Sunday, May 06, 2012

The crazy old lady and the bucket list.

Hello! So yesterday! I was at the bus stop minding my own business, waiting for the bus to go to Orchard. I was waiting for the bus at aro...


So yesterday! I was at the bus stop minding my own business, waiting for the bus to go to Orchard. I was waiting for the bus at around 5:30pm, which meant that I was awake for just over an hour that day (I am very good at sleeping). Another bus had just moved off so the bus stop was empty save for me. So I completed another game of Scramble with Friends and the bus came just as this two Indian grandmothers came with their throng of tiny grand-daughters. (Okay not that tiny, some were quite rounded).

So, I stood up to wait for my bus to stop at the bus stop when one of the Indian grandmothers started shouting loudly, something about clothes. I thought like maybe, you know, her grand-daughter was being idiotic and I don't know, messing up her clothes. When I turned to look, the grandmother was actually shouting and gesturing at ME okay. ME.

And OMG SHE WAS SCREAMING SO LOUDLY. She was like "Pull down your skirt, it's so short! You look at my grand-daughther *gestures at grand-daughter* she wears her skirt with pants! You also must wear skirt with pants. You see your skirt so short, so short until my grand-daughter can wear. Why you look at me like this! Your skill so short....."

ON AND ON OKAY. And my bus still hand't arrived because there was a red light. And hello, it's not like I was wearing anything slutty okay. I was wearing this.

HOW IS THIS SHORT. This is on Kendall Jenner okay. And according to google, Kendall is 175 cm. See?
AND I AM AROUND 10 CM SHORTER THAN THAT. So this dress is 10 cm longer on me as compared to when it's on Kendall. I WAS TOTALLY CONFUSED OKAY. I thought that maybe my dress had ridden up on my way to the bus stop without my knowledge. But as it turned out, it had not and the old lady was crazy. Really. I was only able to stare at her in confusion which later on turned to distaste. LIKE HELLO, I feel I was quite appropriately dressed and you cannot see my bra/underwear so why don't you walk a bit more and find an ahlian in microshorts to scold?!!! Trying to prove a point to your grand-daughter is it?!

But later on, after venting my confusion and anger on Twitter my negative feelings dissipated and then I felt quite proud that you know, an old Indian woman thinks I'm a slut. Shimah said that this old lady has to get out more. I think she doesn't even need to get our more. Just stay at home and watch some Lady Gaga on YouTube. Doesn't even have to be a controversial, religious one. Maybe "Just Dance" would do. As you know, she is prancing around in an oversized animal-print top with no shorts. Might be enough to put her out.

Then after that maybe she'd like to follow up with some Pitbull. Any video actually. They are all the same. All with gyrating girls in bikinis. I think she'd like that.

Yes so anyway, was sort of called a slut in public. There's only so many times that can happen to you without you wanting to stab the person in the stomach. So thank you crazy old lady, for helping me cross out something I wasn't even aware was on my bucket list.

♥ Jac.

(PS: BTW, the first thing my mother said when she saw me in the dress was "Nice dress! Where did you get it from?" Also NICE AH my new dress. It cost me USD$13.50 and you can buy it here .)

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