Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Work, it ruins you.

hello. So i started work at like, 8:30 am today. And I just powered down my work laptop. It is now 1 am. And i haven't completed m...


So i started work at like, 8:30 am today. And I just powered down my work laptop.

It is now 1 am.

And i haven't completed my work because MY OUTLOOK ISN'T WORKING. Which is sad or I could have potentially cleared all my work and then I'd be able to sleep a little longer tonight.

Anyway i went for an A1 concert last week. I didn't even know that I harboured such intense feelings for A1 prior to this concert! Heck, i didn't even know their names.

But now i love them very much.

So let me tell you about this concert. I went with Pamy and Lyon and this was the second time we've gone for a concert at the indoor stadium together. We went to see Jay Chou for our first concert.

Jason was there too!

And so was nessie of course. But nessie's a bit too tiny to be seen here i feel.

It was the greatest hits tour and featured Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, A1, and Blue!!!! I initially thought that I loved blue the most, but I have since changed my mind.


But i digress. Jeff Timmons is quite handsome and I loved him quite a lot before A1 came on and stole my heart away from him.

Actually, I think that there's only one reason why I love him. HE LOOKS LIKE DAVID I LOVE YOU BOREANAZ. They look quite alike don't you think?

There were some technical faults during his performance, like really bad ones where the music would trip/ stop playing. But i think he handled it very well. Very PR and very good. And also very handsome. And everyone knows that being handsome always helps.

Then A1 came on! And they were really awesome. They sang all their hits and more. I really did not even know that I loved them so much until Tuesday. They even sang Poker Face by lady Gaga and I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas. *respect.*

They've also evolved over the years. They like, recognised that as cool as synchronised dancing may be when you're in your 20s in 2000, it's a bit lame when you are 30+, or in 2010++ and not in a Korean boyband.

Anyway i love them so much. And here, in ascending order of my love for them...



AND MARK MARK MARK MARK!! I love him the most.

And i went for the a1 meet and greet the next day with Nessie and Jason..
(you see, you see?)


Oh and I guess Blue was at the concert too.

And I liked Duncan the best.

Also Jeff Timmons is following me on Twitter.

Okay this is all goodnight. :)

❤ Jac.

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