Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Ives' YogaFly Fun by Upside Motion

Hello guys! So most of you would know by now that when I like something, I tend to go a bit um, overboard. Like when it comes to shopping,...

Hello guys!

So most of you would know by now that when I like something, I tend to go a bit um, overboard. Like when it comes to shopping, for example. I rather enjoy shopping you know. So here is just ONE of my online shopping deliveries.

Yes. My mother's stress levels are tied to my shopping. Which is in turn tied to my stress levels. So if my mother is stressed, it's really the fault of my boss at Gong Cha you know.

Anyhow! I have been obsessed over St. Ives products for a while. I love their facial scrubs and also their body washes. So naturally, I accumulated quite a collection of them.
You know what they say, the more the merrier.

St. Ives was recently scouting for Brand Ambassadors so I OBVIOUSLY HAD TRY MY LUCK. You know, to expand on my ever growing collection of their products. And now I am proud to say I am a happy brand ambassador of St. Ives. You see? My face is on their Facebook page.
(Sidetrack: I really got a shock when I saw my face I was scrolling through my newsfeed. Also, as many of you know, I really suck at zipais, so I took possibly about 15 minutes to get a shot that wasn't blur/off-centre/stupid looking.)

To welcome all the brand ambassadors into the St. Ives family, St. Ives organised a small get together in the form of a YogaFly class at Upside Motion last week! (So last week I had to go for two yoga classes in one day. But more about that in another post.)
For those of you who don't already know, YogaFly is like normal yoga, but with the use of a piece of a stretchy fabric to support your body while you are doing gymnastic-like things in the air. This hammock supports some of your weight and prevents overstressing of the joints. The instructor said that this YogaFly also decompresses our spines and we'd hence all leave class one inch taller! The downside is that we'd shrink back to our noamal heights after we sleep.

Here are some of the photos from the class (which I stole off Facebook because you know, my had battery died from my overzealous posting from the previous class).

The session was really fun! I had actually attended a YogaFly class with Edwina previously, but I didn't get a package because well, the only class which fit into my schedule was on a Sunday morning. I cannot do Sunday mornings. Really. So I was really quite excited when St. Ives gave me the opportunity to go for a YogaFly class on a Saturday afternoon!
On top of the YogaFly session, St. Ives also bequeathed each of us with a very generous goodie bag. We had to include a picture of us posing with our favourite St. Ives product as part of our brand ambassadors submission and Jolene and Vanessa from St. Ives thoughtfully included said products into our goodie bags!

Let me tell you more about my favourite product. I really like the St. Ives' Energizing Citrus Body Wash because of the scent. It's really sharp and refreshing - good for waking you up and just what you need to supplement your morning coffee. It's like an orangey-lemony smell. Very yummy. Also, you only need to use a little bit to work up an impressive amount of lather. So you know, one bottle can last you for a very long time. It's also made with natural ingredients, which you know, is something that everyone likes to know. I love it.

Because everyone knows that I have wonderful judgement when it comes to body washes, you might now feel inclined to buy a bottle to try it for yourself. AND GUESS WHAT?! For the month of March, Watsons' is having a promotion on St. Ives' body washes!
So please everyone, now is the time for you to get yourself a bottle to try. No excuse ah.

Anyway, if you'd like to keep up with the latest promotions and products from the St. Ives' range, then you might want to like them on Facebook here. The Facebook page also contains photos from the YogaFly class in case you want to more shots of the hot instructor/ me looking unglam.

Okay! Now that you have come to the end of my post, it is time for you to go to Watsons' and buy a bottle of Energizing Citrus Body Wash. Goodbye!

❤ Jac.

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