Tuesday, October 16, 2012

J.W. Anderson x Topshop

Hello! Amanda and I went for the J.W. Anderson x Topshop launch at Artspace @ Helutrans a while back! As I am lazy to type many things, he...


Amanda and I went for the J.W. Anderson x Topshop launch at Artspace @ Helutrans a while back! As I am lazy to type many things, here are some photos from the event. With captions.

So this is what Moks and I saw when we reached the place.

Very cool sign! Which we would later take a photo with of course.

Moks' Aldo wedges. At 170 cm, she already towers over me and most of the Singapore population. With wedges, she can get short-listed as an LA Laker.
There were very good and awesome cupcakes at the event! AREN'T THEY CUTE?!!!
The one with white frosting was a red velvet. AND IT WAS AWESOME. It was my first red velvet cupcake and omg, it was heaven. Very moist and dense. The perfect cupcake.
And the one with red icing was, I think, vanilla? And it was very good. And it matched my nails. I  ecstatic, very happy, hyperventilating, raving to Amanda was extremely pleased.
At first I was really upset because I thought that I would never know where to get these cupcakes ever again. BUT, thanks to social media, I found that these cupcakes came from Swirls Bake Shop! They commented on my Instagram. THANK YOU INSTAGRAM. I can now go and visit them in Robertson Quay and buy up the whole shop. Best cupcakes EVER.

And these were some of the finger food that we ate.
From top left hand corner (clockwise): mini chicken burger, fish and chips and ice cream. They were rather tasty. We were very pleased.

This is the crowd at the event.
There was this indie band (whom I know nothing about because they are indie), Chew Lips, that performed at the event. But Halutrans is like this factory/warehouse place which is an enclosed room with high ceilings - not very good for concerts. Couldn't really hear what they were singing due to all the echoes.

Or maybe I am just too into hip-hop and R&B and mainstream music so I automatically tune out everything which doesn't have a black rapper dude proclaiming his love for Patron and Nuvo Vodka. Like this guy here.

He wants you to blow his whistle.

And this is Moks and me at the Topshop sign.
And the guy girl on the right is wearing the Zebra print skirt that I liked but didn't buy.
And here's a picture of the Zebra Print Skirt up close!
(Via Topshop).

And here's a picture of the Quilted Spider Skirt that Moks wanted but similarly didn't buy.
(Via Topshop).

Why didn't we buy the skirts? Well, this may possibly be attributed to a number of reasons.
  1. We were not kiasu enough and reached there too late to buy anything.
  2. We decided not to be kiasu and didn't rush to buy anything.
  3. We were too busy consuming free food and Blevedere and couldn't be bothered with buying anything.
  4. We were too cheap.
  5. We decided to be practical and save money.
I can think of plenty more reasons but let's just stick with reason #5 :D.

And to end off, I'll leave you with some pictures that we took at the photobooth.
Amanda and Stanley (the guy in the last photo) write for The Fashionide, a very cool fashion blog which all of you should check out.

❤ Jac.

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