Monday, July 22, 2013

Kiehl's to the Rescue!

Hello friends! So, I've been quite tied up with work recently, what with all the meetings and deadlines and all. And that's the re...

Hello friends!

So, I've been quite tied up with work recently, what with all the meetings and deadlines and all. And that's the reason for me freaking out ever so often and you know, being so stressed out lately.

Oh oops, wrong photo. I meant to put this.

Yes. That is me at just another day at work in the my super secret bubble tea headquarters you know. Being stressed as usual. Which is not unlike how many of you feel at work I'm sure.
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According to the Singapore Business Review, a 2012 JobsCentral survey reported that 83.3% of respondents said that their work stress has also increased in the last six months. This is in line with a report from Enterprise Innovation, where it was found that more than half of Singaporean workers (55%) say their stress levels have risen over the past year. And I'm sure I don't need to tell you about the dark, meandering path which stress can lead you down. You know, the road to anxiety, insomnia, violence, alcoholicism and depression?
Feeling blue anyone?

And no, in case you are wondering, it's not my life I'm describing. But anyway, apart from psychological effects, stress can also stress can affect all organs in the body, including your skin.
"The skin -- our body's largest organ -- is where the first signs of stress begin to appear."
Dr. Adam Geyer
Kiehl's Product Development Consulting Dermatologist
In fact, stress is responsible for 70-90% of visits to the dermatologists, and the effects on your skin can include premature aging and advancing the symptoms of every common skin condition from sensitive skin, to eczema and psoriasis, rosacea, and chronic dry skin. That seems rather harsh for overloading on caffeine or skipping a few hours of sleep to rush that report out. But no worries! Kiehl's has the solution!
The newly launched Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer actively works to minimize the visible signs of stress by limiting the release of stress signals, protecting the skin barrier from future reactions, and treating, calming and hydrating the skin using natural ingredients such as Rosa Gallica extract, Mannose, Squalane, and Chamomille extract - part of a triple action formula to break skin’s stress cycle.
Very good goodie bag from the Kiehl's Team. Thank you!

Anyway, I've been using this for slightly more than a week and I must say that I quite enjoy using this product. It's easy to use (if it's not easy, I won't advocate it). You just have to apply a small amount to a clean face day and night, emphasizing any areas where especially neededn as a daily moisturiser. It can also be applied over any anti-aging serum so you don't have to worry about wasting your anti-aging products by purchasing it. The formula is really light, spreads easily. Proof? I took just 10 seconds to draw a heart on my hand STRAIGHT FROM THE BOTTLE (hahaha I have just used "straight from the bottle" in a non-alcoholic context).
It's also absorbed really quickly by the skin, which I appreciate. Because I like to wake up as late as possible and sleep as soon as I slap my moisturiser onto my face.

Anyway, the Skin Rescuer is available at all Kiehl's counters at $58. You can read more about it here where you can also get details on getting free samples to try out before decding on buying. For regular updates on Kiehl's events and product launches, do remember to Like them on Facebook.

Okay, time to go and get busy now. But here's a picture for you before I go.
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❤ Jac.

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