Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baked goods.

Hello! So maybe some of you remember that I went through this BAKING PHASE last year. Just before I started work. Remember? I decided that...


So maybe some of you remember that I went through this BAKING PHASE last year. Just before I started work. Remember? I decided that I had to waste my youth away before turning into a boring old woman. (I refuse to call myself a corporate drone).

But in case you've forgotten, here are some of the wonderful things that I baked last year.

These were my pioneer batch of baked goods! The puffins aka pancake muffins!

Then came the blaffins (banana muffins). Sorry, I am gen y. It is my nature to condense multiple words into what I hope is a new catch word.
This was followed by the choffins (chocolate muffins). My proudest moment. JUST LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS.
And my quite fail cinnamon rolls. I did not condense "cinnamon rolls" because, like, everyone calls them cinnamon rolls and I am truly not weird enough to call them cinnolls or something to that effect.
Moving on, my sister shared this very interesting link on my wall the other day. Or timeline rather. This Facebook confuses me at times.
It's from FOOD GAWKERS and OMG LOOK AT HOW CUTE THESE MUG CAKES ARE. Didn't know what mug cakes were before this but DON'T THEY LOOK SO CUTE AND ATTRACTIVE? Makes you want to bake one right?
Which is what i did. As you can bake it in your MICROWAVE and the baking time is 2 MINUTES. And the best part? No sifting, whipping or difficult work needed. JUST STIRRING.

Dream come true. So I tried this recipe out yesterday. The Strawberry Mug Cake from Kirbie's Cravings.

Look at the photo from Kirbie's cravings. Isn't it pretty?!!
Yes so anyway the reason why I chose this recipe in particular was because the description said "READY IN 5 MINUTES". Yes, I am a sucker for all cooking that can be completed quickly. Instant noodles, milo fuze and milk from the carton, I love all of you forever.
Anyway the recipe looked simple enough. Right?

I made my strawberry mug cake in my new starbucks cup; a Valentine's day present from Bernard! :)
And I used all these things to bake my mug cake. (Also the rolling pin is actually a card holder/paper holder thing. i did not use a rolling pin to bake. only used a rolling pin once for cinnamon rolls and that did NOT go well).
And yes i discovered that my house was out of sugar so i used equal instead! Healthy living yo.
And this is what it looked like before it went into the microwave. Looks like chawanmushi.
And this is how it looked like after it came out of the microwave. OKAY LA. Not the best thing you've ever eaten. It tasted a bit pudding-ish.
But you see I slathered it in ice cream and it tasted pretty good.
Because of my almost failure yesterday, I was determined to try out another mug cake today! So I tried out the Nutella Mug Cake by Angie McGowan on Babble.

Just look at the picture.
HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO MAKE IT? Anyway I found out that all mug cakes take 5 minutes to bake if you are neat and tidy (which I am not). So I take 15 minutes to complete each mug cake. Which is rather acceptable for a baking exploit I feel.

Here's the recipe I used. Looks simple enough right?
So yes. This is how the ingredients look like when you dump them together and not stir them. Sketchy and gross.
But then you mix them together and you get this heavenly smelling chocolatey mixture!
Mix till all the lumps are gone and then...into the microwave it goes!
Yeah so this is what it looked like when it came out! It overflowed. I must use a larger mug the next time around.
But that's because I picked up the bits that overflowed and dumped them back inside the cup. The mug cake was really moist and VERY WONDERFUL. I would buy it if it were in a shop okay. Omg it was so rich and chocolatey.


♥ Jac.

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  1. hahahahaha! i am very amused. :D

    ...but don't be offended. very nice baking. good job jac! *thumbs up*