Tuesday, June 05, 2012

SIN 2012 and miscellaneous beauty products.

Hello! So I went to SIN 2012 this year. HOHO. SIN. And for the benefit of those of us who don't know anything about the local car scen...


So I went to SIN 2012 this year. HOHO. SIN. And for the benefit of those of us who don't know anything about the local car scene, SIN stands for Super Import Nights, aka Singapore's "biggest and only tuner car show". IKR. I don't know who did the copy, but surely the only car show HAS to be the biggest. ANYWAY! Many would then ask, "what's tuner?". HOHO. It means "zhng". I feel that I am imparting a lot of knowledge which I must credit to Bernard.

It was quite interesting! I mean it was really far - all the way at the other side of the island in EXPO (seriously, of all the locations to hold a car show, why there?). But it was really quite fun! For one thing, there were pole dancers!

Apparently there was this pole dancing competition going on. VERY SCARY. The poles were not attached to the ceiling, only to the ground. So you could see the pole quivering while the pole dancers like, swung around. Brave people. *salute*.

We also saw car models of course. And I think I learnt something. Most of the people at car shows aren't really interested in cars. Most of them are either horny guys who want to look at girls, or! Girls who accompany their bfs because they are good gfs and are minorly interested in cars. I am okay. I watch Top Gear and I want to buy this shirt.

But I digress. How do I know that the guys who go to these car shows aren't really all that interested in cars?

So you see here is a girl on a bike.

As you can see there are many guys interested in this bike/girl. You can't really tell because you know, maybe they are interested in the bike but the girl is just in the way.

Then the girl leaves!!! And here you see only one guy left inspecting the bikes.

Where are the other guys? They migrated to um, better sights.

See! Guys. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, my very good bf who did not stalk the car models nor leer at them from behind a camera lens went around with me taking photos.

Like I said, taking photos.

This car is funny!!! The dog's bling is the logo of the VW Beetle!

And here's the Initial D car (IDK what's the model. Bernard told me and I must have given him a blank look which led him to say "Initial D car"). See, I learned things.

It's quite cool! See! It has a modified exhaust shaped like a star!

Also learned that this is how you open the doors of a Lambo.

And that Lambo owners probably expected that many people would try to open their cars and hence kept their doors tightly locked.

We also saw this kickass Bentley.

I do not know the model of this Bentley because I am not a guy, nor do I drive. So I hope my description of kickass will be good enough for you.

Speaking of Bentleys, Bernard and I were in DFS the other day when his younger brother said that he wanted this wallet.

Bernard's mother was all,"WAHHH why you want this wallet. Only got one "B" very good meh?"
And Bernard went,"I don't want a wallet with a B. Just a car with a B."


We also learned that if you want to look convincing when you pretend to fix a car, you must show your underwear.

You see, this is how you look like when you don't show your underwear. You totally can tell that I have no idea what is going on with this car. It is truly not the outfit or the bag.

But you seem when Bernard tried his hand at fixing the Maserati, you can tell that he really knows his stuff because you can see his underwear and that is evidently a sign of a mechanic who know's what he's doing.

So verdict for this SIN 2012- quite fun, better than watching your bf play Marvel Avengers (Y).

Oh before I finish my post I want to share my review (hoho I can do reviews now) for this mask I just tried.

See I won these for my mother because well, IT SAYS WRINKLE FILLER. But my mother is forever skeptical about such products and said I should try them out first. Cos you know, my skin can like, revive faster than old skin. (Je suis sacrificial lamb).

Quite cool eh? They even tied a ribbon around it.

So there were two parts to the package, one box contained primer and BB cream (which I gave to Ness since I already have 2892352 different types and my mom is using Lancome), and the other contained 10 sheets of wrinkle filler face masks!

Also I don't understand how the lighting for this photo is so drastically different from the other two. Oh well.

ANYWAY THE MASK. This Leaders InSolution Mask Wrinkle Filler Skin Clinic Mask. It is a good mask (I guess). You know like how some masks don't adhere to your face? They sort of like stick on because they are wet, but you get the feeling that they might drop any moment, and you can feel the edges of the mask slipping off your face as you type away on your computer/play scramble with friends/ tell your bf that you are happy that he is playing diablo?

WELL THIS ONE DOESN'T! It sticks to your face really snugly. The mask is made of some sort of spongey material. Like you know the normal masks are just, fabric/paper? This one is a thin spongey fabric which really clings to your face and doesn't drop off. VERY GOOD. I was able to learn the new Nicki Minaj song, vigorously bobbing my head up and down as I did. AND THE MASK DIDN'T FALL OF. A+ truly.

Erm, yes so in terms of like, effectiveness, this mask is not as moisturising as the Naruko one that Ness and I buy. But then again this mask supposedly improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Doesn't say anything about being moisturising. But it does leave a slightly oily residue on my face which is kinda, gross. I guess it's supposed to beneficial and what not but it just feels like I have wiped makeup remover onto my face and I'm just waiting to wash it off. But this feeling wears away after maybe, 30 minutes? Maybe this is what effective wrinkle filling masks feel like. I will try it again and maybe I will look like I've gone for botox. (Y). Can't be bad la it's the best selling dermatologist tested mask in Korea.

Anyway, I like this one the best. This Naruko Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Mask. It is good and moisturising and very refreshing. However it is not good to learn new rap songs in. Believe me, I've tried.

Okay that is all. Also please everyone, listen to this new song by Nicki Minaj. It's called POUND THE ALARM.

And yes if you were wondering about the "je suis sacrificial lamb" bit - I decided that I would brush up on my French and that was my feeble attempt at practising.

♥ Jac.

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