Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Friends without Benefits."

hello! so bernard and i will be going to europe the month after next and OMG I AM SO SCARED. according to many people france is full of pi...


so bernard and i will be going to europe the month after next and OMG I AM SO SCARED. according to many people france is full of pickpockets. and full of french people. who speak in french. and my french is like um, très mal. and yes that is all the french i can possibly know. one year of french as an unrestricted elective truly made no effect on my life whatsoever. or perhaps it will, we'll see when we are in france.

i hope our eurotrip will turn out to be something like our american trip. but perhaps with less shopping. we did far too much shopping in USA. almost killed us. we paid USD$360 worth of overweight charges.

but it wasn't too bad. we had some free lodging which came in the form of a mansion overlooking the pacific ocean.

as you can tell, we aren't very good zi-paiers. the angle is all off and you can barely see the ocean! oh well.

anyway, i shall not go into the details of the planning of our eurotrip but i will say that I WENT TO THE ZOO!!!!

with ma, kahyin and mag. i would like to say, that going to the zoo is an activity strictly for the young at heart. it was really fun and exciting for the first part when we were walking around looking at animals and taking photos of them. but once we sat down to watch the animal shows, our energy just went downhill from there.

but! the zoo was a really cool place to visit i guess. before saturday, the last time i went there was like, in primary school (promise you). before saturday, i always assumed that the zoo was somewhere in woodlands. i thought mandai was in woodlands. as everyone says that the zoo is very far away, and i, as primary school kid, assumed that woodlands is as far as it can get. but now i know. even the zoo which is very far away, is still nearer than woodlands (sorry jason). the zoo is near CHOA CHU KANG. i was pleasantly surprised by this new-found fact on saturday.

so here are some of the animals we saw at the zoo!


and this lemur.

and also these rhinos.

and these antelope-like things called nyalas (omg i am quite impressed with my own memory if i do say so myself).


and this zoo is truly good. please look at the zebra crossing. IT IS TRULY A ZEBRA CROSSING. A ZEBRA PRINT ZEBRA CROSSING. (Y).

giraffes. i saw the feeding and would like to say that giraffes have grossly long tongues and damn a lot of sticky saliva.

lion and lioness. very awwwww. i would like a lion cub as a pet. like simba. simba is very handsome. he has a flippy fringe.

and this very cute baby kangaroo!! also i found out that "kangaroo" actually means "i dont understand". some guy asked the natives "what is this animal?" and the natives went "kangaroo". like this okay. but nevermind. kangaroo is quite a cute name i feel. better than "wobuzhidao".

also here are some naked mole rats.

gross and digusting and roll around in their own poop. they do however look quite like the naked mole rat from kim possible.

in the zoo, i also learnt the true meaning of friends without benefits.

and i also decided that i would like a pet sea lion. they are freakishly clever. clever-er than some humans i know. better balancing skills than some humans i know too.

okay i shall stop posting photos of animals as my descriptions are starting to get rambly and also symptomatic of a neurotic person. so here are some photos of humans, namely me and my friends.

pls this scooter thing is very comfortable. mag and i couldn't resist hopping onto it to see what it's like after walking for like, ever. the cushion is actually very soft. VERY GOOD FOR SITTING ON, especially when you're tired and drained.

also this is possibly my favourite photo of the lot! hahahaha.

and that kinda concludes my trip to the zoo. oh wait no. one more photo. THE PHOTO OF OUR DAMN TIRED FACES AT THE END OF THE DAY.

oh oh! i would also like to share that i have won more things and i think that i'll have to take leave to go around singapore to collect them. hahahahaha. oh oh also i went to watch wicked. and i would really like to learn how to squeal and shriek like glinda can.

okay that is truly all. ❤ jac.

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