Monday, February 27, 2012

Singapore Airshow 2012.

Hello! I got 4 complimentary tickets to the Singapore airshow this year. Because of my job. Which will remain unmentioned on this blog be...


I got 4 complimentary tickets to the Singapore airshow this year. Because of my job.
Which will remain unmentioned on this blog because PEOPLE WILL JUDGE ME. (and also make stupid comments and ask my many questions so maybe I should just pretend that I work in gong cha and some customer gave me 4 airshow tickets for being friendly.)

So here are two of the tickets which I received from my friendly gong cha customer.

Naturally, this is the person whom I went to the airshow with. Because he is a boy man guy, he loves anything that moves fast and makes loud noises. So planes were his first love. But after a while he found out that it would be unlikely for him to own a plane. So he fell in love with cars instead.
Anyhow, THIS WAS THE SCENE THAT WE WERE MET WITH AT SECURITY. Pls I almost died. It took about 20 minutes for us to clear security! Thankfully, it wasn't that crowded once we were in the exhibition area. And you know while we were under the security tent we could hear the RSAF flying above us because we were missing the airshow thanks to the freakishly long queue?!!

But oh well, we weren't too worried as there was another airshow in the afternoon and unlike the fly-past by the US air force, RSAF surely would fly again right? I mean it was the RSAF. So we weren't too worried.
So here are some plane photos. As i am not bernard, I can't exactly tell you what planes they are. But they did do many stunts and looked very cool, I can tell you this. I think I can tell you what country they're from. But if I happen to be wrong, pls, I am sorry.

They were quite awesome and I liked the Malaysian commentator. He was very um, punchy and cliche-ish.
The next few pictures are of a very acrobatic Australian plane flown by a very Australian and not British man named Tony Blair.
He truly was very good. (maybe I should like, make montages of my photos next time so that it's easier to see.)
((Aiyah cannot be bothered to.))
Here are some stunts that were performed by the Australian air force. I don't know what's their team called. Raging Rapids? Raving Rabbids? IDK.
Their planes were very good and colourful.(I don't know anything else about them.)
ALSO. I have just googled the for the team. They are called the ROULETTES. Good job Jac. Raving Rabbids omg.
And here is a huge ass plane from USA. Itflew from hawaii to singapore without refuelling. Big ass plane that can fit almost anything into it. I THINK, it is the B52.
Of course i only remembered this because bernard said it's like the drink.
Yes but i may of course be wrong. Like how i think all guy shirts look the same, all planes kinda look the same to me too.

Also, here are some RSAF photos to fuel up the Singaporean pride which resides within all of us.
Okay that's enough fueling. We then walked around and were very touristy and camwhore about everything. It was kinda fun, embarrassingly enough.

Us with glow sticks.
Bernard and the US air force people.
Us in an SIA plane cut-out thing because we are poor and cannot afford the plane tickets.
Us in a helicopter! Okay me in a helicopter and Bernard standing beside me.
We were quite lucky I guess. Everyone was queuing up to take pictures in the cockpits of the fighter jets (HAHA F15 AND F16 I KNOW THE NAMES). But the queues looks so ridiculously long that Bernard and I decided we would take photos in the less cool helicopter.

Then it started raining (see all the people taking shelter under the wings of the plane?) and they closed the cockpits of the fighter jets so that the interior wouldn't get wet. So the people in the queue had to wait till the rain stopped.
BUT GUESS WHAT!! Helicopters have permanent roofs that keep the interiors dry. So we still managed to get into a helicopter to cam whore. :)
This is us in another line waiting to get into an australian plane (yes I am fully aware that I sound bimbotic).
And Bernard with the aussie air force man who called him "mate"! (hey Bernard has socks tan line!)
Inside the plane :)
Bernard acting like Bernard and confusing the air force guy inside the plane.
Okay and now pls pls I will tell you about this very cool russian plane. Bernard taught me everything I know about it. So if I am wrong it is bernard's fault. But if I am right then please credit it to my good memory. (Y).

Bernard was saying that they don't put have a lot of money to build runways in Russia. So to overcome this problem, Russian plane makers build planes that can land on water and then sail to shore, where their passengers can alight!

This is one such plane!
See?! This is a big float on the wing, to help the plane, erm. stay afloat.
And the plane is really also a boat. See how the bottom of the plane is shaped to cut through icy waters and do things that boats are supposed to do?
Even the engines of the plane are positioned above the wing so that they won't get wet during boating activities.
Okay and that's really all I learnt in the airshow. Oh and also that there are 13 herbs in ricola's secret mixture. And that Switzerland's national airline is Swiss International Airlines and not Swiss Air (there was a Switzerland booth and i took the quiz to get free ham samples, chips and Ricola).

And now i will end off with a good photo of me and a stormtrooper.
Oh and maybe one of me and bernard so that he won't get jealous of the stormtrooper.

Okay that's it!
Goodnight everyone :)

❤ Jac.

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