Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Shopping.

Hello everyone. I need to save money. I want to go to Europe to visit the sister in April/May and it's EUROPE. SHOPPING. I need to sav...

Hello everyone.

I need to save money. I want to go to Europe to visit the sister in April/May and it's EUROPE. SHOPPING. I need to save money for all the things that i am potentially going to buy. Hopefully it won't be that much. (oh Jac, who are you trying to kid?!)

Anyway, I went for my colleague's wedding today. It was the first wedding that I had to present a hongbao at. Since it was the new year and I also have to give hongbaos SINCE I AM NOW EARNING MONEY, I went around to many banks to collect hongbaos.

So that, clockwise from extreme left, would be DBS, NTUC, UOB, Standard Chartered and OCBC.
Yeah yeah. I realise that NTUC is not a bank but their hongbaos are not bad! I like the stand chart ones the best (they don't photograph well pls don't judge my taste). And this was the hongbao that I gave to my colleague and to the parents!

Anyway, more about today. So I was borrowing a watch from my mom to match the dress that I was wearing when Bernard shouted for me from my room. Here's why!
Pretty right?! It's like a double rainbow! You can see a faint rainbow on the left side if you squint hard.
Also I have been rather good these days. I've been packing my room and cleaning my stuff. (seriously).
I've even been polishing all my jewellery. Yes, I have jewellery. Ijust don't wear them often and I can't be bothered to change my earrings.

ANYWAY, if you notice, Jac always has very shiny earrings. They are impeccably and unbelievably shiny and silver. Here's why!

It's all thanks to this...
Yes this little envelope with a cheetah on top. It is the secret to cleaning silver. So here's what the inside looks like.
Yes, it is a cloth. And after you use it many times (like think 3 years), it will look like this.
Yes i understand that it looks disgusting and you don't want to touch it. But guess what, IT STILL WORKS.

Let me demonstrate, see this tarnished silver cross that i haven't touched since sec 4? OXIDISED BEYOND BELIEF?! If the person who came up with idioms had seem my earring before he saw the pot,
the idiom would go "earring calling the kettle black". Seriously just look at it.
But no fear. Here is what 10 seconds of polishing can do.
AND THAT'S HOW YOU CLEAN SILVER BITCHES! Oh, O don't know where you can buy this cloth. I take it from my mother. She distributes this sort of silver cleaning stuff to the major silver stores like,
Perlini's Silver which has now closed down and some others which I cannot remember offhand. I remember Perlini's Silver because they provided a more than 100% markup on the silver cleaners which I happily took for free from my mother. Maybe next time I will give people I am not very close to silver cleaner for their birthdays. QUITE USEFUL WHAT don't you think? :)

Also one of my colleagues baked this. It's a brownie and I loved it. I think Cheryl baked something similar. I MUST REMEMBER TO BAKE THIS ONE DAY.
Speaking of colleagues and work in general, the new Alexandra Retail Centre has opened and now I can just like stroll downstairs to get me a gongcha/ kit-kat from Watsons/ yoguru/ Mr Bean tangyuan.

So I bought some yoguru on a bad day at work.
Yes. Yoguru for a bad day at work. Sometimes gongcha and kit-kat.

Now, this happened on a particularly bad day at work.
Yes. An NTUC has opened below my office and I blew $18 because it was a bad day. Yes, I do realise that I started this post by saying that I need to save money.

Sigh oh well. OH! The other day, Cheryl met Bernard on the bus.
So i stopped replying Cheryl's tweets asking me about Bernard and Bernard's whatsapps asking me about Cheryl. convenient eh?

Okay time to sleep.

♥ Jac

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