Monday, February 25, 2013

GLOW and Healthy Living.

HELLO GUYS! So as you guys know, I've been on the BFF Challenge with Glow Ignite 2.0 for the month of February. And let me tell yo...


So as you guys know, I've been on the BFF Challenge with Glow Ignite 2.0 for the month of February.


First, you have to make sure that you stock up on food that you can actually eat. Because you know, what I normally consume, like Kit-Kat, Coke Light, chips, ice cream and all the other nonsense that you usually see me stuffing my face with in copious amounts, are off limits. So I went grocery shopping with Rugfella and here was what I bought.
Muesli, high-fibre low Sodium crackers, more muesli, almonds and peaches. This was round one. I obviously have bought more food since then. Anyway, it's a very lucky thing that my whole family is supportive of this eating well thing. I am really the only person in my family who can possibly survive on Coke Light and Kit-Kat alone. Just check out what's in my kitchen on a regular day.

We'll start with what's in my fridge. This is a picture of two shelves of my fridge.
On the higher shelf you can see the HL Milk (low in fat, high in calcium), and a tub of Yoplait Yoplus plain yoghurt. Bought by my mother and consumed by her and now me on a daily basis. On the lower shelf you see the box of peaches I bought. And also a box of white nectarines that my sister bought. And don't even get me started on what's in the crisper compartment because it's filled to the brim with vegetables and fruit. As this is how my family eats (and now also me).

Next! Here is some food stashed in the corner of the kitchen.
There are walnuts, which my mother loves, and that glass thing on the left is filled with brown rice, waiting to be cooked. In this house, we eat brown rice. Because it's healthier and has a higher fibre content. And my mother has been into this healthy living thing since forever. She's really happy that I'm catching on.

I had bought muesli because Rachel (GLOW's nutritionist) had prescribed it in my diet plan. And also almonds as Rachel said they were healthy. So I opened the cupboard to pack my muesli and almonds and this is what I saw.
One gigantic bottle of granola and a jar of almonds. I could have saved about $20+ if I only I had opened the kitchen cupboards before I went grocery shopping. Which I didn't. Because I previously only consumed food which I bought for myself and hid in my room. Like Kit-Kat. And Coke Light. And Popchips.

So the meals I eat at home and generally healthy and I am very thankful that my family eats well and has welcomed me into their healthy eating regime with open arms. Important to have a supportive family when you embark on such a diet you know, can you imagine how it will be like if your mother cooked laksa every other day?

Anyway, eating healthily has been quite manageable, and the food isn't all that bad to be honest. Here are some snapshots of the food I've been eating for the past three weeks - all healthy and approved by Rachel! Not bad what right?
And on top of this healthy diet that I've been on, I've also been *pause for dramatic effect* EXERCISING . Yeah I know right? Who possessed me and really where is the real Jac.

I've been attending physical training sessions (and one zumba class) with the GLOWsters. Check out some of the pictures we took!
If we look unglam, it's because you know, we just worked out. People are not supposed to look glam after they work out.

ON TOP OF ALL THIS, I've also been blading a lot recently. And I welcome company when I blade. So do let me know if you want to go blading with me/with me and Chengwei. We're really friendly (towards nice people) and my our blading is not bad.
And you know, the goal for me when I first embarked on this GLOW journey was to lose weight. But now I think my focus has shifted to just leading a more healthy life I guess. Which is easier since like I don't snack all the time, and even if I snack, I snack on almonds. Which I now proclaim are the potato chips of healthy people.

Anyway! I attribute my lack of snacking to GLOW Ignite 2.0, because it curbs my appetite and I don't feel like munching on something all the time. Which is something I really appreciate because I don't spend a lot of money on food, but I did spend an obscene amount on Kit-Kat.
And GLOW also contains super-antioxidants so that you don't look like you are sick and dying while you're on a diet, but look good and radiate a nice healthy glow instead (pun intended). ALSO, the ingredients in GLOW are 100% natural so you don't have to be worried about chemicals messing around with your brain and affecting your IQ.
Find out more about GLOW Ignite 2.0 by visiting their site here. You may also want to check out their Facebook page and follow the #GLOWRaspberry hashtag on Twitter or Instagram!

ALSO! If you're interested in buying a bottle of GLOW, do let me know! I have a coupon which I'd like to share with you. You can use it to get a discount when purchasing GLOW at any Watson's store.

Okay, off to kickboxing with the GLOWsters! See ya!

❤ Jac.

*All opinions reflected in the post are the blogger’s own. The content of this post is not edited by GLOW™. GLOW™ is an all-natural weight loss supplement. The proprietary blend is clinically proven to burn fat and maximise weight loss. All rights reserved.

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