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Hey guys! So I'm sure all of you like travelling! Well, I know I do. Most of the time, travelling to these awesome places entail...

Hey guys!

So I'm sure all of you like travelling! Well, I know I do.

Most of the time, travelling to these awesome places entails air travel. Well, I guess you technically could go to wherever you wanted to go on foot but you know, it'll take too long. Like I checked. Walking from Singapore to Morocco would take at least 3,039 hours, or 126 days. See?

And that's without making any pit stops along the way. Or taking any photos. Yes. It's true. Travelling brings out the amateur photographer in everyone. 
So anyway! Planes are generally the way to go. Here are a couple of photos of me and my good travelling buddies on planes.
(From left: Me and Carrie on the plane to Phuket; Me, Titus and Sam on the A380 to Barcelona).

Yes, planes are good. Which brings me to the main body of my post (nahhh, that wasn't it).

So I'm just going to assume that everyone loves Disney. What's there not to love?!! I love Disney. I'm all for animated drawings, music and laughter. AND happy endings. I especially love happy endings. I really don't get the point of watching something as melancholic as a Greek tragedy. Why would I want to leave the movie theater emotionally battered and crying?! I would rather leave the theater with a smile on my face and peace in my heart. Looks better too.
(Here am I with the Hello Kitty balloon that Chengster got me for my birthday. I have a smile on my face, but no peace in my heart sadly).

Anyway, back to PLANES!

If you're thinking of catching PLANES, here's an offer that you might want to consider! Just purchase tickets for the 7 September (that's this Saturday), 3pm screening of Disney's PLANES movie at Golden Village Jurong Point, and get a free popcorn and Ben & Jerry's ice-cream with each purchased ticket! (Which is good, come on, who doesn't like free ice cream?)

Here's how you can enjoy the promo:
  1. Pre-register your interest at this URL before 11:59 pm on 4 September: 
  2. Under "Whose blog did you get to know about this promotion from?", type "BEHINDTHEBASICS" or "Jacqueline". Or "Jac". It's up to you really.
  3. Starting from 4 September, you may purchase your movie tickets at the Jurong Point box office, or via the GV website (aka the normal channels).
Don't be silly okay. Buy only the tickets for the 3 pm show on 7 September 2013. Otherwise you will miss out on all the good free things such as the Ben & Jerry's ice cream. You'll be able to redeem the free stuff at the redemption booth near GV Jurong Point Box Office between 2pm to 2:45pm, just before the movie starts (Y).

P.S: When redeeming your free popcorn and ice cream, remember to tell the redemption crew that you hang with me/ that you're part of my crew/ that we roll together/ that we're tight. If I get the most number of people down for the screening, each of you will get a complimentary GV movie ticket! (More free stuff! Whoo!)

And now, a trailer from the movie to get you all hyped up.

And also a song which unfortunately isn't part of the PLANES soundtrack. I wonder why.

And here is me in a contemplative pose. 

Yeah, I don't know why I put this here either.

Okay time to sleep guys! Hope to see you on Saturday!

❤ Jac.

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