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Happy New Year!

Hello friends! So as many of you should already know, the world didn't end. Which is totally sad because I even made a post in case i...

Hello friends!

So as many of you should already know, the world didn't end. Which is totally sad because I even made a post in case it did. Yeah. That's always the case isn't it? The rare time you plan in advance for something is the time that the something doesn't happen.

Anyway, before I forget

There are actually many ways which I can tell you how I spent the new year's eve really. I can tell you the very happening version where I celebrated the new year in the company of lots of alcohol and my wonderful friends, OR! I can tell you the boring version where I spent new year's eve with my friend in her grandmother's house. Nevertheless, it was loads of fun and I love you Nessie.

Anyway, I'd like to continue this post with some stuff I missed out on blogging last year. Because I'm a procrastinator like that.

1. Christmas.
So I spent the eve of Christmas eve with my friends Amanda, James, Thad, Andrew and Cheryl! We had this small gathering at Thad's house where I was thoroughly traumatised for reasons I shall not mention on my blog. I'd gladly tell you in person though. It's a very amusing story which requires facial expressions and violent gestures to do it justice.

Anyway, here are some photos from the night!
Do you see the apple pie in the picture? Baked with love by Thaddaeus Wee ❤❤❤. #impressed and also #touched.
This is quite a bad group photo of us. As you know, James, Thad and I were feeling highly traumatised. I promise you it's a good story which is highly amusing, but only in hindsight.
Love you guys, really had a blast eating and hanging out with you on the 23rd! I WILL UPLOAD THE PHOTOS TO FACEBOOK SOON.

Also, I understand that many people spend the the first few hours of Christmas in church, having midnight mass, etc etc. However I did not do this. I spent Christmas Eve/Christmas in Starbucks with Nessie because we're happening like that.
And this is what we bought in 15 minutes. Yes. I can finish a venti-sized drink in 15 minutes. Problem? HAHA.
And this is us being looking very busy and popular in the middle of Holland Village.
OKAY and that was how I spent Christmas (short version). Now, moving on!

2. Accomplishments.
So you guys may have read my previous post on finding joy in the most frivolous of things.

And I'd just like to say, I HAVE MADE ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT GUYS! So the OGLs and I went to Timber @ Substation the other day to have a Christmas/New Year/Amos has a new job celebration the other day, and Jason suggested that we should dress in theme. You know, to make life interesting.

Anyway, the theme that we finally settled on was "BRIGHT LIKE NEON LOVE". A revisitation of our old D&D theme. This was us in 2008.
If you remember guys, we had a very hard time finding clothes to wear for our D&D in 2008. Because, you know, who wears neon coloured stuff on a regular basis right? But luckily, I had a desire to dress up as a traffic cone earlier this year. So I bought a $7 H&M tank top to achieve my life long dream of looking like a traffic cone.
(Yes I am very proud of this picture and I will continue to use it on my blog as many times as I please, with the first time being on my pre-planned funeral).

So anyway! This was what I wore to work. You know, because it was casual Friday and I had no big meetings or anything.
HOW INCREDIBLY NEON IS THIS RIGHT?!!! I know! I was so proud of myself for throwing this outfit together. Although I was a bit worried in the train. People were stopping and staring as I walked by. As mentioned in my Facebook post,

"I hope people know that I'm dressed for a specific occasion and not assume that I fell into a giant pack of highlighters."
- Jacqueline, 2012
So I was happily instagramming my outfit when I go this email saying that I had a meeting with ALL the big bosses in Gong Cha. Let me illustrate.

Okay you see this food chain here? The bosses in the meeting are the killer whales, sharks and miscellaneous fierce fish that aren't even in this drawing because they are too big and have too many teeth.

Jac is in the drawing. Except that she is the plankton that the tiny green fish eats. Too small and insignificant for the naked eye to see. So, I PANICKED. As you know, my skirt was short and NEON.

Luckily, I am creative and spontaneous and adaptable. So I dumped my Adidas jacket for my Berska blazer, borrowed my colleague's shawl, and TADAH! A formal knee length skirt with a matching blazer.
COME ON. Aren't you the least bit impressed with my innovation and quick thinking?!!! I was truly so proud of myself. It was one of my biggest accomplishments in 2012 I feel.

Anyhow, here is how we looked at Timbre! An update since 2008.
OKAY. Anyway that was all I wanted to blog about for 2012. I had also wanted to blog about an Estée Lauder event I recently attended with Rugfella, but I think I'll do it another time instead. Moving on to some 2013 stuff.

This is Nessie's and my good friend Yanliang. He is sleeping on the ground. I think he got drunk from one bottle of cider. But I digress. I feel that this is an excellent photo and Yanliang is surely the model of the year (which has just started so this is really high praise).
Here are some pictures of us wishing you happy new year, decorated with Snapeee, an app that Nessie told me to download to neoprint-ise our photos.
And those are all the photos I have from 2013. Of course, I also recorded some other firsts of 2013. Like the first time I cursed in 2013. "FUCK!" at 11 am, which is quite good considering I know people who cursed 3 hours after the clock struck midnight.

Also did you know there is this tradition of a New Year Kiss? Apparently, if you don't kiss someone at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, then you are destined to be lonely for the rest of the year. So guys, if I am lonely for the rest of the year it's because I couldn't bring myself to kiss Yanliang and I didn't want things to be weird between me and Nessie.

Okay, also I had these grand intentions of blogging about resolutions and all that jazz, but you know, I have to be at work in about 7 hours and truly I need to sleep. Now.


❤ Jac.

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