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Hello! So Bernard and I went for this Kiehl's event the other day. IT WAS QUITE FUN. We spent most of our time cutting up used Kiehl&#...


So Bernard and I went for this Kiehl's event the other day. IT WAS QUITE FUN. We spent most of our time cutting up used Kiehl's bottles into um, decoration for something or other. But the important thing was that we took a polaroid with Mr Bones.

I quite like these Kiehl's events. They are small and good and you can get to eat cute finger food and drink orange juice. And they let you cut things up for fun. This is my artwork. I feel it is very good and artistic.

Oh and we also go some free things too!

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve and Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish! TRAVEL SIZED. *shoves them away into my things to bring to Europe box* Currently, my box is filled with travel sized things that I think I may need. Including an almost empty travel sized Kiehl's moisturiser which I used before I realised that it is travel sized for a reason. The reason being TO BRING FOR TRAVELLING. Some times, I really puzzle over what goes on in my head. Also Kiehl's at Vivo is having a 20% off all items till Sunday. URGH. I truly must not go and stock up for future use because currently, my future lies in all the shopping that I am going to do in H&M UK.

Also this travelling to Europe thing is a pain. Like, I have heard of friends whose iPhone got stolen from their bags walking through Paris, and a gf of mine who got robbed in Hungary, and a guy friend who got mugged at gun point. LIKE WTF. I FEAR FOR MY LIFE, MY SAFETY, MY SANITY AND MY BELONGINGS. (Bernard told me his major concern was "who will take photos for us?" so I feel this makes me THE RESPONSIBLE ONE.) So I was looking through the H&M site and decided that this would be a good bag to bring to Paris.

See it is like textured so it is hard to cut through without me feeling something and also there is a zip across the top, although it can't really be seen in this picture. ALSO. There is an inner lining so like, double protection I guess? Sigh I really don't know. You see, this is the problem with living in such a safe place like Singapore. Most of our worries of crime and punishment revolve around, "Did the gongcha person give me toffee milk tea instead of honey milk tea?"

So speaking of travel, Bernard's family went to Korea without him. As a one week trip Korea cost $1k+ which is the equivalent of a plane ticket to London. So Bernard spent a happy one week being the King of his house. Then his family members came home and he is no longer the King. They did however bring back loads of cool stuff for us!

Seaweed! Can someone tell me the difference between Korean seaweed and Japanese seaweed? I opened the resealable packet of Korean seaweed and found it to be like, sweet. But I don't know if that's the flavour of that particular packet or if Korean seaweed is sweet in general. CONFUSED. Also it made my breath smell seaweedy for 2 hours +. Made me a bit sick. Luckily, I was at home and nobody smelt my breath except for me.

I also got face masks from Korea, mainly from The Face Shop! I now have collagen masks, hyaluronic acid masks and also raspberry collagen eye patches. Hopefully they will be good and effective and I will look like a movie star after wearing them. Speaking of movie stars, Megan Fox is pregnant. How strange but good. I guess? I bet she will be a MILF okay. Very good for her!

Bernard's mother also got me these Laneige things. Marilyn was raving about the water sleeping pack, like some gel mask you wear to sleep. I tried, it is really a gel. And I was a bit skeptical okay what if it all comes off onto my pillow at night?! And I guess some of it must have, but most of it stayed on my face. (Y). Don't know what I was supposed to feel and I don't know if my face was really more moisturised or if I was undergoing some placebo effect. I will try this out again to see if my skin is truly more radiant and what not the next day.

She also got me the water bank essence! It won a place in the Her World Beauty Awards for being the most Hydrating Serum for the Reader's Category!

I don't know how people know these things okay. I mean you must buy a bottle and try it over a period of time right? Then how do you know it is better than another brand? By the time you buy another bottle you would have forgotten what the first bottle is like! Unless was really a terrible product and gave you chronic acne la of course. *shurugs*

Anyway, Bernard and I also went to for some German food after the Kiehl's event (YES, I CHOOSE TO CIRCLE BACK ONLY NOW).
And you see we ordered beer!

And also, this is my boyfriend. He sort of looks like that on a regular basis.

See? DID I LIE?!

Also this is me and the food. Hello!

We ordered more food than we could finish! We had 2 beers, a sausage platter, mozzarella salad and spaetzle (I love spaetzle and am happy that I did not wait till Christmas to consume some this year)! Oh and onion soup too!

Very good dinner. Very worth the 30 minute wait although I wasn't there most of the time as I was busy shopping in Sephora. In my defence, Philosophy had just come to town and HELLO, IT'S PHILOSOPHY. The number one skin care brand in USA!

So I obviously had to buy some stuff on the day of the launch. Because I am vain and what not. So I bought 2 items! HO HO THE FIRST IS PURITY, A MAKEUP REMOVER THAT I FINALLY LIKE. Very big achievement. I have tried 4 brands in the 2011. And I have decided that I only like this one. But it is pricey. I think $34. But OH WELL. I like it.

Ho ho and I have also bought a lip treatment called KISS ME TONIGHT as my lips keep cracking and peeling. But they have stopped since I started using this. So this is not bad I guess. HA! In retrospect I guess this is how people rate beauty products. $23!

Okay very good. I have nothing else to blog about and so I shall watch some videos and then go to sleep. Let me leave you with my favourite song of the moment. It is by a very awesome man named Flo Rida, and it has the most wonderful lyrics.

How is this not clever? Okay goodbye everyone! ♥ Jac

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