Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello! I can' believe I'm blogging now. I quote Ness, "I feel like I'm back in uni". So I've been busy meeting...


I can' believe I'm blogging now. I quote Ness, "I feel like I'm back in uni".

So I've been busy meeting many friends since Thursday. Started with the secondary school bunch.

(Side note: can you see the Kate Spade bag on my lap?!!! USD$159 from the recent sample sale on!!! 75 freaking percent off!!!)

Yes, I refused to put my precious Kate Spade bag on the floor. And yes, being the obsessive person I am, I bought three bags at the sample sale. Well, technically two. I gave one to my mom to give to me for Christmas. It's nice and purple :).

ANYWAY, back to my friends. I had't seen them for quite some time so it was fun catching up. ALSO THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I TRIED VIETNAMESE FOOD. Eh no, I have eaten at Viet Baguette, Which is Vietnamese food right? even though they play Korean music? So yes, this is the first time I've tried pho.

interestingly enough this Pho Hoa place in holland v plays trashy hip-hop music.

Also met my ACCO friends. ACCO stands for ANGLO-CHINESE CHINESE ORCHESTRA. Yes I was from Chinese Orchestra. No I am not good at playing musical instruments. Yes, I can read notes, hit drums and "play" the piano. But I would rather eat chilli padi than to play in a concert again. To give you some context, I cannot take chilli. Not even the garlic chilli that they give in McDonalds.

Also Nessie and I went to Superdog the other day and found that additional sauces apart from ketchup and chilli costs 50 cents. Whats up with that yo?!

But I digress. ACCO friends!

Sam and Abhi's belated birthday cake. We tried to surprise them and we sort of did,
but the fan blew out the candles when we placed the cake on the table. But it's okay. It is tradition for our birthday surprises to fail in one way or another.

Hanging out in Abhi's room reading stuff on Xing's phone.

And these are the guys reading stuff on Xing's mac. Actually these guys look much better than this. But this is what playing Fifa on a widescreen tv for 2 hours straight can do to you. Make you look beaten, defeated, sleepy and very unattractive to any girl.

Celebrated new year's eve with dinner at home. We mistook our sparkling wine for white wine and was pleasantly surprised when the bottle popped upon opening!

We had chicken and salad for dinner!

And because we wanted to pretend to be atas, we made a "dessert platter"

IKR. It looks really sad. Plating is truly not my forte.

Also Bernard came over! And because my new place is so incredibly awesome (40th storey fyeah!!!), we could see the fireworks at marina bay sands!

I could of course post more photos but they would all look the same. My house is awesome btw, I can see bukit timah hill! And also the strange fire in supposedly malaysia 2 days ago.

Okay time to sleep! Goodnight everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)



Now that's better! :)

❤ Jac.

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