Thursday, October 03, 2013

Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run 2013

Hello guys. I'm going to assume that you guys follow my life on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what have you, and are well ...

Hello guys.

I'm going to assume that you guys follow my life on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what have you, and are well versed with my lifestyle. No? Let's recap with some photos.

Yeah. If I had a choice, I'd live on trashy hip-hop, online shopping and caffeine alone. However, because I'm secretly a pragmatic individual, I have brought it upon myself to earn a decent income at a secret bubble tea company. Alas, such is the burden of living life responsibly.

Anyhow, I believe you can see from my pictures, that I do not really live a healthy lifestyle. Unless you know, you subscribe to this theory.
(Via We Heart It).

Or this one.
(Via someecards).

But that's beside the point. The point is that I am not a very healthy person. I like junk food, late nights and my greatest wish is for people to stop telling me that Coke Light is unhealthy (do you think smokers don't know that smoking will increase their risk of getting lung cancer?!). And on top of that, I hate exercising. I really do. Because exercise makes you sweaty. The last time I went for hot yoga as part of the GLOW programme, I was so very unhappy that the bloggers made me take SO MANY PHOTOS before allowing me to shower and change out of my sweaty clothes. Here's proof of my unhappiness.
Anyway, this is also one of the reasons why I hate running. Let me list down just some of the reasons as to why running is bad.

  1. Running makes you sweaty.
  2. Your earphone wires will flap about. It's annoying, distracting and irritating.
  3. It is hard to talk and run at the same time. 
  4. Sometimes you get stitches.
  5. Your hair will stick to your forehead.
  6. I heard it's bad for the knees. 
Which is why I think I must have been possessed (some say drunk) when I agreed to join the Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run 2013. It's a 10 km run that will be held next Sunday!

Check it out man:
Soooooo....World of Sports is holding a contest on their Facebook page now. What you must do is to look through all the profiles of the clearly mad and insane bloggers on the World of Sports page, and predict the correct order in which we'll finish the race! 
One lucky winner with all 8 correct guess will walkaway with a pair of Prima Cantabile from Mizuno (it's a pair of shoes, not some local food from Prima Deli).
And yeah, I haven't run since, um, I can't even remember. I used to be good at running in JC. But you know, that was 7 years ago. And I have never attempted running 10 km before. And you know many people have reassured me that I will do okay, saying, "OH BUT YOU ROLLERBLADE!" Rollerblading is different okay. Rollerblading is not tiring, my earphone wires don't flap around, I don't sweat buckets, and best of all, I look cooler than all the runners on the PCN. And I can overtake them also. #actcool. And you know, I do not fare well in things I don't like to do. Like being polite to stupid people. I am terrible at that.

So uh, my advice to you is to, not rank me so high up. I am quite vain you know. I may just stop running because I think that looking nice and unsweaty is more important than finishing the race. Also the race is on a Sunday morning. I do not know what a Sunday morning looks like past 6 am. Which is the time that Playhouse closes.

BUT, nevertheless. I WILL TRY MY BEST TO WAKE UP. And also complete the race. Because then I can tell people "HOHO I HAVE COMPLETED A 10 KM RUN." Loser.  #bucketlist.

And now let me leave off with a good video of Havana Brown's We Run The Night.

Oops. I meant to paste this. But I hope you were entertained.

❤ Jac.

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