Monday, October 08, 2012

The 5 C's.

Hello everyone! Okay so if you're from Singapore, you've probably heard of the 5 C's. AKA Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium ...

Hello everyone!

Okay so if you're from Singapore, you've probably heard of the 5 C's. AKA Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium and Country Club Membership. Hey LOOK. There's even a Wikipedia Page on the 5 C's.

Yeah but seriously, if we take these Wikipedia defined 5 C's as gospel, then surely I have failed at life. Or maybe I will live to a hundred and so having one out of the five C's means that I am on track to making it in life (since you know, I have a credit card and I am like 20+). OR, maybe I can just get 5 credit cards and this will more than make up for the other four things that I have yet to own. What do you think?

BUT. As I am a rebel who refuses to play by the rules/ a pragmatist who fails to see the point of material things/ a visionary who redefines conventional boundaries/ cheapskate who cannot accept that she might be failing in life, I have come up with a new set of 5 C's which properly reflect society today. (And by society, I mean my friends and I).

So I present to you, THE NEW 5 C'S.

1. Clothes.
I do not understand why clothes aren't in the 5 C's. They are essential. Everyone needs clothes. And they are very important for us to get around in life. If you step out of the house naked, you'd be caught by the police and charged in court. And worst still! Your face will be splashed all over The New Paper, Shin Min and Wan Bao. Oh the horror. And you have to wear nice/tasteful clothes. Or you might appear on STOMP. Where some articles, together with some threads on the HardwareZone Forum, can qualify as the worst  best form of citizen journalism ever.

(Via STOMP).

Also clothes are important when it comes to keeping you warm, giving you something to waste your money on, hiding your fats, and covering tattoos when you go to work. And I guess if you want to convey some kind of message, having a slogan on your shirt is quite a subtle way to go.
(Via ThinkGeek).

2. Computer.
The modern computer, together with the internet, video watching capabilities, Google, and all the nice fix-ins that come along with it, trumps anything that you can possibly own. If you need any further explanation on how enriching this machine is, then surely you are the owner of a computer which looks like this.

And I've no doubt that your clothes look something like what the man in the photo is wearing too.

3. Calendars.
Okay I know this may sound stupid, but DON'T LIE. Everyone needs a calendar. Anyone with a life, that is. Please, even I, with my fantastic memory and wonderful brain, have to refer to my calendar. You know, when I wake up, I have to look at my calendar to check what day it is. Usually when that happens, it's a weekday and the word "F*&#!" floats through my mind. But I always check anyway, in case I get pleasantly surprised.

Also I'm sure even the most PERFECT person refers to the Facebook birthday calendar to wish his/her friends happy birthday. And uses his/her phone or Google calendars to store appointments and reminders.

Unless, of course, you are an unemployed bum who does the same thing everyday, doesn't go out at all and has 2 friends on Facebook. Then I guess there's no need for you to have a calendar.

This is a picture of my calendar. As you can tell, I'm really popular.
I wish. (Via Up and Running).

4. Coffee.
Dear Coffee,

Thank you for constantly being there for me. You provide me with the strength to function even after I complete the arduous task of pulling myself out of bed. You are there when I'm reading the newspapers in the morning, and you are there when I need a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Thank you for cleverly disguising my caffeine needs in a socially acceptable beverage unlike how Red Bull has done it. I love you, and may we be together forever.

Love, Jac.
Letter dedicated lovingly to:
My morning life-saver.
My best friend at home.

Yes and that pretty much sums it up. Busy career women like me, we need our caffeine to keep us from slumping over our desks.
(Via Desi Colours).

5. Cash.
Yes, cash is still on the list because CASH IS KING. Without cash, there will be no clothes, computers, and coffee. I guess you can still get a calendar from some real estate agent. But you know, unless you have some kind of *ahem* special skills, cash is to the real world is pretty much as Temperence Brennan is to the fictional world of forensic science.
(Via FanPop).

(Also Two and A Half Man is not that great now that Charlie Sheen is gone.)

Okay and now I shall go to sleep. And I shall wake up tomorrow, drag myself to work, and consume copious amounts of item 4 on the list of 5 C's to keep me awake and functional.

❤ Jac.

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