Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

Hello everyone! So some of you might know that I get particularly depressed on Sunday nights. No? Here are some tweets to show you what yo...

Hello everyone!

So some of you might know that I get particularly depressed on Sunday nights. No? Here are some tweets to show you what you have been missing out on.

Yes, my barrage of Sunday night tweets may be a familiar sight for many, and also the cause of some people unfollowing me on Twitter. In my defence, I do try to jazz my tweets up from time to time.

Take this tweet for instance!

This is really a classic example of me adapting the popular song (which I love so very much) "Outta Control" by Baby Bash Feat. Pitbull to suit the problems that I face in my life on a regular basis.

Yes, I'm creative like that. Tweet me up for lyrics on how I can never meet my friends on time, how it always rains when I want to exercise, and how the 5m extremely perilous journey to the bathroom from my bed can be so very arduous and tiring and far.

Anyway! Going back to the topic of Sunday night blues! My friends also experience this dreadful phenomenon okay. It's terrible. I will let my RTs illustrate the point.
It's horrible you know. This Sunday Night Blues. And because this condition has it's own Wikipedia page, it really must be legit.
Sunday night blues is an acute condition, mostly affecting nine-to-five workers and students. This condition is characterized by anxiety about the week ahead and a sense of helplessness and depression. It most often occurs on Sunday afternoons and evenings. It is also referred to as "school bus blues" or "Sunday night depression".

And you know that this is a recognised ailment worthy of your attention because its reflected in pop culture as evident in this Calvin and Hobbes illustration here.

Anything that is featured in comic strips is not to be joked about.

So we know that the Sunday Night Blues is the terrible phenomenon which plagues us the night before we get plunged into the equally terrible Monday Blues. An many of us have a hard time coping with this Sunday Night Blues. I myself have tried many ways of coping with the SNB to no avail.

But here's a taste of my usual Sunday routine so that you can get an inkling of what I do to make myself feel better.
I kid of course. If you know me well enough, or at all, you'd realise that this timetable, starts at 7:30 am. And  I mean just look at it! It's missing all the essential parts of my Sunday. Like how I MUST check my phone upon waking up. And seriously, 3 minutes to make breakfast? If food requires more than 30 seconds of preparation (eg. washing an apple/ opening a granola bar packet), then it clearly is not the breakfast that I am looking for. My goodness, even combining milk with cereal on my more hardworking of days takes at most 1 minute and 45 seconds. Don't believe me? Try it! I counted.

My point is, if you know me better, then you'd know that my Sunday blues would start roughly12 hours after 7:30 am. Here's an actual run down of what I'd typically do to try to stave them off.

7:00 PMEat dinner
7:30 PMWalk around the house
7:40 PMSit on my bed
7:41 PMRoll around my bed
7:45 PMSit up on my bed and stare out of my window, contemplating the meaning of life
8:00 PMGet out of bed and wander to the kitchen to see if there is anything worth eating
8:05 PMSit at my laptop and tweet about how I do not want Monday to come
8:06 PMStalk my friends on Facebook
8:30 PMDecide that my life is the most boring amongst all my friends and head to the bed to emo
8:40 PMRealise that Monday is coming
8:42 PMTake out my phone to Google chat my handsome friend to tell him that I don't want Monday to come
8:50 PMGet out of bed to iron my clothes while watching White Collar/Bones/House/The Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother/Top Gear
10:50 PMTry to fit my newly ironed clothes into my wardrobe
10:51 PMTry harder to fit my newly ironed clothes into my wardrobe
10:55 PMCurse and swear because fitting all my clothes into my wardrobe isn't going to happen
11:00 PMSit on my bed and wonder if life is worth living
11:05 PMTake my phone to Google chat my handsome friend to tell him life isn't worth living
11:10 PMDecide that I should do something to cheer myself up
11:11 PMRoll off the bed to buy more clothes online
11:12 PMStart to add stuff to cart/ Facebook/ Google Chat/ Tweet and YouTube
3:00 AMSigh and decided that maybe it is time to sleep
3:35 AMGo to to sleep

Yes. That table is a documentation of my typical Sunday night. LAST WEEK HOWEVER, I discovered a new way to pass my Sunday without even experiencing the horrible SNB. And I'm really all for sharing all those tips and tricks which help you live your life with as little pain and despair as possible. So I'll now share my little secret on how I beat the SNB last week.

