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Smelling Good.

Greetings friends! I've already touched on topics such as office etiquette and the proper way for guys to address girls in the work p...

Greetings friends!

I've already touched on topics such as office etiquette and the proper way for guys to address girls in the work place. So today! I'd like to talk about how us girls should smell good all the time.

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As females, we bear the very heavy responsibility of living up to our silver-screen counterparts such as Megan Fox in Transformers (ME ME I WANT TO BE HER), Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits (OMG I WANT TO BE HER TOO!), and Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers (I don't mind being her, but I think brunettes are hotter). This translates to girls constantly having to adopt this perfect persona.
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This means that we don't sweat, curse, burp or fart. Also, if we slip and fall into mud on a rainy day, we get up and the mud magically disappears from our clothes and our hair falls back in a perfect sheen.
Seriously?! You ran for your life, fell down, got up, fell down again, and you still look better than me okay.

SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE guys, but this is far from the truth. Girls have to try very hard to conceal that we are far from perfect. Although some of us don't try very hard at all. Like the "girl's don't curse" clause? The ship has really long sailed for me. It travelled 17 times around the Milky Way and is now docked in Uranus, refuelling itself with the liquid diamond that it runs on.

But I digress.

One of the things that we females must care about is how we smell. It's important not to smell bad. We've all been appalled by smelly people in the MRT/lift/office. Those people who have yet to find that soap has already been invented and YES! There is a way to remove that fermented smell of stale sweat and cigarette smoke.

So you know, most of us bathe. But let's move up one level and talk about smelling more than just acceptable. We're talking about smelling good! And I've got some recommendations of what you might want to consider wearing to give yourself that extra oomph when you glide around your office. (Because you know, girls float. Not clomp around in heels/ flop around in slippers.)
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Whatever the fragrance was to be, I wanted it to have an elusive, textural quality. And we have achieved it with Estée Lauder pleasures. For the first time, there is a fragrance that unfolds like a flower in the warmth of the sun, surrendering its scent little by little.
- Evelyn Lauder

You might have already heard about Estée Lauder's pleasures line of fragrances.

The pleasures Eau de Parfum (3rd bottle for the BOLD), launched the pleasures line by making its debut in 1995 and creating the trend for uplifting, airy fragrances. If you have yet to try it out, I will tell you that it smells of lilies, roses, violets and peonies mixed with other exotic blossoms and fragrant woods to create an intoxicating fragrance that will turn heads your way.

This was followed by the pleasures Intense in 2002, which smells of a blend of jasmine, vanilla, maplewood and tiare (4th bottle for the VIBRANT), and the pleasures Bloom in 2010 which contains notes of jasmine, vanilla, grapefruit, raspberry, and pink peony blended together to create a creamy, delicate aroma perfect for everyday use (2nd bottle for the FREE SPIRIT).

ANYWAY! Estée Lauder recently added a new fragrance to their pleasures line. The pleasures Eau Fraîche!

It has a sheer floral scent and is a lively, modern new balance of pleasures' signature lilies, peonies, jasmine, and baie rose. It's touted as a “vibrant yet dewy floral fragrance that celebrates life’s simple moments in a new and modern way.” I tried the scent in Tangs the other day and I really loved it! A very light and refreshing scent which is slightly tangy (You must smell it to know what I'm talking about).

Anyway, if you can't take my word for it, then maybe you'd take the beautiful Constance Jablonski's.

She's gorgeous isn't she? Anyway! The pleasures Eau Fraîche is available at all Estée Lauder counters for $86. It comes in a 50ml bottle. Which is more than enough to keep you happy and refreshed for a really long time.

And remember to check out Estée Lauder's Facebook page for more product updates, events and competitions. And please do tell me if you buy the perfume. We can camwhore with our Estée Lauder perfume bottles and Instagram them like the social media addicts that we are.

Also, yes. We girls really work hard to glide effortlessly around in heels. Here's proof from Miss Congeniality which is one of the best films of all time as it's factually accurate and not fictional in any way.

I'll be providing more updates on Estée Lauder soon so do stay tuned :)

❤ Jac.

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