Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day.

Hello everyone! Recently i've come to realise that I AM VERY BAD AT THIS BLOGGING THING. I used to blog every day. Sometimes a few tim...

Hello everyone!

Recently i've come to realise that I AM VERY BAD AT THIS BLOGGING THING. I used to blog every day. Sometimes a few times a day even. My photos went up on Facebook almost immediately and a blog post would follow soon after.

NOW. I can't even be bothered to upload my photos on time.

So that's essentially why my Valentine's Day photos are going up a week late. That's of course no gauge for how awesome my Valentine's Day was. On the contrary, my Valentine's Day was nothing short of very very fantastic. Let me illustrate.

Bernard delivered FLOWERS to my office. Pls note that Bernard buys the flowers himself and arranges and bundles them together by himself. He used to give my flowers wrapped in bouquets with fabric paper and shiny ribbons but I like this arrangement better :). Bernard said that he took my feedback into account and used only florist tape :) Also I have learnt that florist tape is green tape which is made to look like the stems/leaves of the flowers.

And he took my to Laurent Bernard at Portsdown Road for dinner. This is how it looks like, credits to sgdessert. But i guess it looks different at night. Probably darker.
(yes jac, you are being very intellectual now but i guess people will realise that it is because you have to save your intellect for the truly important stuff like doing work in the day and you can unleash your frivolity in outlets such as your blog).
Coincidentally enough, the restaurant had some kind of arrangement or other with HTC!
And this is me with my good flowers. I am very proud of my flowers. Everyone in the restaurant liked my flowers, including the French manager Stephen, who went "Oh, Jacqueline is a french name non?"
So on to dinner! Here's the bread that we started dinner with. It was so good that we ordered another basket of it.
You're supposed to spread the green stuff (don't know what the green stuff was, but whatever it was, it was damn good) onto the bread.
This is bernard and his bread. As you can see he is very contented. And perhaps you might disagree because you are female and lesbian/male and straight/not bernard's gf, BUT I THINK THIS PHOTO IS VERY CUTE OKAY!
Bernard had actually pre-ordered the Valentine's Day set menu for us. (Pls I was very excited. no one had ever pre-ordered a Valentine's Day set for me before. I did not even know such things existed).

The first item on the menu was Consommé of Chicken with Wild Mushroom Dumpling.
Pretty ah the bowl?
The soup was good. Mildly reminiscent of wanton soup but less oily and with MUSHROOMS. I like mushrooms btw. They are like, one of my favourite things to eat.

Next on the menu was Asparagus and Haricot Vert Salad. The salad looked like this.
I didn't actually know that there was asparagus in the salad because I didn't see the menu before hand. I mistook the asparagus for very yummy and juicy beans. I liked the salad! It was refreshing! AND ALSO THE PORTION WAS BIG AND I LIKE BIG PORTIONS OF SALAD.

See even bernard looks enthusiastic about the salad. So it surely must be good.
And this is me and my salad. It is here because my hair looks nice and I look skinny and I am a sucker for such photos.
Next up was Orange Balsamic Sorbet Tomato Sorbet.

Okay truth be told I wasn't head over heels about the sorbet. It was tangy, spicy and um, salty? Like interesting, but I wouldn't order it again. Bernard thought it was interesting too! Like it wasn't disgusting, but maybe you need an acquired taste to appreciate it more! (like atas wine. sorry i don't like sharp wines no matter how old they are).
OH THEN CAME THE MAINS. They were AWESOME. Nothing short of wonderful okay.

Apparently we had a choice of "Pan Seared Scottish Salmon on Creamed Leek and Confit Potato", "Roasted Kurobuta Pork Cutlet with Tarragon Apple Compote", and "Grilled Angus Rib Eye au Poivre". My very good bf who knows me so well ordered the Pan Seared Scottish Salmon on Creamed Leek and Confit Potato for me!
I was very pleased with it. It was the best salmon ever! The salmon a nice crispy crust with herbs and the inside of the salmon was moist and flavourful. And the potatoes were soft and yummy and the creamed leek was like omg I do not know how to describe it. Like I couldn't finish the salmon but I made myself eat up all the leek very creamy but not heavy.

Sorry mummy, I love you, but this salmon wins yours many times over.

Bernard got himself the Grilled Angus Rib Eye au Poivre. Also good! But I preferred my salmon.(I guess that's why bernard ordered that for me).
Look Bernard has no arms!!
Oh then came dessert. DESSERT WAS AWESOME. I can't decide which I like better, the dessert or the salmon main.

This was dessert: Laurant’s Chocolate SoufflĂ©, Vanilla Sauce.

This was my first souffle and IT WAS AMAZING. Like it was moist and sort of creamy on the inside. It sort of melts in your mouth and on the outside are these like little crispy bits that were very awesome as well.
This was my souffle! Nice and poofy! Like how souffles should be.
And this was bernard's souffle.
Can you say awwww?

We went to cheryl's house next because i wanted to try cheryl's freshly baked Valentine's Day cupcakes and because I am a princess on Valentine's Day, Bernard drove me there for a cupcake.

And also to give Cheryl some flowers because James leaves some bf duties for MY BF to carry out for HIS GF.
Oh and this is me and Cody.
This is a good photo but it took very long for me to get it. Why? I do not know how to carry that ball of fur. Truly i do not.
Yes actually there are many more but I choose to leave them on Facebook. And also in my hard drive. AND HERE IS MY CUPCAKE BY CHERYL.
Oh and also my Valentine's Day present! ♥♥♥♥
Thank you ♥ BERNARD for the very wonderful day. Love you!

♥ Jac.

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