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Estée Lauder's 'Non-stop Days, Non-stop Flawless' Workshop.

Greetings! Cheryl and I attended Estée Lauder's "Non-stop Days, Non-stop Flawless" Workshop that was held at Vivo City last ...


Cheryl and I attended Estée Lauder's "Non-stop Days, Non-stop Flawless" Workshop that was held at Vivo City last week. I love Estée Lauder. They are so good to me. And also they held their workshop at Vivo City. I love Vivo City. It's like, 10 minutes from my workplace.

As mentioned in my earlier post, the aim of "Non-stop Days, Non-stop Flawless" was to teach us girls how to achieve natural and flawless looking skin with their Double Wear Makeup collection. It was very exciting!
So at the workshop, we learned how to achieve a flawless face in 5 simple steps.
The trainers were very effective in explaining the importance of each step and teaching us how to apply each product onto our face.
They also demonstrated the steps on a workshop participant before telling us to repeat the steps on our own face. WHICH I GREATLY APPRECIATE. I'm quite sure if they'd just issued some verbal instructions, I'd end up looking like Miss Moks here:
Of course, Amanda got made up with the intention of looking like this. But you know, other people like me may unintentionally mistake baby powder for pressed powder and wind up looking like a ghost from that Halloween party you went to the other day.

So here's Tessa, the trainer for our table, helping one of us apply the Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator. It's really useful because it reduces dark circles, puffiness, shadows and fine lines from under your eyes. Available at Estée Lauder counters for $90.
And here we are getting matched for a suitable shade of foundation from Estée Lauder's Double Wear makeup collection.
After completing Step 4 of Estée Lauder's 5-Step Face, we moved on to defining our features. And this is us trying to look cool and experience as we apply blush to define our cheeks.
By the way, this is the blush that we used. IT'S GORGEOUS.
It's Pure Color Blush in Witty Peach and it's really so pretty. It was the first makeup product that I requested from Estée Lauder. Had only requested for skincare products before that. It gives you a really nice and natural glow. $54 at all Estée Lauder counters. It's also the same blush which Joan used for my look here (scroll all the way to the bottom).

Then we moved on to defining out eyes and this is the palette that we used.
It's the Estée Lauder Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Surreal Skies (and no, we did not choose this because of Surreal Starlight). It's a really versatile palette, very suitable for day wear. You can buy it for $80 at Estée Lauder counters.

And this is us after the makeover!
I'd like to thank Estée Lauder for organising this workshop - it was particularly useful since you know, everyone has different tastes when it comes to eyeshadows, blush and lipstick. But! Everyone wants flawless skin, and this workshop taught us how to achieve that!

And also Tessa, who helped us with our makeup. A lot.
WE GOT THIS GREAT GOODIE BAG. IN TIME FOR MY BINTAN TRIP. WHICH I HAVE YET TO BLOG ABOUT. Really fantastic timing since I was considering bringing a whole 50ml bottle of Advanced Night Repair to Bintan. This tiny 7ml bottle was so much more convenient!

You guys really should like the page if you haven't already done so. If you like the page now, you can get a tiny bottle of foundation free just by signing into their Double Wear Giveaway app.

Have fun!

❤ Jac.

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