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Steve Madden's Fall/Winter 2012 Launch at Zouk.

Hello friends! So I was invited to the Steve Madden Fall/Winter 2012 Launch last week! It was damn awesome. I was very scared that I would...

Hello friends!

So I was invited to the Steve Madden Fall/Winter 2012 Launch last week! It was damn awesome. I was very scared that I would have to go alone and act all "Yeah I am here alone by choice. I'm too cool to have friends yo. You want a picture of me? Sure, but I'm too cool to smile." BUT LUCKILY, I'm friends with Amanda Shoes Mok, resident fashion writer at The Fashionide. So whoohoo! Company :)

She is very awesome and we are going to Bintan together this month! Awesome!

We were naturally very excited. Moks, because she LOVES SHOES. Like she has an entire album on Facebook dedicated to shoes. And I, because there was free alcohol I also love shoes. HAHA. Seriously though, I DO LOVE SHOES.

To prove my point, in the month of August alone, I bought 3 pairs of shoes from Aldo and one pair from Pedder Red. I must say this in case you doubt my love for shoes. Also I can tell you where to buy the cheapest Calvin Kleins. Also I have an Aldo membership card. You can only get this membership card if you spend a certain amount of money. This is why I was broke in June.

ALSO, I have recently won a pair of Ms Selfridge WOW Wooden Wedges from CLEO and I am extremely happy.
(Via Ms Selfridge).


Steve Madden had this fashion show hosted by MTV VJ, Holly Grabarek! I was sure I took a photo of her. But this photo has mysteriously vanished. It was quite a cool show. Like it kicked off with a break dancing performance (sorry boys, I was too busy staring in awe, reflecting on my own non-existent dance moves, and also worrying for your safety to catch the name of your crew).

Some of the shots I took were very good.
Like pls this guy. How much muscles does his left arm have?!
And this guy. I have no idea what you are doing. But it looks very awkward and I will conclude that it must be a very difficult position to master.
Then this guy. WHAT SORT OF PERSON CAN BALANCE LIKE THIS. I do not ever want to play limbo-rock with a break dancer. Ever.
Oh and this guy. Not enough to balance on your hands. He has to do it in this position and like spin around to make it look even more impressive.

I guess I can consider taking up break dancing though. I think I have the potential to carry out one or two moves. One move la. This one.
That's about it. Sigh. I am really so unaccomplished in life.

Anyway, the fashion show started after these dancers bounced/spun/two-stepped off stage. And the models came dancing in. AND I MEAN DANCING. Like the came in dancing to Pitbull, Flo Rida and LMFAO. BEST FASHION SHOW EVER.
You can't tell, but she was shaking her ass.
More dancing models.
OH AND THIS BLONDE MODEL, was my favourite.
She could really shuffle okay. Like she sauntered on stage in time to Party Rock Anthem and she was truly shuffling like LMFAO. LIKE A DANCER FROM THIS VIDEO.

You see?
My favourite model is the one on the extreme right. She was still dancing even after the walks had been completed! Awesome.

So the fashion show was really fun and the games were rather entertaining too I guess.

They got participants on stage to attempt to break dance. There was this girl. She attempted to this move.

Which was very brave of her I guess. But you know, you shouldn't be attempting such things when you are wearing a flared skirt. And red underwear. The audience was like, a bit unsure of whether to clap or to, um. Not clap.

ANYWAY, I met Audrey at the event too!
And this is Audrey dancing on stage.

YOU SEE! She looks so cool and awesome and this is what you should look like when you are on stage. Not like, flashing your underwear to the audience.

Ya ya anyway, back to the shoes from Steve Madden's Fall Collection. Amanda was crazy about this pair of shoes.
(Via Steve Madden).

It's damnnnnn nice and damn high. Seriously this girl. She is 170 cm tall and she wants to wear heels higher than the Empire State Building. Idk how short she wants me to feel when I stand next to her okay.
(Via Steve Madden).

And this is my favourite shoe from the collection, the Pammyy. Which sounds like Pamy, a good friend of mine, who has accompanied me to the recent events by La Senza and Cosmo. ANYWAY (sorry I like to ramble and deviate), the Pammyy is also available in Black. AND I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE I SHOULD BUY. The goodie bag distributed at the event was a very good goodie bag indeed. It contained a $50 Steve Madden voucher. Which means I will have to buy a pair of new shoes as it is a shame to let money go to waste. Goody.

OOOH I have found another pair of shoes that I like on the website.
It's called the WIINNER. HMM. Maybe I shall get this instead. Or both. I am such a failure at saving money.

Also right, the goodie bag from the event also contained this.
IT'S QUITE CUTE RIGHT? It's a brush for cleaning the keyboard, a stapler and a puncher. And then there is this Enter key which is supposedly space for you to store paperclips. Does anyone who went for the event know how to use the paperclip holder thing? My Princeton-educated sister, Moks, and I can't figure out how to get it open. So if you could tell me how to get it open we would be very happy indeed.

OKAY. One last thing before I end off. The Steve Madden Singapore Facebook page is quite happening so you might want to like it! They've also posted photos from the event on their page. Which includes a photo of Amanda and I, and many photos of Audrey. Maybe I shall tag all the photos of Audrey to embarrass her.

AND THAT IS ALL FOR TODAY! Goodnight everyone!

❤ Jac.

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