Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More on my birthday.

Hello guys! Here I am and I will now continue blogging about my 24th birthday. Speaking of birthdays, I have realised that I am 24 this ye...

Hello guys!

Here I am and I will now continue blogging about my 24th birthday. Speaking of birthdays, I have realised that I am 24 this year (hasn't really set in, but I'm getting there). And 24 is like, incredibly old. This means that I'll be 25 next year. 25 is like, one quarter of a century. AND THAT IS TERRIBLE. I DO NOT WANT TO BE 25% OF 100 YEARS OLD!!!

So from next year onwards, I will stop celebrating my birthday by the number of years that I have walked on this planet. NOPE. I will celebrate it by the number of years that I have been an adult. So, next year, I will be celebrating my 4th adultday on the 22nd of August. Friends, please take note.

ANYHOW! Here are some of the people who made my birthday awesome.

These people are from my secondary school. Crescent, as they call it. I knew them when my teeth were in braces, my eyes had contacts in them and when I still bothered to keep my hair neat with gel and stupid stuff like that. Ugh. I wish I could go back in time to tell past Jac that GEL IS STUPID, YOUR HAIR IS DESTINED TO BE MESSY.

Clockwise from top left-hand corner: Kahyin, Mag, Ma, Jac, Huimin, Da.
Yes, I have a horrible habit of shortening people's names. I haven't figured out a good system to shorten Chinese names though. Which is why Kahyin and Huimin has been spelt out in full.

So, Ma (Marilyn), one of my greatest friends in the world is going to work in Australia for a bit. SIGH. I'm devastated. I have lost a lunch buddy. So this is us posing with our birthday/farewell cards in a supposedly well-known Ramen restaurant in Central.
After lunch, we went to the river to take photos because Ma brought her Polaroid along. Question: Should I buy a Polaroid camera? It seems rather fun to play with. But it's also a rather frivolous investment don't you think? But then again, I am a rather frivolous person. And hence the dilemma.

Anyway! I found out how the bottom of a box of Polaroid film looks like. LIKE A G6FACE!
And here are some other shots that we took!
Also celebrated my birthday with Bernard! (duh). And as always, I got flowers! :D.
Bernard and my sunflower!
We went for brunch at 3 pm. Why? Because I told Bernard that it was my birthday, and as the birthday girl I would like to sleep for a long time. So I woke up at 2+ and there was nothing that he could do about it. (Yes, I like to live the entitled life.) And here's where we went!
Yeah! Was quite excited because I had always wanted to try jones the grocer. Here was a sample of our dialogue at the restaurant:
Bernard,"Who owns Jones the Grocer? Is his name Jones?"
Me,"And is he a grocer?"
Just some food for thought for your next trip there. And also yes, it truly is "jones the grocer" not "Jones the Grocer". I am quite good at punctuation, thank you very much (and please don't view my old blog entries).

Because Bernard loves atas water, we ordered Voss water. $8 per bottle. Like a voss.
And here are some photos of what we ate.

Duck salad. With blue cheese.
Scallops wrapped in parma ham.
Seafood saffron risotto.
Wagyu beef burger with blue cheese and fries.
Me taking photos for Intagram.
Bernard, after scoffing at the quality of the photos taken by my now outdated HTC Desire, helping me take better photos with his Samsung Galaxy 3. Thereafter whatsapping them to me for Instagramming purposes. :D
And that would be us in jones the grocer. Which does not have an online menu. Which would be the reason as to why the names and the descriptions of the food photos are lacking/shoddy/rather unappetising. HAH. I apologise. The risotto was really good. Also the scallops. But I thought the yellow thing that the scallops were sitting on wasn't something that I'd eat again.
I went to Hatched for my next birthday celebration!
AND THESE ARE THE GREAT PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT ME THERE. The people who knew me in my transition phase. After my braces had been removed, after I had decided that hair gel was stupid and still did not know that I had the potential to become the cool person that I am today.  Omg I love these guys (and Sam, who wasn't there). Okay I love most of them. The ones whom I don't love won't read this, so it's okay.
Clockwise from bottom left: Josh, Me, Ed, Huang, Lumpy, Xing, Abhi and Hanny. VERY GOOD GUYS. Also Sam. But Sam is a girl. Like how Jac is a girl. But you know, when you shorten Samantha and Jacqueline you end up with guy names.

