Friday, August 02, 2013

I am a domestic goddess.

Hello! So the other day (okay,it was yesterday) , my friend Ginger shared this Buzzfeed article on Facebook. And I was damn intrigue...


So the other day (okay,it was yesterday), my friend Ginger shared this Buzzfeed article on Facebook.

And I was damn intrigued because I am all for short-cuts, and the insanely simple. Especially when it comes to people you know? Insanely simple minded people make me look so intelligent beside them. Anyway, I looked through the list and the food really looked quite good, and simple to make.
(Via Buzzfeed).

DOESN'T EVERYTHING LOOK JUST SO WONDERFUL?!!! Anyway, I was very inspired to try a recipe out because you know, I used to bake (refer to posts here and here). I baked so much that my mother got worried that I was getting to comfortable with my unemployed life and would suddenly want to open a bakery instead of putting my expensive university degree to good use.

So here's what I decided to make!

It's a recipe from Kirbie's Cravings. And I chose it because Buzzfeed said "takes less than 10 minutes to make". I am a sucker for such lines. That and also "SALE", "HOLIDAY" and if I'm overseas, "FREE WIFI".

So here's how I did it (and I will tell you in excrutiating detail). I will also be sharing some modifications I made to the recipe. I say modifications, but I actually mean short-cuts for lazy people. Yes, like the recipe wasn't simple enough.

First, I gathered my ingredients - Nutella and eggs.
Then I broke the egss into an ice cream tub.
And then I beat them up and this made me feel very powerful.

So Kirbie actually said,
"The key to the texture of the cake and to not end up with something “eggy” is the whipped eggs which are whipped until triple the volume. This creates the cake texture and it should not end up just tasting like sweetened eggs because the eggs have so much air whipped into them. So it’s important to whip the eggs long enough with a stand mixer. I don’t know if a hand mixer is powerful enough."
But seriously, taking out the mixer, washing it, and setting it up, and then washing it up and packing it away after your're done would take maybe 30 minutes. This is three times the amount of time Buzzfeed said that this recipe woud take. So you notice I just used a fork to beat the eggs. Does it work? Yes it does. Don't bother with the mixer. But maybe your arms aren't as strong and powerful as mine. Hmmm....
So Kirbie actually said,
"Make sure to weigh out the Nutella, and make sure you get all that Nutella into the actual cake as I know it can be sticky and often people leave a lot of the Nutella behind in their measuring cup."
I measured out about 240 g of Nutella. How did I measure it out? I estimated. Because I am lazy good at such things.
Kirbie says
"Microwave Nutella for about 20 seconds to make it softer. Add in 1/3 of the egg mixture....Then add another 1/3 of egg mixture and fold again until no egg streaks remain.....Make sure to do this in 3 batches because otherwise the whipped eggs may lose too much of the air that has been whipped into them if you try to do it all at once."
I misread. I mixed the Nutella into the eggs instead of mixing the eggs into the Nutella. Do not fear. This will not ruin your cake.
Kirbie says,
"Grease a 6 or 7 inch round springform pan. Then line with parchment paper on sides and on bottom. Pour batter into springfoam pan."
Yeahhh.... I don't know what a springform pan is. And I have no parchment paper. So I poured it into this Pyrex thing and put it into the microwave for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.
AND VOILA. It looks better in real life. I promise you this. I didn't wait for it to cool down before I took a picture so it's kinda inflated and puffy (nvm, this makes it look bigger and more impressive, no pun intended).
And it tasted extremely good. I am very proud of myself and I will totally try replicating the rest of the food on the Buzzfeed list (but of course not before further simplifying the recipes).

Also, I know many of us worry around the kitchen. So here is a song to remind you that you shouldn't be worrying as heaven has a plan for you.

❤ Jac.

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