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Cadbury's Most Marvellous Bloggers' Party!

Hello! So a two weekends ago, Rugfella and I went to this really awesome party organised by the great people at  Cadbury . And I must sa...


So a two weekends ago, Rugfella and I went to this really awesome party organised by the great people at Cadbury.

And I must say, it was a really marvellous party. One of the best events that I've ever attended! Firstly, the food was fantastic! Take a look at what they served for eats!
The salmon was especially tasty. Rugfella and I couldn't get enough of it!

Also, the entertainment was really good. The marvellous people from Joyville had such a good itinerary planned. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. So before the programme officially kicked off, local band Afterhours performed to get the crowd into the partying mood. They're really good! I caughte them once in Wala Wala, but I couldn't really hear them over the next table. I was really glad that I managed to catch them again.

The marvellous Cadbury folk had also set up a blind tasting booth where guests were fed three out of nine types of Cadbury chocolate while being blindfolded. Guests were then asked to guess the Cadbury flavours that they'd tried.
Here'a a picture of the booth with a chart of the flavours offered which included Crunchie, Dairy Milk, Hazelnut, Fruit and Nut, Timeout, Boost, and the three new Marvellous Creations - Jelly Crunchie Bits, Jelly Popping Candy Beanies, and my personal favourite, Peanut Toffee Cookie! The considerate Joyville people also included an iPad, you know, in case charts are too dated for you.
This is Rugfella and I during our blind taste tests. If you're wondering why Rugfella has this rather, well, disconcerted look on her face, it's really because eating chocolate on a toothpick while being blindfolded turned out to be much more scary than it sounds!

Anyway, if you managed to guess all three of the Cadbury flavours correctly, you;d receive a 2GB Cadbury limited edition thumbdrive! Which we did of course, us being die-hard Cadbury fanatics and all.
I felt that the Cadbury thumbdrive was a very clever idea. Because well, it's a thumbdrive. Everyone needs thumbdrives these days. Who would say no to a free thumbdrive really? And also, LOOK AT IT! IT'S SO CUTE! Why in the world would anyone say no to this?
We were then introduced to the concept of Joyville and shown the excitement that was generated in other cities which got to know Joyville.



Pretty cool eh? We were then introduced to the Cadbury Marvellous Ambassadors! What are Marvellous Ambassadors you ask? As I mentioned earlier, Cadbury's Marvellous Creations come in three flavours, and each flavour has it's own Marvellous Ambassador to match its Marvellous chocolate personality! So here we have Brad Lau for Jelly Crunchie BitsBeatrice Tan for Jelly Popping Candy Beanies, and Maureen Ow for  Peanut Toffee Cookie

We then played some rather engaging games. We started with a very tame game of Marvellous Bingo.
Which somehow evolved into another game of involving a high level of engagement with other bloggers. As such.
But the highlight of the programme must have been Cadbury's Marvellous Magician Huron Low who made a portion of a card teleport into an unopened packet of Cadbury Marvellous Creations at the back of the room!

Huron working his magic with Valerie and Maureen.

Anyway, this is me and Huron. We sort of knew each other in JC and now we are the best of friends.
Oh and one other awesome thing that the marvellous Joyville folk did for us was to get us a photobooth! (And you know, everyone loves photobooths). So here are some of the shots which were taken!

(Via Hello Stranger).

I'd also like to say that the decorations for the party were really well done!
The party decorations were put together by Party Perfect, a local startup which does party styling for children’s birthday parties, weddings and all celebrations big and small! Do check out their Facebook page! It's filled with photos of awesome decorations and party favours which are bound to put a smile onto your face! (Just like all these Marvellous Creations here!!)

Before I end off I'd like to share something that I read on The Daily Mail. So in the United Kingdom, Cadbury has launched this new service which allows customers design their own Dairy Milk bars with messages, photographs and names!

Check it out on Joyville Made (and also fervently hope that this will be brought to Singapore!).

Anyway, it was really such an awesome party! THANKS CADBURY FOR THROWING THIS MARVELLOUS BASH ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.  And thank you Rugfella for bringing me along :) Do remember to check out the Cadbury Facebook page here for yummy updates and to learn more about Joyville! And maybe even book the Joyrider to manufacture your own set of marvellous memories!

❤ Jac.

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