Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Pet Peeves.

Hello friends! So whenever my birthday or Christmas comes around, I tell my friends EXACTLY what I want. My mother takes it a step further...

Hello friends!

So whenever my birthday or Christmas comes around, I tell my friends EXACTLY what I want. My mother takes it a step further. She gets me to buy my present and pass it to her. Then she'd wrap it up and reimburse me and I will wake up on Christmas to open a wonderful present, something that I'd always wanted. Like this Kate Spade bag here.

And this really works you know, because then I wouldn't have pretend to gush over ugly photo frames, ugly mugs from the back of goodness-knows-who's cupboard, or some awful knick-knack that you got from Daiso/pasar malam/some random Christmas fair in Taka. Come on, don't pretend that you've never experienced this.

Anyway, I don't know why it took me so long, but it recently dawned on me that this is why my life is sometimes so tough - I don't always tell people what I want or don't want, like or don't like. Because drawing from my Christmas present example, life can be so easy and good if you just tell people about your preferences.

And as you know, I have a limited amount of patience when it comes to dealing with people, especially the stupid kind of people. So let me just share some of my pet peeves so that you know, we can all have a better 2013 what with me moderating my use of vulgarities and everyone else not doing the things that irritate me in front of me.

(Behind my back you can do whatever you want. It's like my cockroach theory. I don't mind cockroaches, unless they are within close proximity. And by close proximity I mean within my sight.)

So presenting,

1. Guys telling me what to wear.

So top on the list is guys telling me what to wear. Like seriously. I. HATE. IT. Okay. Let me claify that I don't mind guys giving me their opinion on my clothes, but I hate it when they tell me what I should or should not wear. I would also like to further elabortate that most of the guys who have tried to give me fashion advice so far, live-eat-breathe in t-shirts, berms and jeans. Like this.
This is my most fashionable guy friend Jason Khor, and this t-shirt and berms combo is really as unfashionable as he gets. You see, he has a variety of clothes and appropriates the right outfit for any given occasion.

Like if he goes to a beach party it would be a tank top singlet and berms.
And he'd bother to jazz up his outfit if he's going to a concert.
And you know, most guys can't be bothered to do such things. It's like they have 4 types of clothes in their wardrobes. T-shirts, shirts, jeans and berms. Oh and pants. In case they decide to go to work. And I'd like to point out that I am much more fashionable than an average guy. So really, if a guy has the audacity to tell me,
"I think you should buy skirts that look like this."

Then you better make sure that you dress as well as Jason Khor, or that someone died and made your Karl Lagerfeld.

2. Posting your countless zipais on Instagram.
Dear you,

You are my friend and I love you. I follow you on Instagram because the pictures you post are sometimes really cool and artsy and I like that about you. When I see them, I think of the wonderful times we had in school together and want to meet you to catch up over an Ice Venti Non-Fat Vanilla Latte.

Love, Jac.
BUT. OMG. Sometimes I want to kill you. Like when you post multiple photos of your face on Instagram at one shot. I understand that you think you are very pretty. But I really do not need to see multiple shots of you at one go. I don't care if the lighting is slightly warmer in the second shot as compared to the first shot, or if your lower lip is slightly more pouty in the 44th shot as compared to the 39th. I DON'T CARE. When I scroll through my Instagram feed, all I see is this.

And you know what's the worse part about Instagram? I CAN'T IGNORE YOUR PHOTOS. I have to scroll through each one just to see my other friends' photos/ your cool photos. And that annoys me greatly. Please, the next time you want to go on a zipai rampage, POST YOUR PHOTOS IN AN ALBUM ON FACEBOOK WHICH I CAN CHOOSE NOT TO VIEW INSTEAD OF FLOODING MY INSTAGRAM FEED. Thanks ❤.

3. Offering me advice when I am ranting.

So sometimes, I'm having a bad day at work because this happens. Or you know, this happens. And I just want to complain to someone you know? I want to just go "OMG THIS PERSON IS A BITCH I HATE HER SHE IS THE WORSE PERSON ALIVE DOESN'T SHE UNDERSTAND ENGLISH? DOES SHE HAVE NO COMMON SENSE?!!!" I just need 5 minutes okay. 10 at most. And then you and I can go on our merry ways and continue with our so-called lives. I would feel better because I have bitched out all of my anger and frustration, leaving my insides clean and pure, like the insides of an angel's. (The Bitching Theory, Jac and Nessie, 2009).
(Via babble).

So you know what infuriates me when I'm ranting? You giving me advice. Now, I am fully aware that I'm no Einstein. But if I picked you out of all my friends to rant to, then I expect you to understand that I have the mental capacity to evaluate the situation/ make judgement calls/ make the best out of a bad scenario. Because you know, I have brains which I use on an active basis.
Well, most of the time anyway.

So when I am complaining about someone, I really do not need you to propose a list of possible solutions like:
• Why don't you tell your boss?
• You should just send him an email to scold him.
• Why didn't you ask her directly?
• Can you just complain?
Can't you just trust that I have already thought everything through and hear me out?!! Because when I rant, I'm not expecting you to solve all my problems you know. I'm just ranting because I want someone to listen to me. So I'm not expecting to go from
(Via Glamour).
(Via QuickMeme).

But I certainly don't want it to end with me feeling like this:
(Via Glamour).

Because this is exactly how I feel when I receive advice when I'm not asking for any. And it especially doesn't help when your advice, you know, SUCKS.

So yes, that completes my list of pet peeves. For now. Because it's time to go and read TNP and catch up on who's sleeping with whom at the moment. GAH. Have a fun rest of the week guys!

❤ Jac.

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