Friday, May 17, 2013

Posers for Phuket.

Hello guys! So as you may have noticed, I went to Phuket with 7 other girlfriends last weekend! And you know what they say right? Girls do...

Hello guys!

So as you may have noticed, I went to Phuket with 7 other girlfriends last weekend! And you know what they say right? Girls do crazy stuff when they share a room together. You know, stuff.

Like, sit around in silky underwear, smoke, drink, and bitch about boys.

Engage in pillow fights in sexy lingerie.
(Via Daily Fiasco).

(Via Geekenfreude).

Sleep naked together.

(Via Melissa Toledo).
(Via Laisser Sortir).

Yeah you know, that's what they always say girls do when they have sleepovers, and that's what you need to do in order to have a good time. Well, we didn't do any of that. BUT! We did have an awesome time. My conclusion is that we must be having fun wrong.

So you must be wondering, what non-stereotypical stuff could we have possibly done to be considered as fun. So here's a snippet of our weekend getaway :)

1. Snorkelling.
Because of my incredibly hectic schedule and the extremely pressing issues I have to deal with on a daily basis (curing cancer, resurrecting dinosaurs and locating atlantis amongst others), I can't actually remember if I've snorkelled before. I think I have. Oh yes I have. With James, Thad, and Amanda. Yes yes. So this was my second time snorkelling and it was really fun! Mainly because I have an awesome camera, capable of taking photos underwater.
(I promise you that the fish were attacking me).
All taken with a point and shoot! Whose name is Nelly. Who came after Lambo.

2. Eating.
Photo Credit: Cheryl Tay

Because we got to know each other via the Glow programme, the group of us hadn't really had much of a chance to have many decent meals together. So it was great hanging out and eating. Like you know, it was a new experience for all of us.

Well, we spent the first day at the seafood place near the hotel. And the service was SO SLOW. But then, we found free WiFi. And everyone stopped complaining and started uploading stuff onto Instagram. This was what I posted!
Yeah. So now you know how to make a bunch of bloggers stop complaining. Give them free internet. That'll shut them up.

We also ate at this place called No. 6. And the service was incredibly fast. It took 3 rounds of phototaking for the food to come. In standard units of measurement, this would be equivalent to 5 minutes.
And you know, what was even more fun than eating proper meals with the Glow girls, was SNACKING WITH THEM. I truly love snacking as evident from here. So I really had a very good time in Phuket eating junk food.
Photo Credit: Cheryl Tay

3. Camwhoring.
I'm sure you guys know how much bloggers camwhore. But because we are unlike ordinary bloggers, we took it a notch further. CAMWHORING UNDERWATER.
Like my other beach holidays, it was mandatory for us to stage some underwater battles.
This one of Silver and I was the funniest really! Just picture the conversation...
Jac recovers. "I KICK YOU BACK!!!"

Apart from taking all these nonsensical very awesome underwater photos, Cheryl also brought her 1DX and remote for us to camwhore without having to bother random people to take photos for us.

Photo Credits: Cheryl Tay

Silver, Rugfella and I look like we're high on drugs. But really, we weren't. Just high on life maybe. Hard to imagine that Silver had actually been feeling under the weather earlier on.
Photo Credit: Cheryl Tay

4. Helping Jac to tick stuff off her bucket list.
Photo Credit: Cheryl Tay

I do not know if many of you do this, but I have an unofficial bucket list. You know, things that I unconsciously think would be nice to do before I die, but never ever tell anyone because I think they are waaaaaaay too unachievable. Like, "Do Cartwheels on the Beach".

Photo credit: Cheryl Tay

Silver is AWESOME. It took her only 5 minutes to teach me how to do a cartwheel, something that I gave up on doing in primary school! She's SUPER RANDOM and we took tonnes of crazy photos together. We were saying that the problem with flexibility is that it allows you to act even more retarded that the rest.
Photo Credits: Cheryl Tay
Next up on my bucket list - POINTING MY TOES when people photograph me doing splits and cartwheels. Yes. That's right. But I'm really happy with these cartwheels I did on the beach. Thank you very much Silver for teaching me, and Cheryl and Rugfella for capturing my very glam/unglam moments on camera.

Anyway, I'd like to thank all these wonderful girls for the great time in Phuket - Carrie, Rugfella, Ju Ann, Cheryl, Silver, Daphne, and Joyce. Phuket wouldn't have been that much of a blast if not for you guys!!

But you know, I love holidays so, EVERYONE PLEASE LET US GO ON SOME WEEKEND TRIPS TOGETHER. I have a camera that can take underwater photos and some waterproof playing cards as well. :D

I'd like to end off this post with a few photos. One of my extremely stylish roomie and beauty consultant CARRIE.
Seriously, look at her! Like how is it even humanely possible to look this glamourous on a plane?!

The next photo would be of Daphne, who did most of the coordination for the trip!
AND, my final photo will be of seven of us doing a jump shot at the beach. THANK YOU CHERYL FOR THE AWESOME PHOTOS.

Till next time!
❤ Jac.

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