Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pixie Lottery.

Hello everyone! Many of you who read this blog may know that I like to whine about my unhappening and unexciting life. How I like to remin...

Hello everyone!

Many of you who read this blog may know that I like to whine about my unhappening and unexciting life. How I like to reminisce on the good old young days when I was at the peak of my life, clubbing hanging out with my friends at nights 2 to 4 times per week (Yes 4 times. I kid you not.), and how all this changed once I met the biggest party pooper in the world - growing up.

Yes, suddenly I had to wake up early every single day of the week, haul myself out of my comfortable bed and drag myself to work. Suddenly, my body became incapable of sleeping at 5 am and somehow the very thought of partying seemed, extremely tiring. During my first week of work, I fell asleep on Bernard while balancing on a STOOL in front of Bernard's computer while we were watching Top Gear. And I refused to move from that position for one hour. SO SAD RIGHT THIS WORKING LIFE.

BUT THEN, I won 2 invites to the Pixie Lott showcase at Zirca last Friday! You know, because I am into this "winning things" phase now and I quite like Zirca and I am sure I would like to see a blonde girl sing some songs on stage. Besides I knew some of her songs.

So there was a competition held on Zirca's Facebook page.

And what participants had to do was to comment on the post and say why you wanted to win passes to the showcase.
Here's what Cameron the brilliant (who also won) said:
PLEASE. PIXIE LOTTERY. I don't see how that won't win in any universe.

And here's what I said! To provide context, Pixie Lott's new album is called "Young, Foolish, Happy"
And here are some good photos from the event :)

Nessie and I. Can't even remember when was the last time we were in Zirca. (Embarrassing, really.)
And here are some photos of Pixie Lott. She. Is. GORGEOUS.

Here's the DJs from Radio91.3 introducing Pixie Lott to the audience. I'm not sure, but I think it's Boy Thunder and Charmaine? Not sure. Was too busy screaming.
And Pixie Lott featuring Kevin Lester. They were singing the song which featured G Dragon and TOP I think. And I know this only because Cameron was telling me about it.
Okay I admit that Nessie and I aren't the biggest Pixie Lott fans. We had intended to learn the words to all her songs but work was crazy. But we learnt the lyrics on the spot and sang along okay! Here's one of the songs we learnt that night! It's called Kiss the Stars and it's really quite good and catchy!

The showcase ended really early! Like at 9. And by that time our voices were hoarse from screaming and shouting. And it was for Pixie Lott. PLS can you imagine what we are like when it comes to people we reallllly love (eg. Flo Rida for me and Taemin for Nessie)? We were saying that we would make really good professional groupies.

Anyway since we ended early, we headed to Brewerkz for some fruit beer. We ordered one jug of beer. One jug sounds like a lot right? But this is how one jug is like in reality.
It is like two and a half cups of beer. But then again as Nessie pointed out, we usually got like vodka+mixers in jugs and vodka glasses are much tinier.
And because we are happening people, we headed for Mink! Which we embarrassingly had not been to before even though I'm Facebook friends with John Langan, FOUNDER of Mink (my friend is good friends with him which is how I could afford to club 4 times a week). I'm sure you have read about him before. You haven't? Well, HERE: Young, loaded & single: Singapore's richest men under 30.

Sigh. Anyway here are more photos from the night!
AND HOHO THIS IS ME AND MY JC FRIEND MATHAN. We text about a mutual friend of his, Bernard's and mine and also um, ya that's about it. BUT WE ARE NOT BAD FRIENDS.
Okay this is the end of Nessie's and my happening Friday. We also had a good and happening Saturday but omg how did I manage to make such long blog posts in the past? Younger me was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Anyway, before I end off I should like fill this post with at least a few sentences worth of non-frivolous content. I hadn't been able to update my apps on my HTC phone for quite sometime. Something about being "unable to install/update app on SD card". So what I previously had to do was to uninstall the whole app and redownload it. Which can be a pain.

So today I decided to Google it. AND I FOUND A SOLUTION from Dev Goodies. Solves your problem really quickly and effectively! Try it if you can't update your apps anymore!
Oh and one last thing - Bernard is really quite awesome. He went to Chinatown with his mom to buy toiletries and stuff and presented me with this:
The TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Rock Amplifier. YOU KNOW, because I have curly hair. AND OMG I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW HE CHOSE IT. But I was just looking at it a few months ago on Strawberry Net where it's going for $32.50. So lucky I didn't buy it. He got it for $18.50! Big difference eh? THANK YOU BERNARD ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !

Okay that's about it. Goodnight everyone!

♥ Jac.

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