Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bintan :D

Hello friends! So you guys already know that I went to Bintan with Moks, James and Thad. And we had a great time. Okay many people keep...

Hello friends!

So you guys already know that I went to Bintan with Moks, James and Thad. And we had a great time.

Okay many people keep mentioning that you should only travel with people you like. But isn't that a given?! Why would I want to waste my leave to spend it with someone I don't like right? So, if you voluntarily travel with someone you dislike and can't get along with, then sorry, but you are in clear need of a brain transplant. ANYWAY!

See these friends? I like them and we all have similar interests, which made our trip very fun. I promise you. Let me provide you with a scenario to illustrate my point about our common interests.

We all like sleeping. The first thing that Moks and I did when we entered the room was to fling ourselves onto the queen sized bed and refuse to move. Because refused to move, we had no choice but to keep watching the crappy adverts on the television which listed many many many dining venues located around the resort, fuzzy details on it's coming PIRATE-THEMED NYE countdown party, some triathlon that they would be holding next year... it was a long list. And the only reason why the TV was on was because the guys had switched it on before leaving us to our room.

Then, Moks and I decided that we were hungry. So with much difficulty, I sat up, stretched over to the cabinet, and just managed to reach a bag of potato chips. It was just within my reach. I was so relieved that I did not have to stand up to bring it back to the bed. Then, we plonked the chips in between us and ate lying down.

Later on, we decided that it was getting hard to swallow the potato chips because we were lying flat on our backs. So we both reached behind us to pull some pillows over to prop our heads up. And then we continued eating potato chips while lying down and watching crappy adverts.

And this was how the guys found us 30 minutes later. And by that time, we had memorised the whole sequence of adverts on the TV. So what did the guys do? Open more packets of potato chips, share the bed with us, and we all watched bad adverts on TV together. SHIOK OR WHAT?!
HAHAHA. And this is just ONE scenario. I could provide you with more scenarios. Like how all spent so much time lying on the bed on the second day that we burned through 20 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Or how the guys called our room on the third day to ask "Do you want to go down for the buffet breakfast? Or do you want to continue sleeping?"
Okay so apart from sleeping, we also spent a lot of time pretending that we were

1. Saints.
2. Breakdancers.
3. Gymnasts.
4. Gangstas.
5. Calendar Girls.
6. Supermodels blowing kisses
7. Lady Gaga
8. Cowboys
9. Heroes trying to save the world from James
10. Normal people wondering why James is so strange
(didn't have to pretend for this one)
You see, even the little girl in the background is wondering why James is so strange.
The pool was really nice. Not that we took any pictures of the pool because we were too busy morphing into our underwater personas. But there was a bar!
We were damn excited to drink alcohol in the swimming pool. Here are Moks and I with the drink menu. LOOK IT IS LAMINATED. This is the first time I used a bar menu which is laminated to protect it from water. Usually, you know, it's laminated so that puke would be easier to clean off.
And you know, it's mandatory to order alcohol at bars so, that's exactly what we did.
(Eh look! My hair is so nice!)
Also, sometimes this James, he can take surprisingly atmospheric shots. Please, here we have the lonely guy (Thad) who is sitting in a corner, looking to pick up some girls who are chatting at the bar.
This is MILDLY reminiscent of Mok's COM 206 project in 2008 (damn, I'm old).
ANYWAY! Back to Bintan! We also, like people in bars/drinking parties/gambling dens decided to play cards! Which raises the question "Won't your cards get wet?" Well, sure they will. But that's not really a problem, if your cards are PLASTIC.
Yes! Bought them when I was on exchange in North Carolina a while back. For about USD$2 maybe? Totally worth it. And they're from Bicycle.

This was supposedly "God of Gamblers" or "The Unbeatables".
And here's Moks and I posing with the cards. Because, you know, NOVELTY.
Also halfway through our game, James dropped his pineapple slice into the pool. So what did he do? Bite it to see if "it tastes weird". As it tasted fine to him, he threw it back into his drink. WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THIS?!
We also managed to celebrate Thad's birthday in Bintan. :)

This is Moks wrapping Thad's presents up. As we had no wrapping paper, we wrapped them in hand towels.
And this is us decorating his cake!
And this is us with his cake!
It was supposed to be a surprise. So, in order for it to remain a surprise, James and Moks devised a very clever ruse to get Thad out of the way while we did our preparations. It went something like this.
Moks,"Eh Thad! I think you should go to the toilet!"
James,"Ya Thad! I think that you feel like peeing now. Please go to the toilet to pee."
And this is Thad walking down the runway to receive his cake.
Making his wish!
And here's his cake! One that we successfully brought in from Singapore without Thad knowing!
And this is us devouring the cake like animals.
In our defence, it was a rather good cookie cake.

And here is Thad wearing/displaying his newest birthday acquisitions!
Yeah so needless to say, we had a really awesome time in Bintan. ALL WE DID WAS EAT, SLEEP, AND LAZE AT THE POOL. It was the good life. Thanks so much for the fun times we had guys :).
❤ Jac.

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  1. You obviously did have a great time at Bintan. And I agree. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU GO ON A TOUR TO A BEAUTIFUL PLACE WITH SOMEONE YOU DON'T LIKE? haha Even when booking tour packages with groups, it is mandatory that you go with a person you like! Haha! Thanks for the photos. The hotel looked nice. Bintan is always a paradise anyway so no need to wonder, eh?