Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi friends! So okay, I have recently accepted the fact that I'd be slogging my life away, whether I want to or not. I certainly am not...

Hi friends!

So okay, I have recently accepted the fact that I'd be slogging my life away, whether I want to or not. I certainly am not thrilled that I will spend most of my life in an office, but hey! At least I can bring my internet-enabled phone with me and I spend most of the time in the office staring at a computer screen. And that, to me and other like-minded social media whores around, is blessing enough.

As my life is dull and my future is bleak at best, I have discovered that I am finding joy in the most FRIVOLOUS of things. Like this morning!

Vanessa: hi~

Jacqueline: pls
what is the name of this
like ? is question mark

Vanessa: it is a curly line

i think this curly line is poor thing
last time everyone loved it and used it for their MSN nicks
now it is sad and lonely
and people forgot its name
So the highlight of my morning was finding out the name of this "~". Yes "~"! The squiggly line below the esc key on the keyboard.

Please, before you doubt my intellectual abilities, you can't just Google "What is ~". Google doesn't register punctuation. Believe me, I tried.
The "What is ~" search wasted a good 5 minutes of my life because I went onto Urban Dictionary to read about "IT IS WHAT IT IS".

Anyway! I found out what "~" is soon after. It is called a TILDE. Tilde must be very sad. IT'S 2012. Waaaaaay past its heyday. I hope Tilde feels a bit happier now knowing that I tried to get better acquainted with her this morning. (I felt happier anyway.)

So that was my accomplishment for this morning. Speaking of accomplishments, LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT I ACCOMPLISHED LAST NIGHT.

My great friend Jason the Awesome posted this photo onto Facebook.
I failed maths in JC. I did not pass a single maths test in J2. I PROMISE YOU. I really do not know how I got an A for my A levels okay. Even my maths teacher said "I saw your name and i thought I read wrongly." Sadly, whenever I tell this story, no one believes me except for my JC friends.

ANYHOW. I do not have a natural flair for maths. BUT LOOK WHAT I MANAGED TO DO BITCHES!

Also my colleague introduced me to this video. She said that the girl reminded her of my online persona.

And now I am hooked onto this Natalie Tran's communitychannel. It's very terrible you know. I just keep watching and watching and watching and watching. It's like a feel a teensy bit more accomplished after each video I watch.

And we all know, it's these little accomplishments in life which keep us from murdering stupid people.
Me,"I hope he falls sick."
Her,"I hope he falls out of the window."
❤ Jac.

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