Monday, January 21, 2013

Bad Habits.

Hello friends! So because I'm an incredibly deep person, I often like to ponder upon the meaning of life and reflect upon myself. Beca...

Hello friends!

So because I'm an incredibly deep person, I often like to ponder upon the meaning of life and reflect upon myself. Because you know, that's what deep people do. They think, reflect, ponder, deliberate, ruminate, consider, dwell and what have you. I do this on a daily basis. Truly.

Most of the time, anyway.

That being said, it's really surprising that I only recently discovered that WOW, I have a lot of bad habits. And not the really obvious ones like bitching, lying and you know, judging whatever the stupid man in the office does (and come on, who doesn't bitch, lie and judge the person who makes their life a living hell?). I have some really STUPID habits that I for some reason, can't kick. Which I will now share, to shatter the illusion that I'm perfect and all, so that all of you can put your hearts at ease and not try to live up to the flawless image that is me.

Yes I know you think I am perfect. DON'T LIE. (Yes, I mentioned that one of my bad habits is lying, but mostly to myself though). So let me now relieve some of that burden for you by presenting:

1. Window shopping.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. Who doesn't window shop? But you don't understand. My window shopping takes place ONLINE. You know how your mother/newspapers/that weird psychologist who gave talks in school used to warn you about the internet being a dark and shady place? Well, she/they/he was right. Cyberspace can suck you into a black hole of shopping carts and trap you in the dark, blissful abyss of filling up your bottomless shopping cart. Seriously. It takes window shopping to another level.

Yes, it is my theory that Forever 21 will be able to survive with a healthy revenue with just one loyal customer. Assuming that the one customer is me of course.

Anyway, you do not understand the freakish amount of time that I invest into window shopping online - how I pick and select what goes into my cart, how I debate over which size goes into my cart and so on. And more often than not I have a cart with multiple items which I just end up not buying. IT'S TROUBLING. And I get emotionally attached to every item in my shopping cart you know. I stare at them every day, and wonder if I should really buy all 34 items in my cart. I get this inner turmoil thing going where one part of my brain tries to rationalise buying everything because it's cheap and affordable and it's not like I have to stand in a snaking queue to buy them, and the other part of my brain goes "DUDE. YOU DON'T NEED SO MANY CLOTHES!" (but I really do).
(Via HerCampus).

And then I's casually glance at the time and freak out because it's 5 am. This wave of realisation hits me - I have been doing this for 5 hours. So I save my cart and go to sleep. Rinse and repeat.

Anyway, after leaving my clothes in the cart for many many days, I sometimes get a notification saying "Sorry, one or more of your items are now out of stock, please remove them from your cart." I freak, pile loads of stuff into my cart to make up for the one or two lost items, and buy everything. You see, this is a picture of one of my hauls. I have bought more clothes since but I was too mortified by myself to photograph them.
$126!! Not bad right?!

So after I buy a huge cart worth of clothes, I avoid the Forever 21 site like the plague for a few months. And then the cycle starts all over again. LIFE IS HARD. (Also, please note that I said I'd avoid the Forever 21 site. I said nothing about Amazon, Saks, ASOS and what have you).

2. Playing songs on loop.

So you know how I sort of know the lyrics to all the songs that I like? Including the rap portions of these numbers right here?

Well, it's not that I went to some site to Google the lyrics you know. I know the lyrics to these songs because I have this really unhealthy obsession of listening to the songs that I like on loop. Over and over again. For a few days. You'd realise that after perhaps the 5th time of listening to the same song on repeat, you would have gotten about 85% of the lyrics already.

And this is really bad you know. Because really, I do not want to be listening to songs on loop. The playlist in my phone is forever set to random. But because I NEED to listen to this particular song, I have to keep going to the music app of my phone to skip to the previous song every time my music changes.

And I must emphasize that it's not that I want to do this you know, I NEED to. The difference in my mood would be
(Via iASOS).

This affects me because it is a waste of my precious phone battery. Because you know, I'd die without my phone. But my phone addiction will be something to talk about in another blog post.
My best friend.

