Sunday, June 30, 2013

Starbucks and Me.

Hello! So some of you might already know how much I love coffee. No? You must not know me very well then. Let me illustrate my love for ...


So some of you might already know how much I love coffee. No? You must not know me very well then. Let me illustrate my love for coffee with some of my blog posts (The 5 C's and I Love Coffee - the first post is more interesting) and some of my Instagram photos.
Yeah I'm terrible I know. If I got a dollar for every cup of coffee I drank I'd be a freaking gazillionaire by now.

Anyway, I recently came across this photo from Marketing Interactive.
ISN'T IT BRILLIANT?!! When I initially saw this, I was really sad because I concluded that I am not hot enough for some Starbucks barista to give me a secret message on my coffee cup. But then, I realised that it may be because I'm environmentally friendly and always bring my own tumbler to Starbucks (Or cheap. I save 50 cents by using my own tumbler).
My colleagues and I went on a coffee run and I saved 50 cents. They did not. HOHOHO #winning.

And it's really sad because I quite like using my own tumbler in Starbucks. You see, I won this limited edition dragon year tumbler because 1) I am generally quite lucky, and 2) I am a Dragon baby. The tumbler wasn't for sale in Starbucks and only 18 of them were given away on the Starbucks Facebook page. And you had to be born in the year of the Dragon to win it. So, I really quite like showing it off.

And also because I am environmentally friendly. Always. I love being environmentally friendly and getting that 50 cents discount in recognition of my eco-friendly efforts really makes my day. Sadly, I acknowledge that it may be standing in the way of me getting and my wonderful secret message on my Starbucks cup.

BUT, I think I have found a solution to my problems. So I was telling one of my colleagues about how sad I was because I'd probably never get a cup with a secret message. So she went to search through the shelves at Starbucks to see if there would be an environmentally-friendly way for me to obtain a secret message from a barista. AND LOOK WHAT SHE FOUND.
Yes. So I will buy this cup and see if I can get a secret message out of it. If I don't get a secret message, then I will just assume that it's because the baristas are afraid that I'd go berzerk should they mar my cup with marker ink. Yes. Not because I am possibly not hot enough for a secret message to be bestowed upon me. And if I don't get a message, hey! At least I'm paying 50 cents less than all the other people trying to get a message on their takeaway cup from their friendly neighbourhood Starbucks barista.

Yes that's right.

Happy Sunday everyone!
❤ Jac.

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