Monday, September 03, 2012

Estée Lauder's Pure Color Violet Underground.

Greetings people! I can't sleep now because I've just been traumatised by this flying bee-like thing that got caught in my scarf t...

Greetings people!

I can't sleep now because I've just been traumatised by this flying bee-like thing that got caught in my scarf that was drying in the laundry area. Like it was really caught. Like I tried vacuuming it off but the bugger wouldn't budge until I helped to free it. And it flapped its wings and scuttled around the table before I could vacuum it up with my trusty Electrolux.

This, by the way, is my vacuum cleaner. I took the liberty to seal the opening shut with lots of scotch tape and plastic sheets so that the many spiders, once-flying things and one lizard will never ever be able to escape. Maybe they are having a party in the vacuum as I type this. I DON'T CARE. What matters is that I never have to see them all ever again.

NOW! *dusts hands* where was I? Oh yes. Estée Lauder's collection for Fall 2012 is out! And everything is so gorgeous!
What you see in the picture above is the complete collection of Estée Lauder Pure Color Violet Underground. From left: Pure Color Velvet Lipstick in Black Cassis, Pure Color Velvet Lipstick in Violet Crush, Pure Color Gloss in Chaotic Currant, Pure Color Gloss in Rebellious Violet, Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Violet Underground, Double Wear Zero-Smudge Volume Lift Mascara in Black, Pure Color Quick-Thick EyeLiner in Punker Black and Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Black Iris.

So, the Estée Lauder Pure Color Violet Underground is poised to be the ultimate fusion of high style and street chic (HI THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN ASPIRING TO BE FOR THE LONGEST TIME!). The makeup in Pure Color Violet Underground takes glam rock to a new dimension with a fantastical aesthetic revolution of deep, vibrant violet and fuchsia tones.

Here's what I got to sample from the collection:
I'll start with the eyeliner aka the Pure Color Quick-Thick EyeLiner in Punker Black. I was the most impressed by this product. It was really easy to use. Okay usually, I don't really care about what eyeliner I use because, they are all the same (to me). BUT THIS ONE. It is good. It's a liquid liner (which you know, can sometimes be tricky to use). But not this one.

The felt tip of this eyeliner is very stiff, which makes drawing very easy (like a pen on paper), and the bristles don't go all flimsy and haywire when you apply pressure on them. So you can draw your eyes quite quickly in "dramatic black ink".
Also the eyeliner is quite fat, so it's really easy to hold and control. VERY GOOD. I will use this eyeliner from now on. Also it's in PUNKER BLACK. So I believe that using it will make me more edgy and give me more street cred.

Now, I'll go on to talking about the new Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Violet Underground!
It's retailing for $80 and omg it is so gorgeous. (I'm a sucker for pretty, shiny colours and nice packaging. There are 5 colours in this palette,a mysteriously rich mix of deep violet, crimson and fuchsia grounded with a sensual pale pink and a powerful matte black shade at the center. And here's what they look like swatched:
From bottom up: pale pink, black, fuchsia, deep violet and crimson. I know you can't really see the pale pink. It's really there! Just that it's sort of the same colour as my skin. Only um, shimmery. Anyway, the eyeshadows from this palette are really cool. You can apply them wet for a vibrant-chrome charged flash of colour or dry for a subtle shine finish. Very awesome.

On to the Pure Color Velvet Lipstick in Violet Crush and Pure Color Gloss in Rebellious Violet.
Okay I won't lie. I was a bit apprehensive when I saw that I had to try on purple lipstick and lip gloss. I thought I'd look like a dying person with purple lips (you know deoxygenated blood and all. Maybe it's time for me to stop watching re-runs of Bones). But surprisingly! Purple looks quite cool on skin. Here's what it looks like swatched:
It's not bad right?! The one on top is the lipstick and the one below is the gloss. I quite like the lipstick. It's very rich and creamy and has a matte finish. Which is good. As sometimes I feel like I've eaten something oily when I see that my lips are shiny.

Anddddd, here is what I look like with Estée Lauder Pure Color Violet Underground!
Okay, okay. I know I look very halo-ish and all and this is truly not my fault. You see right, my camera thought that I was food. And it took a picture of my face with the food filter. Apparently, to make food look appetising, my camera (whose name is Nelly), brightens everything and gives the object in focus a like, translucent glow.

I only discovered this after I transferred my photos to the computer. And I decided that I should retake the photo in a non-food filter. However, as my memory card was in my computer and I am generally a lazy person, I used my phone to take the photo instead.

And also, I had let down my hair. So everyone, BEHOLD, JAC'S FIRST PUBLIC PICTURE WITH HER SHORT HAIR IN FULL VIEW.
If you think it's nice, thanks! If you don't think it's nice, please let me know in 2 months after my hair has grown out. Meanwhile, you can conveniently forget that my hair is short because I keep it up most of the time anyway :).

So back to the makeup I used. I was wearing the eyeshadow in pale pink, black and deep violet, the eyeliner in PUNKER BLACK (omg I really love the name), the lipstick in violet crush and the lipgloss in rebellious violet.

Of course if you are ambitious and talented at makeup you can go all out and make yourself look like Liu Wen.
Anyhow! The Estée Lauder Pure Color Violet Underground Collection will be available for a limited time at Tangs Orchard, Isetan Scotts and Takashimaya. Go and look and buy at least the eyeliner (which is very good!).

❤ Jac.

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  1. JAC OMG YOUR HAIRRRRRR. Also your camera is good it thinks that you are food.

  2. You look good in short hair! (: