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Trafalgar Square: Then and Now.

Hello everyone! As you can probably tell, the title of this post is "Trafalgar Square" and not "Day 4 of London". Why?...

Hello everyone!

As you can probably tell, the title of this post is "Trafalgar Square" and not "Day 4 of London". Why? I'm being realistic. It's 12:14 am and there is no way I'm going to finish blogging about a whole day before I sleep. So I'll just talk about one of the more exciting places that my sister, Bernard and I visited in the day. Trafalgar Square!

I first went to Trafalgar Square aeons ago, when I was four. So that's about two decades ago. I only remembered one thing about the square. That there were hundreds of pigeons flying everywhere. Let me just say, that I hate pigeons. In the words of my sister "they are rats with wings". But she didn't always feel this way about pigeons though.

See? This is the sister and me. Clearly, I am telling my sister "Stop feeding the pigeons, they are rats with wings and one day I will dig up a photo of you feeding the pigeons and post it on your Facebook to mortify you."

And this is the sister encouraging me to feed the pigeons which she will learn to loathe.
So as you can tell, Trafalgar Square used to be teeming with pigeons. Can't tell? Here's a picture.
This picture, which I got via the great Wikipedia shows how many freaking pigeons flocked to Trafalgar Square and called it their germ-infested, disease-ridden, health-hazard of a home. But then in 2007, the great people of the Westminster City Council got trained falcons to scare the pigeons away. Not eat them, or anything, but just to chase them away. Because they couldn't poison them as too many people in London love pigeons.

(As a result many pigeons now roost in old churches, monuments, etc etc and their acidic poop corrodes these old structures and all but I guess if you really love pigeons you don't give much thought about the heritage behind all these old buildings huh?)

Anyway! Now that all the pigeons are gone from Trafalgar Square (omg Trafalgar Square is too long to type. I shall call it "TS" from now on. Like a true Singaporean) , the City can now hold events there! You know, for people to attend and not be in constant fear of pigeons pooping on them.
They were setting up for the London Ratha Yatra Festival on the day that we were there. According to Hindu Council UK, "This Festival of Chariots, Ratha-yatra, is a celebration dating back over 5000 years, annually observed in the ancient holy city of Jagannath Puri in Orissa, India, making it the oldest street festival in the world." It's celebrated by devotees of the Lord Krishna, whom I don't know much about except what is mentioned by Raj from the Big Bang Theory.

So moving on! Let me show you some pictures of me in TS.
HAHAHA. This is my sister and I when I was four and she was thirteen. I was intending to comment on how my sister used to look like, but then I came across some of my secondary school photos and OMG WAS I REALLY SO TERRIBLE? So I decided to refrain from making any snide remarks about my then teenage sister.

And this is us now.
When we visted TS when we were younger, this is the highest that we climbed.
Granted that we did get help to get up.
This nice Italian guy boosted every one of us up. Very nice of him. And I also gave him some Dettol hand sanitizer for his trouble. My sister said that it's also because we helped his wife come down from the lion. It just goes to show that when you travel, it is very important to be nice to everyone!! Otherwise we would have been stuck. Like how Bernard is here.
Shall end the post with one of my favourite pictures from the trip.
And also,


Now please watch the best National Day Night video of them all.

Like a government scholar I wanna cram real hard, tap you all night like an EZ-Link card.

And friends, this is why I bought 3 tubes of mentos. Brilliant viral marketing.
Hope you guys had a good National Day :)

❤ Jac.

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  1. @tp No leh! I went in June! And I also saw your very good photo with Giuliana. Good job really (Y).