Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Peach of Chicken.

hello everyone! the android community (aka me. idk what the other android users think) has been really happy over one particular event las...

hello everyone!

the android community (aka me. idk what the other android users think) has been really happy over one particular event last week.

like FUCK YEAH FINALLY RIGHT?!!! according to TG DAILY, 1 million android users downloaded instagram within 12 hours. i myself downloaded it seconds after receiving the email notification.

and then i uninstalled it after finding that my phone had no space and got all depressed for a few days. then there was an update to shift instagram to my SD card and i was happy once again! (and i am still happy with it).

why i like instagram so much? i am a big fan of social media apps that enable me to waste my time productively in public transport, while waiting for people, while standing in the lift with acquaintances whom i would rather not talk to...you get the point.

so my office, and for that matter my house, are both more than 30 floors up. especially my house okay. it is on the 40th floor. every morning while waiting for the lift i make a silent prayer to the god of awkward to save me from socially awkward situations. 40 floors of small talk with a jac whose train of thought in the morning consists of "sleep", "work", and "fuck" doesn't paint a pretty picture. ESPECIALLY FOR JAC.

on most days, GOA is kind and i get to have the whole lift to myself. 40 levels of peace and quiet as i read random scrawls on the lift. telling me whom i can call for "ciling work". for the larger part of these days, i am usually running late.

on other days i have to endure 40 floors worth of awkward conversations. luckily, most of this time can be spend scrolling through tweetdeck. (thank you jason for waking up before me). then i'd check my email. and then, i'd return to tweetdeck.

NOW THAT I HAVE INSTAGRAM, i have one more thing to use to distract me from a lift full of socially awkward silence! life can't possibly get better than this in such scenarios.

so here are some of the photos that i have been posting onto my instagram for the past few days. they are many. but you must understand that i am an android user who has been deprived of this social media wonder for ages while my apple happy friends have been snapping away.

the WORLD'S BEST CUPCAKE aka a chocolate-orange cupcake which my colleague baked. she is really awesome at baking and i truly loved this cupcake. i am not kidding. it was the best cupcake that i've ever eaten in my life.

bernard dropped my peach slice onto his chicken. he called his work "a peach of chicken" and was very happy with it.

i went to fusionopolis for the first time in my life on...oh actually yesterday! which is quite a big thing since it's walking distance from my house. and realised that they had a soup spoon and also a not-bad cold storage. better than holland v, not as good as jelita. and they had a nice "BEER" printed across the beam. very considerate.

the funky decor at the soup spoon below my office!

and this was my first instagram! a photo of the burberry bear that bernard gave me for christmas a year ago. bernard, burberry, bear. my sister christianed it b-b-bear. like this.

[edit: also i just realised this is not a picture of b-b-bear but a picture of a starbucks cup in the yoghurt section.]

this is b-b-bear.

anyway i am very pleased about this instagram and now i am not s hard up on changing my phone. this is all everyone! goodnight!

♥ jac

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