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Engagement rings.

Hello everyone! I'm assuming that all of you who read my blog are not hermits who reside in caves and have access to the internet/ new...

Hello everyone!

I'm assuming that all of you who read my blog are not hermits who reside in caves and have access to the internet/ newspapers/ free table calendars from insurance agents. So, you'd probably know that 12 December 2012 passed a few days ago.

And this apparently was a very special day! Because you know, the date can be written as "12/12/12" and repetition always makes things more memorable.

Like when my mother wanted me to send her some photos I had. She wanted to upload them to Facebook the next day. So anyway, she asked for the photos when I was eating, when I was in the shower, when I was changing in my room (all within 1 hour). And I was uncharacteristically tired at 12:30 am that day. So as I was settling into bed....


Dear Mother, you are the person whom I love the most of all in this whole entire world. But sometimes you really want to make me stab myself.
But I digress. I sent her the photos immediately after that message. As you know, repetition drives some kind of point home and also repetition makes things more memorable.

So you know, this 12 December 2012 must be special. You wake up and your phone calendar says "12/12/12" SOMETHING IS UP. It's AUSPICIOUS. The planets are in alignment and if you get married your married life will be good, contented and affair-free. Your kids will grow up to be the next Steve Jobs/ Roger Federrer/ Oprah and your family will be happy forever.

So obviously plenty of people were rushing to tie the knot.
(Via Straits Times).
This is a real picture of a mass wedding in Hong Kong and not a picture of some new age Barbie dolls. I kid you not.

Which got me thinking of engagement rings and the inevitable sparkly diamond that comes along with them. This is a diamond.
Or I thought it was. "Diamond-shape" what. Wasn't this what we learnt in nursery class? (Or you learnt in nursery anyway. I was drawing shapes like a G6 when I was 3 months old because I'm gifted like that).

But apparently, the diamonds on engagement rings look NOTHING like this. You see?

NOTHING like the diamond I drew. Anyway, one of my colleagues is getting married soon and this is her ring.
It's quite nice ah! And the diamond is square. This reminded me of a previous conversation which I had with my friend who also receive an engagement ring with a square-shaped diamond.
Me: EH!!! Nice ring!
Her: Thanks!
Me: So, it is a square cut?
Her: It;s a princess cut diamond Jac, princess cut.
Firstly, I would like to say that this makes no sense whatsoever. As princesses are too posh for diamonds. Their rings have like, sapphires on them and then they have like, tiny diamonds on the side. Like Kate Middleton's.
(Via Perth Now).
Here's a close-up.
(Via the Guardian).

As you can see right, the main gem is not a diamond. It's a blue coloured thing called a sapphire (and I only know this because I Googled to see if she was wearing a princess-cut diamond, which she is not).

Secondly, this looks nothing like a square princess-cut rock. It's like a pigeon-egg cut. So I really don't understand why diamonds which are square are called princess cuts.

Anyway, I really wonder what people do with their diamond engagement rings after they get married. Do they put them in their drawers and never take them out again? Or do they wear it together with their wedding bands? Because if you ask me, I think I will keep my potential engagement ring and never take it out every again. This may be because I believe that my very rich potential husband will buy me an engagement ring worth millions and I am surely not going to wave my ring around and tempt evil people to chop my finger off to get to my ring.

I would spend all my time walking around with my hands in my pockets. Like how Ted from How I Met Your Mother looks here in "Swarley".
Although, it's highly likely that I end up looking like Marshall instead.
Yes, I think if I ever get a diamond ring, I will keep it in the kitchen for safe-keeping, and only take it out in times of need. You know, when I cannot find my knives and I would like to cut a slice of cake for myself.

Anyway, just in case you were wondering if I have already planned on a ring that I would like, the answer is I HAVE. I've decided on two rings in fact. And here they are.

You can see the rings I want at the 0:48 mark.

Yes. I cannot wait for Etsy to start selling Scream and Shout rings. Also, what memorable thing did I do on 12 December 2012?
My colleagues and I all took screenshots of our phones to commemorate the moment. This is all. (Y).

Okay and also NOW, I will get ready to leave my house to celebrate James' 26th (hahaha old man!) birthday, which also fell on 12 December 2012.

❤ Jac.

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