Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Fabriek :)

Hello friends! So, you guys KNOW I love clothes right? Like I really love clothes. Like this is a third of my collection of clothes. An...

Hello friends!

So, you guys KNOW I love clothes right? Like I really love clothes. Like this is a third of my collection of clothes.

And I still need more clothes. Because one can have never enough clothes. As you might know, I previously proclaimed that clothes are one of the new "5 C's". So I was really excited when Fabriek offered to sponsor me with some items for a post!

Okay, so here's what was bequeathed upon me!
Shoes! Which is not exactly clothes but my love for shoes can rival my love for clothes. In fact, I was in Daiso with my friends the other day, shopping for Christmas presents (I SWEAR I DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING), when I decided to count how many pairs of shoes I owned. But I couldn't. In fact I just bought another pair of shoes today. (Yes, I'm terrible. We've been through this already.)

And if you don't like the shoes on my not-very-flawless legs, you can always see how Kim Kardashian rocks her Louboutins.

Now, I can't afford a pair of USD$795 heels because you know, I unfortunately have to spend money on food to stay alive, but I think that these Louboutin-inspired heels are really good and comfortable! I wore them to work, and they have my stamp of approval.

Here's the picture that's featured on Fabriek's Facebook.
Yeah, the shoes do look better if you paint your toenails. I will keep this in mind the next time I wear them out.

Anyway, I think they're out of black, but they do have this shoe in NEON YELLOW available!
(Click here to buy it at $25!)

ANYWAY, I really thought that the clothes on Fabriek are nice! So I voluntarily bought a top for myself!

This chiffon slit-sleeve blouse from Fabriek's first collection!
And this is what I wore to work.
(Disclaimer: I am wearing sunglasses because it was early in the morning and seriously, you do not need to see my face is in entirety early in the morning).
It was made in Korea and cost me about $22! And it is not sheer which I appreciate because like you know, you have to be wary when you hang around a specific kind of men on a regular basis. And also I appreciate that I can fit into the top. I don't know how many times I've bought clothes from blogshops just to find out that they are only suitable for a very tiny 10-year old to wear.

I'd highly recommend that you guys check out Fabriek on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you have not already done so! They post funky stuff such as inspirational quotes, exclusive discounts and NAIL ART.
(Via Fabriek Shop).

And they were also featured in the Urban a while back so you know they're cool and a force to be reckoned with.
(Via Fabriek Shop).

And look, this pair of shoes is really so nice.
And it's only $34!!! BUY IT!

So please, everyone, head down to Fabriek to spend your hard earned money on good clothes. They're holding a pre-order for all items now which closes on 7 December which is in THREE DAYS TIME. So panic and start shopping now! (Staying calm is over-rated).

❤ Jac.

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