Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cats and The Avengers.

Hello! I learnt a little while back that not everything that people tell you is true. For example, it's a common belief that the sound...


I learnt a little while back that not everything that people tell you is true. For example, it's a common belief that the sound of cats wailing is indicative of cats having sex. I would like to debunk this myth!

So as I mentioned in a previous blog post, Bernard's estate is home to a clowder of cats. I say "clowder" with great satisfaction because it's something that I learnt from The Big Bang Theory, the best show of all time. Pls start watching it if you haven't already. I would assume that the only reason you haven't started watching it is because you just came out of the cave you have been living in for the past five years and your cave was in some remote province of China with no satellite, internet or cell phone reception.

So please watch The Big Bang Theory's The Zazzy Substitution! And learn the correct terminology for a bunch of cats! (For reference, there are 2 ways to address a bunch of cats, neither of the terms are "bunch".) Also I would insert a YouTube video here but idk why these people disabled embedding. So here's a link that you can click here to watch a snippet of the collective terminology of cats.

ANYWAY. Bernard's estate is home to a huge clowder of cats and we can often hear cats wailing at the top of their lungs. There was once we saw cats having sex in the middle of the playground. But then another cat got jealous and the cats separated and played catching around the bushes before we were able to take a photo. So last week, (or was it two weeks ago?), we heard this really loud wailing after Bernard parked his car. So Bernard decided that we should hunt them down to make sure that cats are noisy fuckers (pun intended).

This is what we saw after looking under many cars.

YOU SEE THESE CATS?! They are just sitting next to each other and making a lot of noise!!! Like WTF!! These cats really have nothing better to do. (Bernard and I were doing um, scientific research. Of course we have many things to do apart from hunting around a carpark for mating cats.)

Moving on! We watched The Avengers yesterday *squeal*! I know not everyone has watched it yet so I will talk about it um, very superficially.

I LOVE THE AVENGERS. Omg it was such a wonderful show I don't even know where to start raving about it. These SUPERHEROES. They are SO COOL. And handsome and good looking. And Scarlett Johansson is also very hot. Her butt is truly the best.

Okay this is not the best view of her butt, but trust me, her butt looks better than this. Just that I can't find a better photo to illustrate my point. And the guys are also really hot and muscular. SIGH.

Okay moving away from the highly superficial, the movie was very witty. Like in their exchanges.

Captain America, “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away, and what are you?”
Iron Man, “A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

This sequence was also shown in the trailer! Awesome movie really.

Really funny movie! Here's a Facebook illustration I found on one of Bernard's and my favourite scenes in the movie!

Won't spoil it and take the fun away from those of you who haven't watched yet, but trust me, HILARIOUS. Bernard and I spent the next few hours re-enacting this sequence at random times. OOH WAIT I ALSO FOUND A GIF.

The plot was also really good. We just couldn't figure out who was Loki controlled by but that's okay I guess. BUT IT IS A WONDERFUL MOVIE. Very full of action with just the right amount of suspense and also full of many hot people all of whom I now love very much.

I cannot decide which Avenger I love the most, but here is a picture of Thor. I thought that as a demi-god he should at least have some sort of presence on my blog.

And now I would really like to buy these thumbdrives for myself to look at every single day. I mean, they are very cute aren't they?

Apparently you can buy them here but omg all the Chinese words intimidate me. Read more about the USBs on Design Taxi! Pls, if anyone hears of these thumb drives becoming available in Singapore, LET ME KNOW. I need them.

Anyway, moving on from The Avengers, yesterday marked my first experience watching a movie in the Platinum Suite! Watching a movie in the Platinum Suite is like, something you must experience at least once in your life I feel. And THANK YOU BERNARD FOR BRINGING ME FOR THIS EXPERIENCE.

So we sat around in the Platinum Suite lounge before our movie started. We had a menu from which we could order stuff from!

But I didn't order anything. Here's why!

Bernard ordered his dinner though. He got fish and chips, a drink, and a dessert for $28! Which is actually not bad! Later on we realised that eating in the dark can be quite challenging. But the food was not bad!

Also this was my seat. I am number one!

The seats were really comfortable! You could just sink in and make it recline to whatever angle you want! There's even a support for your legs so you could actually turn the chair into the bed. And sleep in it. Very plausible especially with the blankets that they give you.

So the seats are arranged in twos, with a table in between with a little lamp for um, mood lighting? And little buttons for you to call an attendant/waiter/usher (what is the job title of people who work in Platinum Suites?).

Yes. So this is how we watched the Avengers. In style.


Okay time to sleep!
♥ Jac.

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