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I love NS.

Hello! So most of you should know that I'm a really patriotic person. You probably can tell by my Facebook posts. Like the one I poste...


So most of you should know that I'm a really patriotic person. You probably can tell by my Facebook posts. Like the one I posted on Friday.

I'm serious you know, I really want to get this Singapore flag navel ring from Body Candy! IT'S SO COOL AND FUNNY. And I will wear it on National Day this year. And it's only USD$7.99. What a steal.

And you know that I support the army. You can also probably tell that by the clothes I wear. Like my army singlet.
The cynics out there might be thinking, "Oh, she's just wearing it to illustrate a point. She actually hates it and doesn't think it's cool at all."

Check out my Facebook captions from a year back!
I seriously think that this army singlet is cool. But that picture was taken in my room as you can probably tell. But then again, the cynics might go, "Surely she won't dare to wear it out."


(Via Rugfella).

Here is me in my army singlet. You can't see my face because Rugfella cropped it to fit into instagram. I wore it for PT with the GLOW team and all the GLOWsters like Cheryl and Ju Ann were saying that I'm disgusting for wearing someone's old army singlet. BUT I THINK IT'S NICE LEH. And I washed it many times. And my washing machine is very good. It's Electrolux okay.

I was also strolling around the CBD in my army singlet about...slightly over a week ago. If you saw me, you may compliment me on how wonderful I looked in my cool army singlet.

You also know that I support the army and NS in general judging by the movies I watch. I watched Ah Boys to Men Part 2 over the weekend.
(Via Shaw Online).

And I liked it. And I also can sing the theme song of the first Ah Boys To Men.

I was singing it with Lumpy when we had a CNY reunion dinner two weeks ago with the Ah Boys who are now Men, whom I've seen through the perilous JC times, through NS, and now as they live life to the fullest.
ANYHOW, I digress okay. The point is that I'm patriotic and really appreciative of NS boys (and their singlets), and I'm very grateful for the service that they are doing for the nation.

And so is SAFRA!

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of NS, MINDEF will be giving NSmen the opportunity to enjoy exclusive SAFRA Benefits with their families. All who have served NS or are serving NS will benefit from this. Every NSman will receive $50 to $100 worth of SAFRA vouchers, which can be used to redeem lifestyle privileges (TO ALL MY GUY FRIENDS, *nudgenudgewinkwink*).

Anyway, I'd like to say that I TOO, support the benefits that SAFRA doles out to NS guys. Like providing them with discounts at the Costa Sands Resort!

Here's Xing, Josh, Edward and I at the beach near Costa Sands. All of us (the 6 guys in the photo above, together with Sam and I), had booked a chalet using the discounts given to NSmen, not long after all the guys went into BMT. Except for Edward. Who was then preserving his last few weeks of freedom with a Michael Moore do. I think it was one of the first big things that we did together as a group. I cannot remember you know, I had just come out of JC and that was so very long ago (Argh, I'm old).

We didn't take that many photos because we were too busy doing happening things like, fishing without bait and watching THE HILLS HAVE EYES, which is the worse movie I've ever had to sit through and I whole-heartedly blame Edward for renting it. Apparently, having a movie director haircut does not improve your taste when it comes to renting movies. 

The resort was really quite a nice place to hang out. Costa Sands has facilities like a swimming pool, a children's pool, and a wide range of F&B outlets. But you know, if you are lazy like my friends and I you could always just. Lie on the grass or hug palm trees.
Anyhow, another great benefit that NSmen can derive from being a SAFRA member, is that you get access to the SAFRA Recreational Clubs. They are quite cool. I recently visited the one at Mount Faber which has a swimming pool, a gym, and a BOWLING ALLEY. And um, many of you know that I don't bowl very well at all expertly. You probably can tell you know, from my wonderful form and bowling outfit as shown below.
But I still had lots of fun because of the company I was with. Even though I couldn't bear to look at the camera because of my terrible bowling the conflict between my humility and my wonderful bowling.
So, you really can derive many benefits by utilising your SAFRA membership. I mentioned above that all NSmen will receive SAFRA vouchers, but you probably would have forgotten the value of the vouchers that you will be receiving. So here! A nice colourful table with the breakdown on what you can steal from your bf/ guy friends get as an NSman.
(Via NS45).

So guys, do look out for your NS45 eligibility letters in the mail from now till Apr 13. You’ll get to enjoy shopping, F&B, electronics and travel benefits at 5,000 outlets islandwide! (But  no hurry okay, The registration for NS45 vouchers ends 28 Feb 14 and vouchers are valid until 31 Mar 14).

Anyway, for more information on NS45, please visit their official website here.

Oh and in case you were wondering, since the time we had that stayover in that Costa Sands chalet, my then NS guy friends (and Sam) are now working adult friends! We've have stayed in touch over the years and meet up quite often to hang out.
And we're going for another chalet thing in March! At Costa Sands no less. It's really quite awesome how long it's been since we first knew each other and I'm really glad that we're always finding cool activities to do together as a group.

And that's all from me today. Do remember to check out the "NS45 - From Fathers To Sons" Facebook page for multimedia posts, and the SAFRA Facebook page for inspirational quotes, promotional deals and more!

❤ Jac.

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