE WILL SAY NO TO A PORTABLE CHARGER. And if they do, you can always sell it to me. Here's the latest family portrait of my chargers.
Yes. I realise I have problems. I realised this in April when my collection was limited to a mere 4 chargers.
Apparently 4 wasn't enough.
(Via AVS Forum).

Anyway guys, I have been getting many questions about my chargers (thank you for reading my blog and using my newly implemented comment gadget at the side), and here are some tips when it comes to buying chargers.
  1. Don't go for the brand. My least powerful charger is the Duracell, followed by the Sony.
  2. Buy it on Qoo10 or Groupon - it's usually cheaper 
  3. If you're looking to give your phone just one full charge, a 5000 mAh battery should suffice.
Yes, and of course you can choose many colourful cables to make your present all that much cooler. Here are some that I bought off Qoo10 for about $1.20 each.
Yes! And I've come to the end of my list of gift suggestions for people whom you're obligated to give presents to but don't really know very well! Sorry ah, I know this post is quite short but I've been busy at my job in the CIA. And I am still trying to reply all the emails you guys have been sending me! (But I'm reading them and yes, I will try to put up an "About Me" page soon!)

Okay so I will like to end of with this picture of an Alpaca because the friend whom you're giving the Alpaca thumbdrive to might want to know how one looks like in real life with fur on it.
(Via Quick Meme).

And with this good video of Sheldon deconstructing Christmas.

And another one of him and his solution for not being able to find the right gift! (This won't happen to you I hope. Just you know, buy something from my list of gift suggestions and you'll be fine).

Have a good weekend guys!
❤ Jac.

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