Saturday, June 01, 2013

Jac is adventurous (aka how to give her mother a heart attack).

Hello guys! So in my previous post I mentioned that I'm having an awesome time in Morocco. You know, singing songs in the car, walkin...

Hello guys!

So in my previous post I mentioned that I'm having an awesome time in Morocco. You know, singing songs in the car, walking around the dessert in my bikini, and generally not being at work.

Life has thus been rather great. I mean, we did get lost in the mountain pistes and were forced to be led across a river by a bunch of extremely plucky and enterprising kids in our Hyundai IX35...
Not to mention the numerous speed bumps we met along the way.

I caption this shot,"When the going gets tough, the tough take photos of the goings on."

But what really took the cake was what we went through the day before yesterday. We were driving through the mountains (as usual), when we came across this strangely surreal place.

Right out of a storybook really, with picturesque mountains and fields.
Which quickly turned to what seemed to be the lair of the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz, what with the poisonous green hills and dangerous black rocks (I promise that it looks more ominous and threatening in real life and also on my camera).
Then, the scenery quickly changed to a lush meadow with hills in the background. You see? You can almost hear the non-existent sheep bleating in the background.
Yes. Beautiful, gorgeous and scenic. It was here where our car, whom we Christianed "Bianca" got stuck in the mud.
We tried everything to get it out, including placing rocks in front/behind the wheels, trying to fill the watery gaps up with gravel, and of course, pushing the car. The lack of photos to illustrate the mentioned activities is the perfect indication of the direness of the situation - Jac was activated to push a car out of the marsh.

Anyway, after an hour of hard work, we decided that our efforts were in vain and we were running out of time before the sun set. So we quickly packed our bags, locked the car up, and headed to the nearest village in the mountains, which was roughly 45 minutes away on foot. Yes, I did not know that I was capable of living through such hardship either.

We eventually reached the village and discovered that it was deserted. Our heart's SANK. It was close to sunset, we were stuck in the middle of nowhere, and our phones had no signal. Then, we spotted a man, who brought us to his brother - he only spoke Arabic and his brother could speak French. They said they could help us get our car out of the marsh the next day when they had more men. So...this is what happened for the rest of the night.

This is Titus and Sam with L (we couldn't catch his name), the guy who found us, and his brother, Hamid.
This is L starting a fire to make embers to keep the food/us warm. These people's fire making abilities are SICK. Look at the fire they built in three minutes. FROM TREE BRANCHES. Imagine what they would be able to do at a Singaporean barbecue with fire starters and charcoal.
Here is Titus and I in the stone hut. VERY WELCOMED PROTECTION FROM THE COLD.
And here's L, Hamid and their friend (and now also our friend) Abdullah making dinner.
Abdullah's a really funny guy. He was one of the three guys out of the six who spoke French.
And here's what we had for dinner! Lamb tagine with mandatory Moroccan flat bread and rice. This was also the first time we saw rice in Morocco. We ate the tagine like winners. With our hands and using the bread crusts as scoops.
The next day, after a meal of bread, milk and cheese (which I didn't photograph because I was freezing), we headed to the marsh to save Bianca.

Here are some pictures of the guys lifting the car to pave a road out of rocks below it, and also pushing the car to get it to move.
We eventually got it out of the marsh after an hour. I can't describe the elation we felt, but I must say it was pretty damn awesome.
So, I know this isn't really the sort of posts that I usually make on my blog, but really, this experience was too epic to keep to myself. I am really quite astounded by how helpful and warm that these six Moroccans were to three complete strangers - and I'm extremely grateful for their generosity and hospitality. Also, I would have liked to add in more details and photos but it is proving to be quite a challenge to blog from my phone with intermittent WiFi. So, till next time guys!!

❤ Jac.

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