Friday, April 27, 2012

What broke people do.

hello! so LOOK WHAT I JUST PURCHASED ONLINE. I'm damn excited you can't imagine. This is especially so since I just finished the...



I'm damn excited you can't imagine. This is especially so since I just finished the Philosopher's Stone quests for Pottermore (yes i'm laggy I know). But for those of you who have yet to see my celebratory, albeit incessant and irritating tweets, HERE IS THE HOUSE I GOT SORTED INTO.


I am very excited by my wand because it is has a phoenix feather core. And obviously this is good as Harry Potter's wand has a phoenix feather core as well. And I must sound slightly insane and you must think that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan but NO LA. Just a small fan. No where near this guy.

Please watch this creepy video if you haven't already done so. But in case you are lazy to stream it, here's what Geekologie says about him.

Seriously, some people have too much time and money. Like this other person Bernard was telling me about (who is also featured on Geekologie).

(Photos credited to Geekologie and Obvious Winner.)

Okay so in case you are slightly dense and need everything to be spelt out, she underwent surgery to mould herself into a real life barbie. Okay now I will start my rant.

LIKE WTF WHY DID YOU DO THIS OMG ARE YOU INSANE?!!!! LIKE YOUR PRIORITIES IN LIFE. I THOUGHT MINE WERE MESSED UP BUT TRULY THIS TAKES THE CAKE. NEVER MIND THAT I AM OBSESSED WITH SHOPPING/MATERIALISTIC/DEVOTE MOST OF MY WAKING HOURS TO SOCIAL MEDIA/CONSTANTLY TALK IN CAPS. YOU THIS CRAZY GIRL, ARE WARPED. Okay don't get me wrong, I am all for plastic surgery for the elimination of everything ugly and replacing it with perfect store bought plastic looks and what not. I mean, fake and pretty is better than ugly right? BUT HELLO THIS IS TOO MUCH LOR. IMAGINE WHAT I COULD DO WITH ALL THE MONEY SHE INVESTED IN PLASTIC SURGERY. I could have bought a Mercedes AMG with COE okay. And also gotten a driver's license. Which I do not have. Or I could get a chauffeur. Either way la. Also here is a link to her Ukrainian Facebook thing if you want to see pictures of the Barbie you had when you were little visit the beach and stuff.

OKAY MOVING ON! So I just booked my tickets from London to Paris today. Booked for both Bernard and I and now I am so broke. But nevermind okay. Because being broke stimulates people to find new avenues to express themselves/new activities to do which do not require spending money. Although I am still very sad that I am no longer stimulating the economy of course.

So I previously mentioned that I was not bad at winning things (see: here and here). So this is actually what I have been doing lately. In fact, I had to take leave from my Gong Cha shaking job in order to collect all my prizes.

So this is what Bernard and I collected.

And this is how it looks like after I emptied the bags out onto his bed (thank you Bernard! :D)

So breaking it down, I won these Dove Facewashes and Vaseline Body lotions from Cosmo.

This Keretase Hair Masque (very excited to try) is from Cosmo too!

These are from Roxy! There's a Schick Intuition shaver (which I am giving to a colleague), a $10 Roxy voucher, Maybelline eyeliner, Loreal Expertise fixing spray and mousse, Nylon, Laurier santiary pads, stickers, and some Roxy sticky sweets. Oh and some Biore make-up wipes.

So I won some passes to the media launch of Fashion Steps Out last month. While I was at that event I bought a $3.90 face towel from this shop called Laline. It's managed by Wing Tai in Singapore. A USA brand that was set up in Israel or something.

SO ANYWAY, I wont $100 worth of products from buying that $3.90. (OKAY OKAY YA I AM QUITE LUCKY I ACKNOWLEDGE THIS).

so here's what I got from their newly opened Marina Square outlet. So from top left hand corner in clockwise direction, a $3.90 face towel for Bernard, a raspberry vanilla body scrub, lavender mint foot cream, lavender hand cream, musk body scrub, body souffle in ocean and vanilla, and a foot exfoliating peel thing for Bernard's mother. NOT BAD RIGHT.

Yes and I also won a $10 Starbucks card (which ness and cameron also won) because I posted that my dream job is to be a pole dancer. Cameron's dream job was to be a Victoria Secret's Fashion Show bra adjuster. An answer full of win. I don't know how that could possible lose.

And I would now like to leave you with a very meaningful song.

Okay time to sleep then. Goodnight everyone!
❤ jac.

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