Monday, April 16, 2012

Cupcakes and Nails.

hello! i've been consuming lots of cupcakes recently, mostly because my colleague is going to start a cupcake business and we have bee...


i've been consuming lots of cupcakes recently, mostly because my colleague is going to start a cupcake business and we have been her guinea pigs.

yeah. based on the photographs you can tell which ones are life BI and life AI. (before instagram, after instagram).

her baking is AWESOME. like really, quality cupcakes. the kind you'd find in some non de-script shop in like DEMPSEY.

once, my colleague even baked a wedding cake for someone who got a married shotgun. pls how many people can even do that?! (i'm of course referring to baking a wedding cake, not having a shotgun wedding). IN FACT, HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN EVEN BAKE A DECENT CAKE?!!

anyway, in case you can't tell the difference between BI and AI, i shall be helpful and point out the difference. here are some cupcakes from a shu uemura event BI.

and here is a picture of a cupcake from STRIP AI!

so basically the difference is like, filters vs no filters. anyway i think the shu uemura cupcakes were super cute!very colourful and even had little hearts on them. but i cannot remember what tasted like because they reminded me too much of katy perry's hair. the whole time i was eating the blue cupcake i was like, "omg, am i eating katy perry's hair?!!" yes i am slightly strange. deal with it.

also you cannot completely blame me. HER HAIR IS REALLY LIKE, BLUE.

anyway, i also did my nails recently with some nail rock that nessie and i bought from topshop.

so this is whats inside the nail rock packet! some like, wipes to clean your nails before putting on the nail rock (which i didn't use in the end because i'm lazy), a wooden stick, a nail file, the nail rock stickers (of course) and also a piece of paper with all the other nail rock designs printed on it so that you will be tempted to buy more.

so like, the nail rock stickers come in different sizes. so you just like, estimate the nail rock sticker size of your fingernail and paste the sticker onto your nail. then your nail will look like this.

then you cut your nail rock sticker and your nail will look like this.

then, you use the wooden stick to push the ends in under your fingernail and then use the nail rock file to file down the edges. AND THEN IT WILL LOOK LIKE THIS!



and you'll even have some left over in case you make mistakes/your nail rock peels off after a few days and you want to replace it. the package says that it can last for 10 days, which i am quite sure it can. but i took mine off after 5 days because i got a little OCD after seeing it peel. and you know, it's not like nail polish where you must delay removing the polish until you get home, have a stack of cotton wool and some nail polish remove beside you you know? you can just peel it off on the spot.

for me, removing my nail rock happened on sunday when i was in bernard's house.

this was of course unfortunate for bernard.

hahaha anyway, i think it's QUITE WORTH IT TO BUY NAIL ROCK LA. i mean you go for a manicure to get some designs on your nails and you must pay what? $40? this nail rock is only $16 pls. and i can peel it off once it starts to bother me. in the bus, in my office, in bernard's house. :D. also my big boss said that they were nice (Y).

IN OTHER NEWS, Sweden Introduces New Gender-Neutral Pronoun: ‘Hen’. pls this is a really cool article. please read it and then watch the video at the end. which is essentially this video. CUTEST AND CLEVEREST GIRL EVER.

okay time to watch shows! byebye!
♥ jac

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