3. Biting my lozenges.

Okay, so this habit is something I was only recently aware of. I like to bite my sweets. Like Yupi Gummi Bears. And Mentos. And Eclipse. And Ricola. And also Strepsils. Yes, I'm aware that Strepsils aren't really sweets but they are kind of like Ricola and they taste somewhat similar. And they both claim to have similar soothing properties.

So I've been unconsciously living with this sweet biting habit for as long as I can remember. Until I lost my voice a few weeks ago and had to take like an infinite amount of lozenges to restore my voice. Like seriously, I woke up one day and my voice was GONE. I couldn't talk at all. I panicked and it was only after I down 20 litres of water was I able to make some croaks which vaguely resembled the human voice.

I met up with the uni friends to celebrate James' 109th  26th birthday a while back, on maybe the second day which I had my funky voice.
And they were all laughing at my voice okay - they said that I sounded like Optimus Prime. It was terrible.

After dinner with the uni folks, I went to meet my ACJC Chinese Orchestra friends (Yes, I was from Chinese Orchestra. Problem?) to celebrate Sam's and Abhi's birthday. Because you know, I'm popular and happening.
And they were all laughing at my voice, or the lack of it. And I was telling them that James and co. had said that my voice sounded like Optimus Prime's. And these guys, they are witty okay.
Yes. Starscream. That was how bad my voice was. And the next day!
Yes. Terrible. So, in order to save my voice, I started consuming Robitussin and Strepsils by the boxes. And my friends kept looking at me strangely when they heard cracking sounds which come shortly after I ingest a lozenge. Because apparently, I instinctively bite all sweet-like objects that get popped into my mouth. I really can't help it. It's like how this raccoon likes to bite people. I KNOW I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BITE THE LOZENGES WHICH ARE SUPPOSED TO SOOTHE MY THROAT BUT I REALLY CAN'T STOP MYSELF FROM DOING SO.
(Via DIY LOL).

4. Squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the tube

Did you know that this is considered a bad habit? My mother always told me that it was but I never believed her. So every tube of toothpaste that I use ends up looking like this after a week.

And I really thought that this was normal. I mean, my mother always says that squeezing the toothpaste from the middle creates problems for me when I'm almost done with the tube. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE. Because I'm creative, this is how I solve the problem of getting out the toothpaste at the end of the tube.
(Via FohYoo).

But then, I recently went to a friend's house. And when I was in the bathroom I notice that this was what his tube of toothpaste looked like.
(Via Yahoo Voices).

Something like this. Anyway, I now know that squeezing toothpaste from the bottom of the tube is the way to go. But not something I would do. Why? I feel that cutting your almost empty toothpaste tube into two is very liberating. This feeling of liberation can only be beaten by the feeling you get when you stick your toothbrush into the tube to dig some toothpaste out. LIKE A REBELLIOUS KID GOING AGAINST THE NORM.


(Via iphonewallpapersdownloads).

(Via Keep Calm-O-Matic).

5. Sleeping late.

Now, I love sleeping and all the perks that come with it. You know, resting your body, replenishing my energy reservoir, escaping from real life problems, and all that crap. I love sleeping! I do.

But I always tend not to sleep until it's like, 3 am in the morning. Because I'm wasting time window shopping online (refer to point #1), watching White Collar, whatsapping Nessie, or you know, just blogging because surely all these activities are surely better than going to sleep. Especially on Sunday night, when you don't want to sleep. Because you'd wake up and then it's Monday.

This is probably why I'm still online, chatting with Nessie and blogging about not sleeping when I really should as I have to be at Gong Cha at 9 am tomorrow. And you know, I've just revealed all my bad habits to the world and I don't know what to do about them. Probably nothing, but you never know. So I'm just going to sleep on it *cough*escapism*cough*. Now.

Also, before I end off, here's a song that my friend Johannes shared with me at around 2 am.

Okay that's all! Goodnight all and have a tolerable week ahead. Ugh.

❤ Jac.

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