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London and other stuff.

Hello! So for those of you who don't have Twitter and Facebook, one, GET FACEBOOK AND TWITTER IT'S 2012 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Two, ...


So for those of you who don't have Twitter and Facebook, one, GET FACEBOOK AND TWITTER IT'S 2012 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Two, I went to Europe! With Bernard to visit my sister who's now finishing her year at LSE.

Well, London was really pretty and all and it's a truly awesome place to visit. The weather was pretty kind to us. It didn't rain while we were in London, except for the day we were going to France, and the day we flew back to Singapore. So THANK YOU STORM FROM X-MEN. Surely all my years of worshipping X-Men must have contributed to the good weather.

So here's a short blog post about the first couple of days that we were in London :).

So Bernard and I took an early morning flight. Okay 9 am is not that early. But this meant we had to wake up at 5 because we wanted time to shop around in DFS. And I truly am NOT a morning person. And this is what Bernard and I look like in the morning before I go on a flight.

Don't know what funny lip balm I was using that made my lips almost the same colour as my skin. Think it was a free gift from Maybelline.

Oh yes yes it's called BABY LIPS from Maybelline in energizing orange! (Digression) I went for a Maybelline focus group the night before and got a free gift pack worth $100 because I am lucky like this! This is what I won:
Not bad for 2 hours worth of talking. I brought the lip balm to the UK because the air there is dryer, and also the pink pouch that all the stuff came in. Because I needed something to put my passport and spare cash. And I didn't realise that I had no pouch for that until I was packing. Which was at 11 pm at night. Because I am organised like that. SO, it's really good that I went for this focus group or I would have had to put my passport into an NTUC plastic bag or something.

I even managed to make use of many of the travel sized items that I've accumulated from winning so many contests! LOOK!!
In this shot, I have the Laneige Water Bank Essence, Philosophy's Hope in a Jar, Kiehl's Açaí Damage-Correcting Moisturizer, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil(in bottle form and packet form), Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner....etc etc MANY THINGS. Even have a travel sized Laneige mask okay. Very pleased that I finally got a chance to use so many of the things I've won.

ANYWAY, back to my holiday.

We took SQ to London Heathrow! It was awesome. And reasonably priced! We got this 2- to-go deal on the SQ website. So we got round tickets at $1300 each! After airport tax and all!

Okay to be honest I don't know much about the A380 because I'm not an aeroplane geek unlike Bernard, who specifically chose our flights based on the aircraft that we would be in. But! I do know that it's by Airbus, it's meant to do long-haul flights, it's big, and SQ was the first to buy them. Oh because of my job, I also know that there were cracks found in the wings of more than 10 A380s but this problem was rectified and not threatening to the safety of the aircraft. Um, I heard it on the radio while shaking gong cha.

Anyway the wing looked fine when I saw it. I did not know that there were words printed on the wings of aircraft. Guess we learn something new everyday.
Also I was very pleased with this SQ flight. LOOK. USB POINT. THANK YOU HIGH TECH PLANES AND THE PREVALENCE OF TECHNOLOGY. Extremely happy to be able to charge my phone on board the flight.
Anyway, we had a rather pleasant flight. The food was not bad and they kept feeding us so that made me feel (very fat) but really contented. I had my first Singapore Sling in my life! Bernard had one too!
Doesn't look it but it was surprisingly yummy!

Anyway, here is the first photo that I took in London.
How welcoming! I tell you, all you complaining, whining Singaporeans should just move to London and stop your noise pollution.

So we got our things sorted (ie. put our luggage down and bought SIM cards because 3G is that important), and my sister brought us to dinner at this Skinny Pizza-esque place. We got 3 pizzas and 2 side salads. You know, because the pizzas were thin crust, we figured that we could finish one each (we meaning, my sister and Bernard could finish their own pizza and polish off what's left of mine). And we were right!

Bernard's chorizo pizza:
My sister's aubergine, goat's cheese and ham pizza:
My ham and eggs pizza (with garlic roasted mushrooms, smashed tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella):
And two side salads. Now when you hear side salads, you think tiny and small right? Like one mini bowl of salad. BUT NO OKAY. This Story Deli place gave us two mountains worth of vegetables. Yummy vegetables I'd admit, but still. We couldn't finish it. Not even in the company of Bernard "my stomach is a bottomless pit" Loh.
Me and my good sister, Jill.
My sister also brought us around the neighbourhood. Not like the way normal people would. Like if I had to bring someone around Ghim Moh, I would say, "Oh here is the famous duck rice stall. And um. That's really about all I know. Oh this shop and save is open 24 hours! Maybe we can come back at 11:59pm to buy something just for kicks!" Maybe, I'd bring them to Holland V and go like "Oh the Cold Storage is also open 24 hours and this Guardian Pharmacy closes at 1 am. Oh Crystal Jade has good food and it closes at 4 am. Let's go eat there!"

Yes and that's about it. But no. That is not how my good sister works. My good sister is very interested in like, buildings and design and history and art and stuff like that. When we go to Bugis Junction she can tell me why there is a Chinese Junk on top of the sign posts around the area. I BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THERE WERE SMALL CHINESE JUNKS ABOVE THE SIGN POSTS IN BUGIS. Don't feel bad. I didn't notice them either.

But my sister is different. She knows that they are there and knows why they are there. They're there because the Bugis people migrated to Singapore and settled in that area. And they mostly came in junks. Ya. I also didn't know that Bugis was a race of people. Don't believe me? Here is a Wikipedia link.

So yes, my sister is very good at bringing people around and telling them many interesting snippets of information about many different places. She brought us on an art tour of the area she lived in! So she lives in Spitalfields, East London (walking distance to Central London). And it's this really cool, artsy, up-and-coming area filled with small ad firms, art shops, etc etc. Like ADM and CS but in a town and everyone who is there speaks with a British accent. So, they had a lot of street art around!

This piece was done by a guy called James Cochran. He does this drip paint style thing. Which means that these pictures are made from big blobs of paint that he dripped onto the wall. Which is pretty amazing. Seeing that I can't even paint a wall properly, let alone paint a picture on one.
These were done by Ben Eine. He was commissioned by the owner of the building to you know, make the building look more interesting. This is what he did.
He painted ANTIANTIANTIANTIANTI across the building. So the building management was like "eh, damn depressing okay." So he did this on the other side!
Painted PROPROPROPROPRO across the walls in colourful letters! These letters are apparently his style.

And this is by a Belgian man named Roa. He is like famous and people petition to not take his work down. This piece was done 2 weeks before we arrived and my sister was very excited. And a bit worried. Because like, you see the sign that says "Huntingdon Estate"? That's an indication that the building belongs to the government (I think) and she was afraid that it would be painted over before we could see it.
H had quite a lot of work in that area! You can see more of his work here.

Okay I am sleepy now. I know I said that I'd blog about a couple of days but this is too bad. But let me leave you with an awesome video a friend recommended. IT'S REALLY AWESOME. Especially for those who watch Community!

Okay that's all for now!
❤ Jac.

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