Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still on Day 2 of my London trip.

Hello friends! Okay, three long blog posts about Europe and I'm still stuck on Day 2. Well done me! I guess if I ramble less and focus...

Hello friends!

Okay, three long blog posts about Europe and I'm still stuck on Day 2. Well done me! I guess if I ramble less and focus on only the more interesting events of the day, my London recollections would move along faster. BUT SADLY, this is not how I function.

So after my wonderful trip to The Making of Harry Potter, Bernard and I went to meet an old friend of mine.

This is my primary school friend Vaishi (and me). On the very slight chance that you may be new to my blog, I must clarify that I am the Chinese girl on the left. Vaishi is the Indian girl on the right.

And this is Bernard and I. We're holding Tim Tams, the only thing that Vaishi wanted me to bring for her from Singapore.
Also I've realised that that's not a very nice photo of us and the Thames, what with the yellow railing and all. So here's another one!
Brown railing. Much less conspicuous. :).

Vaishi brought us to a very nice pub called the Founder's Arms.
It's website describes it as having an "unrivalled view". Well, don't know about it being unrivalled, but it was quite nice. We sat outside and had a really good view of St Paul's Cathedral.

Here's what the cathedral looked like just before dusk.
And what it looked like at dusk!
Pretty ah? I guess you can get pretty photos in Singapore too. Just that no one really bothers to notice things when they are not on holiday (speaking for myself).

Anyway the pub, much to the secret joy of James, was located near Bear Lane. And I have intentionally put this photo in so that James can have a moment of cheap-thrill from behind his computer screen.
And this is what I had for dinner. A turkey panini. Which is not very British of me. But in my defence, it was paired with a glass of Pimms. And we were sort of watching Sweden vs Britain in Euro 2012 while eating.
Bernard, clearly the more food-oriented one, chose sausages and mash.
And this is Vaishi, her gf and her pink HTC phone which she bought to prove a point.
The person at the store gave her the once-over and went "We have this in pink, but I guess you won't be interested in that."
So Vaishi went, "What do you mean I won't be interested?! I' want it in pink."
And that is Vaishi for you. And yes, she hates pink.

We walked around Westminster to visit typical tourist sights after dinner. Like the London Eye.
And Big Ben aka soon to be Elizabeth Tower. (Read more here).
And this is us and Big Ben. We haven't actually seen the clock tower in daylight. But it was nice to see it at night all lit up. From what we heard, the place can get really crazy in the daytime with all the tourists milling about. So this was pretty cool!
One interesting nugget of information that Vaishi, the not very good tour guide, did highlight was that these little reflective crosses in the water around Big Ben were mines, which would blow up if a terrorist tried to launch itself at the tower to blow it up.
AND TADAH! That is the end of Day 2 of our London Trip. I will blog more about my trip um, possibly tomorrow (I hope).

ANYWAY, have something exciting to share. Remember The Offspring from Pretty Fly For A White Guy? They are back with a NEW SONG!! IT'S CALLED "CALIFORNIA CRUISIN' (BUMPING IN MY TRUNK)" AND IT IS AWESOME.

And before you make any comments about how much better they used to look, I want to point out that 2 of them are 47 this year and their oldest member is 49. To put it into context, 47 is the same age as Singapore. Young for a country, not so young for a person. (Also, I think this is the first time I have posted something remotely related to rock music on my website. Have I posted about Nickelback before? Not sure.)

Okay and that is it for today! My shortest blog post in a while. Goodnight everyone!

❤ Jac.

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  1. haha! impressed and amused by your friend taking a pink phone despite hating pink. :)

  2. HAHAHA. I hope you buy a pink phone too!