Monday, August 19, 2013

All set for the rest of my life.

Hello! So some of you might know that um, well, I'm turning 25 soon. 25. That's a big number. I'll be a quarter of a century o...


So some of you might know that um, well, I'm turning 25 soon. 25. That's a big number. I'll be a quarter of a century old. And I'm really looking forward to turning 25 because of all the new opportunities that will open up and all the exciting....oh who am I kidding? I just want a more legit reason to whine about my first world problems express my views on the trials and tribulations which I encounter during my day-to-day life.

(Via someecards).

Anyway, a few of my friends have been sharing this article entitled "The 20 Things You Need To Accomplish In Your 20s" by "ELITE DAILY" otherwise known as "The Voice of Generation-Y". And I'm happy to announce that I'm all set for life if I'm to go by this list. I know you're all probably skeptical on me fulfilling every criteria on this list. Or any list for that matter. Why, just the other day I found a list I made back in primary school. Item one said, "Buy a dog." 14 years later, I have yet to buy this dog.
Probably why I am not what you might describe as calm.

But back to the point, just to prove that I'm on my way to becoming a professional life advisor who is qualified to lecture people on how to live their lives, I shall run through the list and explain how I've managed to strike each item off. With the relevant examples and illustrations of course. So! Here goes...

20. Let go of the past and look forward to the future.

I'm extremely proficient at this. Never do I dwell on the past. Always looking forward. Like here. I am looking forward into the distant city.
Of course, the sign next to me says that that city in the distance is the ancient lost city of Atlantis. Which is, you know, from the past. And so I'm actually looking at the lost past. BUT. You discount the fact that since the city was lost, my discovery of the city will be the foundation of the education of future geographers/ anthropologists/ archaeologists/ condominium developers.
(Via Quick Meme).

19. Accept that you are an adult.

I totally have accepted that I am an adult. I go to work everyday.
I control my drinking.
And I can even produce my own tasty confections now!
And I also pay income tax, buy insurance, and read the newspapers. So you see, I really have embraced my adulthood and striking yet another item off my list. (Y).

18. Learn to maintain and keep your environment organized.

OH MY GOD, WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. For those of you who have not seen the extent of my OCD, here you go. shorts.
And my tank tops.
I also organised my dresses and tops and my underwear but I think you get the point. Also it is strange and creepy for people to post pictures of their underwear drawer online. I feel. But you know, if you're the kind who likes to Instagram pictures of your underwear, then please go ahead. Not judging at all.

Anyway, back to my OCD wonderful organisational skills, Sam and Titus think I'm a wonderful travelling companion. Because I do up itineraries.
Complete with pictures, definitions, footnotes and annexes. And this isn't even my best work. My best work was an itinerary I did for a friend on NYC. That one was complete with walking routes, maps, and restaurante reviews. If any of you go to NYC for work and need a short itinerary for a few hours, you know who to look for.

And this is nothing really, as compared to my itineraries and my closet. But since we're on the topic, I also did a very good job in organising the photos.
I could go into each folder to show you how I further categorised the photos, but I still want friends who don't think I'm weird. So yeah. I won't. HAHA.

17. Learn to maintain your body.

I am totally healthy and all. You see? All the things I drink are like, sugarfree or low fat.
Or they will blatantly say "HEALTHY".
HAHA. But on a more serious note, I truly do engage in healthy things like rollerblading.

Oops, I mean...

Yes. And now, moving on.

16. Learn to dress well.

I really do okay. This is a picture of me when I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with Sam and Titus.
See? Jeans, jacket, shades. Totally ballin'. JUST LIKE MY MAN PITBULL.
And that' when everyone else was in slippers and miscellaneous messy stuff.
Moving on!

15. Start to accumulate a fortune.
go back

Many drops of water make a mighty ocean. I have a POSB savings account. It is the start of my massive fortune. #ballin'

14. Learn to adapt.

I'm totally adaptable. I'm so adaptable that my friends call me the "Human Chameleon". (Subconscience, "No they don't").

But seriously, I can be anything. From a man,
To a ghost.
Yes you see? Human chameleon indeed. Feel free to call me Nymphadora Tonks.

13. Outline your perfect partner.
(Via Pics to Pin).

'nuff said.

12. Reestablish your connection with your family.

I am very well connected with my family. We have a whatsapp group chat creatively named 'Family Chat".
We are all also Facebook friends and I communicate with my sister regularly via email and also instant messenger. Of course, I can't remember the last time that I saw my sister, but this is not the point. We are well connected.


11. Surround yourself with people that you would like to keep around.
10. Find work that you love doing.

I have found it. Right here (please click for effect).

Yes, I've been wanting to work at a secret bubble tea headquarters my whole life. But this blogging thing isn't too bad a hobby.
Karen, Carrie and I at the launch of the Dove Intense Repair range. Which I will blog about. Soon.

9. Get that body you always dreamed of.

WORK IN PROGRESS. But I must say that you know, you can't trust the pictures you see online. Beneath my clothes, I actually look like this.
(Via The Week).

Yeah this is my body. I do not know why they Photoshopped Megan Fox's head over a body that is clearly mine.

8. Learn to keep up to date with current events.

I am totally up to date with current events. I follow The Straits Times and Yahoo Singapore on Twitter, and I've also liked Channel NewsAsia on Facebook. And I read the newspapers everyday okay. Including the Chinese ones.
Yeah I know right?! Colour yourself impressed!

7. Learn to read regularly.

As mentioned above I do read the newspapers every day. SINCE I WAS TWO Y'ALL!

And I'm quite an avid reader. I also read books and other stuff. Here's some of the other material that I visually devour.
Yes. I told you. Avid reader. Read every day. Constantly reading.

6. Clearly outline your life goals.

Oh oops, I have yet to do this. Give me a second....
Done! Clear enough for you? ☺ Moving on!

5. Get out of debt.
(Via someecards).

To paraphrase Kate Hudson and someecards, which is by far one of the top online sites which doles out reliable life advice, "You can't get out of something that you were never in." Sounds wrong. Anyway, speaking of debt, I think some people owe me money but I can't remember who. If you owe me money please let me know thanks .

4. Begin to put money in the bank and learn to leave it there.

I have just decded that this list is a bit repetitive. Is this not a subset of my accumulation of a fortune? But anyhow, not to worry. I have this covered. This is what the inside of my bank vault looks like. (That's right - I'm so loaded that I have my own personal vault).
(Via Golden Rule).
Once again, #ballin'.

3. Date the wrong person(s).


2. Get your own place.

I do have my own place. It's a table really. With four walls, three chairs, two computers, three screens, four power points with a five plug extension. Life is good. Except that you know, this happens to be my office cubicle. But it's still my place. There's my name on it and all. There's no door but you know, it's what's inside the cubicle that counts (read: me)
(Via CNBC).

Case in point! A cubicle full of Twinkies! With no door, just like mine my place!

1. Support yourself.

AND TADAH! I have proven that I have completed Elite Daily's 20 Things You Need To Accomplish In Your 20s. So you see? What they say is really true.
"Being 20 and young is no longer a valid excuse to do what you want. Life doesn’t get any easier and it is crucial that you use this time to position yourself in order to give yourself a competitive advantage in the future."
So here's to me and my successful rest of my life!
(I don't know why I picked this photo. Oh. Because my better photos are in my hard drive which is not with me now. So here I am snorkelling. Like the wholesome person I am.)

And now, an appropriate video to end my post (I'm sure I've shared it before. But it's truly a wonderful song).

Cheers guys!
❤ Jac.

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