To better understand how I did it, I must start with a story on what happened on Friday.

So this is Nessie.
You might be familiar with her if you fulfil any one of the following criteria.
  1. Are my friend on Facebook
  2. Follow me on Twitter
  3. Follow me on Instagram
  4. Have seen my office cubicle
  5. Have a conversation which lasts at least 20 minutes with me (Whatsapp/ FB messenger/ IM included)
  6. Are actually friends with Nessie
So it was a Friday evening and Nessie and I had nothing much planned except for dinner and drinks with her friends, which she kindly invited me to join. After dinner, the bunch of us headed to Acid Bar. This was around 8 plus? This is us at Acid Bar.
We were there all the way till 11+ pm. It was great fun. We tied cherry stalks into knots with our tongues (we are skilful) and also wrote each other notes on the Acid Bar napkins in eyeliner.
After we left Acid Bar, Nessie and I headed to Chupitos, this very awesome shots bar in Clarke Quay.
It was really a very good and fun place. Everyone has to go there. We had Kamikazes, Red Headed Sluts, and some red shot that was given to us for free. Because this is how we roll you know?
Oops, wrong photo. I mean WHOO ALCOHOL! THIS IS HOW WE ROLL.

Then, my good friend Johannes Christian See (you remember him?) told us to join him at Overeasy. So, Nessie and I strolled over from Clarke Quay. Here is a picture of my good friends Nessie and Jo.
And then we went to Zouk. Because you know, you must show support to local businesses like Zouk. I mean we have already lost Zirca. We cannot let another club just shut its doors right? #sacrifice. #communityservice.
So I reached home at 4 plus and bathed, dried my hair and went to sleep. And no here's the impressive part, I WOKE UP ALL BRIGHT AND EARLY AT 8:30 AM!! *gives myself a pat on the back* Are you impressed? I was attending this Topshop SS13 Breakfast Party with the Topshop personal shoppers and the editor of Juice SG with Pamy you see.
Collectively, we bought 3 dresses and 3 tops (I think). A good day.

Then, Pamy headed off to the gym and I went to City Hall to run some errands which involved me lugging an increasingly heavy (because of all the stuff I had to pick up along the way) bag around town. NOT EASY OKAY. Then, I rushed back to Orchard from City Hall to meet for Kah Yin's birthday lunch.
Lunch was really great! It was very fun catching up with the gang! It was held at Oriole and THE COFFEE. To die for really.

After that, I ran over to Ion to treat my hair. Because my hair is like hay sometimes. And after that, I rushed home to put down my bag of stuff which was killing me. And then I immediately ran back out of the house to meet my JC friends, all of whom I love very much. But because I was so incredibly tired, I took a cab so that I would be able to have a guaranteed uninterrupted nap of twenty minutes. This is the first time I have taken a cab out of frivolity by the way. HAHA.

As I was saying, I cabbed over to Millennia Walk for Zixing's and Lumpy's birthday celebration at Paulaner's Brauhaus.
These guys are very good always. Also Sam was in a dress. I was slightly confused by this.

And then we went for coffee. And then I met my Gong Cha friend for drinks and then I went to sleep at 5+ and I woke up on Sunday morning at 11+. And I went out for lunch with another friend and then I went grocery shopping at Cold Storage and then I reached home at 3+ and then I took a shower and then I took a nap at 4+ and then I woke up on Monday at 8:00 AM.

So you see guys? This is how you skip the SNB. You exhaust yourself on Friday and Saturday so that you concuss on Sunday afternoon so that you sleep through Sunday night. It's a wonderful revelation I made and I highly recommend that all of you give it a try one day! Not only will you wake up on Monday feeling refreshed and happy, but you'd also wear clothes that you wouldn't normally wear to work because you know, you didn't do your week's ironing the night before (I also highly recommend that you do your ironing on Sunday nights).
(This photo serves no purpose but to illustrate what Nessie and I do on Whatsapp).

In the meantime, it's 3:00 PM on a Sunday and I'm still not asleep. Time to go rollerblading to tire myself out so that I'll sleep through this week's edition of the SNB.

Bye everyone!

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