Also I was very happy that day because you know, LOOK I AM PIMPING. ONE GIRL AND SEVEN GUYS. (Most of whom don't even know who Pitbull is and think that Flo Rida is a state in USA. But that's not the point.)
And here's what I ate there! Eggs Benedict. And I loved it and I was very pleased with it.

And this is us trying to light the candles on my cake. The air-con and the fans were kind of strong so we had to shield it with the cake box in order to get the candles to remain lit.
Me and my cake.
And this photo is here because I look skinny. This Zixing takes very good and skinny photos of me and I appreciate this greatly.
My next birthday celebration was held at P.S. Cafe at Ann Siang Hill.
Celebrated it with the great people whom I got to know in the great school that is the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, the people who knew me when I was already cool. When I was doing cool things to myself like signing up for Facebook in year 1, getting a navel piercing and a tattoo in year 2, getting lasik and teeth whitening in year 3, and also made really great friends along my havoc way. (I was boring in year 4.)

Anyway, it was an awesome dinner. Firstly, my great friends were there and secondly, there were truffle fries. How can that possibly be nothing short of awesome?!
Also, I folded my great friend Thad a pocket square.
And also this is a very good photo of Bernard and I.
And this was a very disgusting drink that I ordered called the "Bee Sting". The menu makes it sound nice and refreshing, but really. DON'T TRUST THE MENU. James was the only person who could swallow it without grimacing. But James is also the kind of person who consumes alcohol alone, the closet alcoholic.
And this is all of us outside P.S. Cafe.
From left to right: Mr Ho, Moks, Cheryl, Me, Bernard, Thad, Andrew.

OKAY! And my last celebration was at this Korean BBQ place in Tanjong Pagar called His-Tori.
I don't have many photos of this because when we weren't stuffing out face with the brilliant food that they served, we were busy screaming and running away from cockroaches. SERIOUSLY.

We were sitting at the al fresco area when I saw a cockroach running on the table. And I screamed. As I hate cockroaches. The angmoh guys in the next table were all "COOK IT!!" Anyway, the disgusting creature disappeared under the table. Lyon, Jason and the waiter tried their best to locate it because Ness, Pamy and I refused to sit down until it was dead. But to no avail. So us girls sat down gingerly, and continued eating our food.

AND THEN IT REAPPEARED AGAIN. And I screamed. And Jason, the manly man with lightning reflexes squashed it with a wad of serviettes. Long live brave men!

And we all continued eating.

THEN. Pamy screamed. As there was yet another cockroach on the table. And I went,"How many of them are there?!!" And the angmohs in the next table went "A WHOLE FAMILY!"

Good times really. So we shifted to a table inside. This place has great food, but seriously, DON'T SIT OUTSIDE. SIT INSIDE. WHERE IT IS SAFE AND SHELTERED AND HAS AIR-CON.

And this is Pamy and I, fangirling over Sherlock, which is one of my latest obsessions if you have been following my blog.
Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Especially to Bernard who showed up on my doorstep at 12 am with a bunch of flowers! And also to Mr Ho who was the first person to call me to wish me happy birthday, inadvertently causing Bernard to wait outside my house for 5 minutes (I did not know that he was there, he was trying to surprise me). And everyone who bought me lunch/dinner/presents and for all your wishes on Twitter/Facebook/Whatsapp/SMS. LOVE YOU GUYS! And rememeber, next year I don't turn 25 years old, I turn 4 adult years old.

❤ Jac.

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