Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Perfect Sleep.

Hello guys! Sorry I haven't been updating in a while, but I was being busy doing productive things. You know, like running a marathon ...

Hello guys!

Sorry I haven't been updating in a while, but I was being busy doing productive things. You know, like running a marathon (I don't care. I consider 10 km to be a marathon).

And like, going for an Estee Lauder event at Tangs Orchard which happily coincided with the official Krispy Kreme opening.
Hmmm.....something's missing.

The gloat factor! Now isn't this better? :)

And most importantly, I was really swamped at work!
Yes you see? My portfolio has been expanded. Now I also source for table cloths/ napkins in addition to testing out different kinds of tea.

So anyway, because I was so busy, I had to sacrifice a lot of time which I actually dedicate to one of the most revered past-times on the planet - SLEEPING.
Yes. That is me sleeping in the car in Morocco. What?! It's not a bad shot okay considering it was taken after a long day's worth of clambering up and down ancient buildings to camwhore. It's quite glam as far as candid sleeping shots go I feel. Just take a look at what you might look like while you're sleeping.

Anyhow, I've been putting quite a lot of thought into the matter, and I think that I've finally come up with the ultimate formula for the perfect sleep.

1. It must be raining
I'm sure, at some point in your life, you have moped around in the office on a rainy day thinking "Damn, I wish I was in my bed sleeping right now." Well, newsflash everyone! It really is better to sleep when it's raining. I mean, sleeping is the perfect activity for all sorts of weather. Let me illustrate:
Okay. I know I don't have the best handwriting in the world (probably should have paid more attention when I was filling up my penmanship worksheets in primary school), but you get the point don't you? Sleeping is a all-weather activity. Made even better when it rains. When it's wet, cold, blustery and thundery outside and you're burried in under what seems like a mountain of blankets? PERFECT SLEEPING CONDITIONS.
(Via someecards).

2. The Sleep Needs to be Interrupted
(Via memecrunch).

Contrary to popular belief, an uninterrupted sleep does not necessarily contribute to the perfect sleep. Just like how ignorance is not always bliss. Let's say a billion dollars magically appeared in your POSB savings account. What use is it if you don't know it's there?! You can't spend it/ donate it to charity/ invest in property/ start a philantropy/ pay Wyclef enough money for him to overlook your lack of singing talent and help you to produce a song called China Wine. Because to your knowledge, you only have a paltry sum in your account which cannot even buy you a car.
(Via Meme Center).

Similarly, what use is it to be sleeping snugly under the covers in rainy weather when you're not even aware that it's pouring while you're snoring?! Knowing that it rained while you were sleeping only after you wake up doesn't have the same effect. It's like checking your bank account and finding out that the one billion dollars has been withdrawn because you didn't touch the funds (I am not a banker. I do not know how this can work). So what you need to do to maximise your sleeping pleasure, is to fall asleep when it's cloudy/windy/about to rain, wake up halfway and blearily  open your eyes and find out that it's raining, and then contentedly plonk your head back into your pillow, with a smile on your face and satisfaction in your heart, knowing that you're a winner for being able to sleep in such wonderful weather.

3. It Must be a Work Day
Remember the gloat factor I was mentioning earlier with regard to the Krispy Kremes? No? Let me remind you with this photo.

Yes. It's really just like how my Krispy Kremes tasted better because I had in my possession something that everyone else was dying to have. Likewise, the pleasure derived from sleeping on a work day is maximised beacuse you're aware that while you are slumbering between your sheets, the whole world is slogging away at work, wondering what they would give to trade places with you (On extremely bad days, I would willingly give up my collection of portable chargers in exchange for a 2 hour nap at home. Yes. All seven of them).
(Via Quick Meme).

And here's a good video to end my post (But sadly it is not on sleeping, it is on waking up. I actually do not know of any sleeping songs.)

Okay till next time everyone! (I hope next time is soon, because I need to blog about my wonderful and good Mizuno run.)

❤ Jac.

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  1. So funny to read your post with a lousy day at work. Cheers.