Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Born This Way.

Hello, omg so I went to the Born This Way Ball with Nessie, Serene, Belle and Sharon and it was FUCKING AWESOME. Like seriously the best con...

Hello, omg so I went to the Born This Way Ball with Nessie, Serene, Belle and Sharon and it was FUCKING AWESOME. Like seriously the best concert I've ever been to. We weren't even in the front row or anything but it was truly EPIC. *hyperventilates*

DEEP BREATH. So this was by far my favourite part of the concert - Lady Gaga playing with a small doll that was thrown on stage. "I would chomp her head off, but, she doesn't look like a Barbie." Just watch the video. I promise you that it's funny.

Wasn't she funny? Especially liked the part where she said that it was a preview to what she does when she's alone and off stage. Such PR gold cannot be orchestrated. BTW (by the way, not born this way), I need to share these cute gifs that I found on this tumblr.

Also loved the costume changes. THERE WERE MANY COSTUMES. Like the this white pvc-ish gown thing which she glided around in. And I mean glided. Or floated. Definitely not walked, jumped or danced.
There was this, statue of liberty costume.
She also had a costume with the gun bra from Alejandro!! Which, for the benefit of the unsavvy, looks something like this.
AND OF COURSE THERE WERE MANY MORE COSTUMES I LOVE HER COSTUMES SO MUCH. I wouldn't wear them of course, I can hardly breathe in my office clothes, let alone a skin tight costume covered in flowing sheets of PVC. But surely you must give it to Lady Gaga for being able to prance, sing, dance and jump around in such costumes while wearing SKYSCRAPER HEELS. Truly. I really need to acquire her talent for prancing around in heavily platformed heels.

I also loved her HTHTs. She told us about he NO DISCRIMINATION policy and how little monsters were created. Especially loved the part where she weaved a conversation with the audience into her live rendition of Hair. She was telling us about how she was bullied as a kid and how no one should be treated that way. Very, sad but inspiring at the same time. Listen to Hair!

ALSO LOVED THE STAGE. It was damn well designed. Nessie and I were looking through the set list before the concert and were like "do you think the stage can split into two?". WELL PEOPLE, IT CAN. And there are also holes in the floor so that Lady Gaga and her dancers can rise us or disappear into the stage.

So here she is, getting eaten up by the meat grinder and disappearing into the stage.
And here she is, with the big gigantic diamond thing which doubled up as a disembodied talking face with heavy makeup which kinda reminded me of scary wayang faces.
And the songs. Were. Fantastic. Like she didn't sing only songs coming from her Born This Way album, nor did she lump all the songs from her older albums together. She managed to create a very awesome set list which had the older songs interspersed with the newer songs. AND IT JUST FLOWED SO WELL FROM ONE SONG TO THE NEXT. SEE THE SET LIST HERE PLEASE.

So, if you do not already know, I went to the previous concert that Lady Gaga held in Singapore in 2009. I thought the concert was good enough. Also for those of you who don't know, Nessie and I queued up at Fort Canning at 3 in the afternoon. In the blazing sun. We were the first in line. We made it to the front of the crowd and then I fainted as some bitch hit my neck really hard. And then some strong security man carried me out and then said that I could only enter from the back. And I squeezed my way through 10,000 people and made it all the way to the front after fainting. WHO IS IMPRESSED?

Us then.
Us now.
Anyway that concert was not bad. But this concert was a HUGE UPGRADE from the previous one. Sure, our seats weren't as good. But it was 93258942 more entertaining. Lady Gaga really upped her game. And also there was air-con and free beer.
So okay, my two-cents worth on this $185 concert! You have one more day to catch it! Beg, steal and rob for tickets. They are so worth it!

♥ Jac.

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