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Arthur Newman will make you squirm.

Hello guys! So  and Shaw recently invited me to catch a sneak preview of the movie Arthur Newman. (Via Arthur Newman's Face...

Hello guys!

So and Shaw recently invited me to catch a sneak preview of the movie Arthur Newman.

Well, I got a pair of invites really so it's no surprise that I asked Nessie along. For the benefit of those who have yet to have me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter/engage in a 5 minute conversation with me, this is Nessie. (The one on the left. The one on the right is me, of course).

Anyhow, Nessie and I missed the first bit of the movie because we got lost. In Orchard. It's embarrassing. (But in our defence, it was really hard to find. Some other guests got lost too and we wandered around finding the place together). But here are a couple of useful clarifications which we put together after the movie to clarify some doubts that you may be having about Arthur Newman.

1. The lead actress is Emily Blunt.

This is Emily Blunt. She was Miranda's assistant in The Devil Wears Prada where her character's name was also Emily.

I'm highlighting this because Nessie and I were all like "Who's Emily Blunt?", "I know she is not Emma Stone but her name reminds me of Emma Stone" and "I hope she is hot and funny like Emma Stone." Well, if you're thinking of watching the show in hopes of Emily Blunt being like Emma Stone, don't. Because she's all serious in Arthur Newman (yes, she was a light-hearted delight in The Devil Wears Prada), and not at all like Emma Stone, whose photo I shall now post in case you live in a cave.
(Via apnatimepass).

2. The lead actor is Colin Firth.
(Via Collider).

Colin Firth starred in Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually and Mama Mia. Yes, I'm aware that you can tell that I'm a happy ending, rom-com advocate by the choice of movies I watch. I also like funny chick flicks btw. Those are the best kinds of movies ever.
(Via Stuff, Firth, and Lexxie Couper).

Please note that Colin Firth ressembles a giant teddy bear who's on the verge of smothering you to death by hugging. Not at all like like this badass dude over here.

Death by hugging and death by staring. Two very different concepts.

BUT I DIGRESS. So back on topic, we caught up with the movie pretty quickly - it's rather easy to follow. Okay wait. Before I go on...
(Via Threadless).

Yes. So, back to my review! One of the good points of the show is that you can catch up pretty easily with the plot even if you miss the first say, 15 - 20 minutes of the show due to you getting lost in Orchard. There's really nothing much to it really. You quickly get that the show is about two individuals, a girl and a guy, taking on personas which are not their own. You know, escapism and stuff. Their lives aren't going very well so they attempt to construct new ones for themselves. In this case, the girl takes on her schizophrenic sister's identity (Michaela aka "Mike"), and the guy takes on the persona of a fictional character named, surprise surprise,  Arthur Newman.

And here's what he looks like. Very Colin Firth. Not at all like Colin Farrell.

You then follow the characters as they go on their roadtrip to nowhere as they slowly learn to fix their inability to deal with reality. Before that of course, they try to avoid the real world by role playing. Yes. They break into a multitude of houses to have role playing sex. It was very disturbing. There was even one scene where Mike ran into a house of a newly wedded elderly couple, donned the bride's wedding gown, and proceeded to have sex with Arthur in their bed. LIKE WTF. I felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

Yes. This movie is not for those who do not enjoy squirming in their seats by watching weird intimate scenes. Unlike me. I hate watching scenes that make me feel awkward. Even watching How I Met Your Mother can make me cringe. You know, like when Ted overthinks his date or something. Makes me want to cover my ears and go "LALALA".
(Via We Know Memes).

Arthur Newman isn't all that bad though, I mean the acting was superb. It has to be you know, in order for it to make both Nessie and me feel uncomfortable. And both Emily Blunt and Colin Firth have won Golden Globes, with Colin Firth possing also an Academy Award, a BAFTA, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Volpi Cup. So I guess you can watch it if you are the sort who has the ability to overlook intensely awkward to admire the quality acting.
(Via Film Jabber).

But if I discount the plot and script which really got me squirming in my seat, I must say that some of the shots were really well set up, which I appreciate. 
But I guess I can recommend this movie. Some will really enjoy it. If you are a voyeur who takes pleasure in watching deeply uncomfortable scenes of intimacy, then this is really the movie for you. And hardcore Emily Blunt fans of course. There's a scene where she pretends to be a horny Russian in a fur coat. I think her fans might appreciate that.

If you don't fall under the categories mentioned, please watch something else which is showing. Possibly something less confusing. Like Despicable Me 2. Far less damaging to your mental and emotional health. (I think). Anyway, you can watch the trailer and judge whether you want to invest 101 minutes of your time watching Arthur Newman.

Arthur Newman opens in theatres on 11 July and is rated M18 (I suspect because of the sex in strangers' houses thing). Do let me know if you like it if you decide to catch it! If you catch it and felt uncomfortable for the whole movie, well, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"


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